Jalang’o Replaces Andrew Kibe on Kiss100 Morning Show.

Felix Odiwour popularly known as Jalang’o has joined Kiss 100 as a presenter alongside the talented beauty, Kamene Goro.

Comedian Jalang’o and his co-host Kamene Goro

This move comes few days after Netizens speculated that the media personality would replace Andrew Kibe in his morning show between 6-10 A.M.

Kibe announced earlier on that he was quitting his job citing some disagreements, Netizens however went to an extent of blaming it on Jalang’o for Kibe’s job loss stating he was behind Kibe’s fall-out.

Jalang’o was however quick to defend himself .
” I’m trending at number one, today as we speak. The reason why I am trending at number one , Andrew Kibe who is a friend of mine amewacha job…watu wanasema niende KISS, Andrew amewacha kazi…”

Jalang’o went into his own defence stating that he had talked with Kibe and it came to his knowledge that he had some misunderstanding in his work place thus opting to leave his job.

“…Kibe ame resign job, I have just spoken to him akaniambia Kuna vitu mbili tatu hawakuskizana.”

Jalang’o lost his job at Milele FM in the wake of Corona Virus pandemic thus joining Radio Africa’s Kiss 100. Through an Instagram post, Kiss 100, welcomed the Veteran host.

“East or West home is best, Kiss Family. Help us welcome. ” The post read .

Jalang’o started his radio host career in the station alongside the talented Carol Mutuko.

He took to social media to remind Netizens that Kiss100 was his home after they claimed that he and English Language were two parallel lines.

” Na wanasema ati Kizungu ya Kiss100 Mimi siwezani nayo ,ati jokes zangu no dry… everyone saying that I can not be able to take over KISS, that is where we began. ” He stated.

He hosted his first radio show with Kamene Goro on Monday 13th July . Kamene was quite receptive to Jalang’o despite having great radio chemistry with Kibe.

” Good morning my loves! First things first! Tumkaribishe heavy J Baba @jalang’o haya twende kazi . #KameneAndJalas @Kiss100 Kenya” She posted on her timeline.

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