15 Kenyan covid-19 positive truck drivers blocked from entering Uganda.

Ugandan authorities have blocked 15 Kenyan truck drivers who tested positive for corona virus,from entering their country.

They were tested at the Malaba boarder and the results turned out positive.

In total ,19 foreign truck drivers were subject to Covid-19 tests out of which 15 from Kenya, 2 from Congo and other 2 from Tanzania were found positive.

“Their entry into Uganda was not permitted,” a statement from Ugandan authorities read in part on Wednesday.

Ugandan authorities said the results of Covid-19 tests done on July 14, 2020 confirmed three new cases.

Out of the three,two are Ugandan truck drivers who came from Kenya via Malaba,Busia boarder while one is an alert from Kampala.

Cummulatively,Uganda has confirmed 1043 cases.

In May,president Museveni ordered that all foreign truck drivers be expunged from the tally.

The directive prompted the Health Minister to revise downwards the total number of Corona virus cases.

Jane Aceng said the count of all infected foreign lorry drivers would be added to their respective countries.

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