“Cartels’ made me quit gospel Music” Willy Paul Laments.

Willy Paul has cleared the air on why he chose to exit the gospel industry and take to Secular industry.

The fast rising musician was scaling high in the Gospel industry up until when he decided to venture into the Secular music industry.

Earlier on the fast- rising musician revealed that he realized he had a talent at a tender age.

His mother was strongly against his wish to join the music career but he fought against all odds to gain fame and success in his musical journey.

” I realized my musical career at a tender age when I was in class three.Because my mother was strict and very harsh ,I kept it to myself. I intentionally ventured into music after my dad passed on and everyone went on different ways. My mother was against it . My big brother talked to her to permit me to explore my talent and she agreed so that I could support her and the family. “

Willy Pozee also revealed that ‘cartels’ in the music industry have also contributed largely towards his fall-out in the Gospel music industry.

Talking to Jalang’o in an interview earlier in the week, the celebrated musician concurred that the ‘cartels’ had taken a heavy toll on him.

” …these guys were so against me and protested against my music being played on the radio..there was a time I depended on music to pay my mother’s bills but these people didn’t care, they were so heartless…I was facing so many challenges in the Gospel industry. I don’t want to mention names but the people in the Gospel industry did so much to me. There is that feeling when you haven’t done anything to anyone but they just want to see you fall”

Willy Pozee also came out clear that his decision to do secular music didn’t destroy his relationship with God.

He strongly believed that he’d still receive blessings for his efforts.

” …God and I have not split . The thing is that the same God who blesses Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy is the same God that blesses Gospel artistes…as we speak, I’m free because what I am doing now is just Music with no boundaries. I’ll just wake up and feel like worshipping , I’ll just worship. If I feel like a love song, I’ll just sing.I don’t have to kneel down before anyone to get anything. That’s just not me.” The musician stated.

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