Revealed: Youn’g People behind massive twitter hacks.

Young pals have been responsible for the massive hacking of twitter accounts belonging to high profile persons this week.

As reported by the The New York Times, the hijackers are not in any way linked to the state or organised crime.

The attack which is currently under police investigations began with a playful message between hackers on the platform discord.

According to the times,Platform discord is a chat service popular with gamers.

Four people who took part in the hacking ,shared logs and screenshots backing up their accounts of what happened were interviewed by the Times newspaper.

The report from the interview indicated that the hacking was not a work of a single country like Russia for example or a sophisticated group of hackers.

It was done by a group of young people one of whom lives with his mother.

They got to know each other because of their obsession with owning early or unusual screen names, particularly one letter or number, like @y or @6.

Twitter is one of the biggest communication platforms especially for politicians ahead of the November elections hence the successful hack of high profile users Joe Biden and Elon Musk makes its security questionable.

“Based on what we know right now, we believe approximately 130 accounts were targeted by the attackers in some way as part of the incident,” Twitter said in a tweet.

The hackers were able to gain full control of some of the accounts and went ahead to send tweets from them

Using the official accounts of Apple, Uber, Kanye West, Bill Gates, Barack Obama and many others the attackers attempted to dupe people into sending them the virtual currency Bitcoin.

According to twitter,the hack seemed to be a coordinated social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted some of its employees with access to internal systems and tools.

The fraudulent posts which were largely deleted gave people only 30 minutes to send $1,000 in cryptocurrency bitcoin, promising they would receive twice as much in return. tasked with mornitoring Bitcoin transactions revealed that at least $100,000 worth of bitcoin was sent to the email addresses provided in the tweets.

The hackers said that the scheme was initiated by a message from a user identified as “Kirk”who also had access to twitter accounts.

They contended they were only involved in commandeering lesser-known Twitter accounts, particularly to swipe coveted short handles such as an “@” sign and single letters or numbers that could easily be sold, according to the report.

The young hackers said that when the attack turned to high profile accounts ,the declined to serve as “kirks'” middlemen.

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