Here is why you will never pay ksh. 1000 to obtain HELB compliance certificate.

Higher education Loans Board (HELB) has dropped the ksh 1000 that one had to pay before being issued with a compliance certificate.

This is a relief to the many graduates who are seeking jobs as the document will be issued free of charge.

Chapter VI on Leadership and Integrity of the Constitution dictates that any person who applies for any public job must have the certificate as part of the requirements.

The certificate is important to institutions such as helb for purposes of determining an individual’s credit worthiness, social responsibility and integrity.

HELB says that several job seekers raised complaints about the fee prompting it to waiver.

“During various stakeholder engagements where HELB seeks feedback on citizen service delivery, it has repeatedly come to our attention that the charges for the non-loanee compliance certificate are perceived to be punitive, especially to the many unemployed youth who did not benefit from the student loans,” HELB chief executive officer Charles Ringera said in a statement.

Ringera said that several Kenyans have complained of challenges to do with unemployment, slow economic growth and high cost of livin’g.

The complain come amid retrechment that has hit almost all sectors due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Effective July 15, 2020 Kenyans will be able to freely access HELB compliance certificate from its website and e-citizen portal.

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