Juja Bishop who escaped with someone’s wife murdered.

Body of the Bishop who ran away with a married woman has been found in thickets few metres from his kiganjo home in Thika subcounty this past Friday.

Mugweru ,62 years of age was the bishop of Joyspring Soul Winning Worship church.

Last year ,he was the talk of the Town after he allegedly snatched one of his follower’s wife together with three children.

It is said that he was taken from his home on the night of Thursday after which he was hit severally on the head to death.

He also sustained several cuts on the body.

The church for which he was a Bishop is located in his farm in Juja.

“We want justice for our slain brother, father and spiritual leader. Police should leave no stone unturned until they apprehend the assassins,” his brother Samuel Njuguna told journalists.

“I saw the body on my to work in Thika town but I did not recognise him. An hour later, I was called by neighbours who told me that he had been murdered.”

According to his brother Njuguna ,his slayers stole nothing ,making him feel that the killing was properly planned.

His followers led by Rev Lincoln Mwaniki, eulogised him as a calm and loving man.

The deceased was the pioneer of evalengical churches in Juja.

“He was a kind man who related well with people. That is why he managed to establish evangelical churches in Juja and other regions,” 

He asked the authorities to ensure that perpetrators of the act are arrested and charged.

Having been in marriage for 34 years ,2013 saw Mugweru and his wife Agnes Wangivi divorce.

They had been blessed with 3 children.

The lady that the Bishop took away from the husband had five children but only three agreed to accompany her to her “new husband” as two remained with their father.

Ironically,it his Mugweru who officiated the marriage of the couples only to snatch the wife later.

The bishop announced that at last he found peace with his new love as opposed to his wife who he accused of extramarital affairs and hatching plans to eliminate him.

 “She sold our vehicle and several cows and used the money to advance her adulterous escapades. I have also been living in fear in my own home because she threatened to kill me,” Mugweru alleged.

His body was taken to General Kago Funeral Home in Thika.

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