University of Nairobi Professor Succumbs to COVID-19

Few days after a Bungoma based doctor , Doreen Lugakili succumbed to Corona Virus, a Don who hails from the same county succumbed to the virus.

Maurice Kizito Mangoli was a Professor at the University of Nairobi before his demise.

He was a senior lecturer at the department of Electrical and Information Engineering at the University.

Governor Wycliffe Wangamati mourned the Don as an expert engineer and a seasoned teacher.

“…we have suffered the brunt of COVID-19 pandemic that continues to ravage the country. As we mourn our gallant kinsmen being felled by this disease, let us stay alert and adhere to the advice given by our medical experts..there has to be a radical shift in how we handle and interact with each other even as we pray for each other..”

These sudden deaths come after the partial opening of the economy as well as opening of Colleges was scheduled for September.

The move to partial opening in learning institutions was arrived at since enforcing social distance among young learners is challenging.

President Uhuru Kenyatta concurred that the last time when learning underwent interruptions was in 1982 during the coup when learning was deferred to the following year.

University scholars have turned to online classes as well as exams in a bid to combat the spread of the Corona Virus.

Recently, 80 law students from the University of Nairobi took to court to challenge the move by the University to deliver classes as well as examinations online.

They claimed that the Senate took to the same without any consultation.

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