Principals and Head teachers to collect data on pregnant girls-Education Ministry.

The Ministry of Education has ordered all principals and headteachers to go back to work and record the number of students who are pregnant during the covid 19 pandemic.

Teachers have been confused by the directive as schools remain closed and they’re wondering how they are going to do that .

According to a circular issued by Basic education PS Dr.Belio Kipsan’g,  the head teachers are expected to work closely with the the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government and that of Health in order to effect the directive.

They are to capture the names,identity  and exact locations of pregnant girls and those that have delivered then forward the information to the ministry headquarters latest July 23rd.

“The purpose of this letter is to have all regions, counties and sub counties collect data on girls who are currently expecting and those who have recently given birth and could be potential drop outs when schools reopen,” read the circular dated July 14.

It was sent to all regional directors of education, county directors of education and sub-county directors of education.

Yesterday education Cabinet secretary prof George magoha said the teachers are working hand-in-hand with education officials to collect data on the students who might have been defiled.

“I am interested to find out the number of learners who are pregnant. Teachers are working with chiefs to find this out because they are both serving the same government,” the CS said.

According to the data released recently, several students got pregnant at this time when they’re at home.

Professor magoha however said that the right information will be given after collection of the data by the  Chiefs and head teachers from their respective schools.

“I am equally puzzled about the data that is being released purporting to show the number of learners who have been impregnated. I believe the numbers could have been exaggerated for unknown reasons,” the CS said.

He was speaking at Asumubi Teacher’s Training College located in Rangwe constituency in Homabay County where he went to inspect the level of preparedness of learning institutions for opening.

In his company was the area Mp Dr. Lilian GoGo who also expressed concern of the skyrocketing defilement cases that has led to teenage pregnancies.

The Chairman of secondary school heads Association Mr. Indimuli Kahi however said that collecting such data is difficult owing to the fact that they will be compelled to call parents and guardians to school so as to inquire from them,something he said would be so humiliating.

“Do you think a parent will tell you that their girl is pregnant?” he asked, adding that principals are being asked to do unimaginable and impractical things.

He said that instead of engaging the principals and heads of school in such an impractical task , it should be left to the Chiefs, ward representatives, assistant Chiefs and Village elders to follow up on girls in their localities.

“The girls will give details of their schools,” he said

Mr indimuli said that following the ban on pregnancy testing in schools after claims that it infringed on the rights of girl child, it is very difficult to know whether a girl is pregnant or not even when in school.

Chairman of secondary school heads Association Mr. Indimuli Kahi

The Kenya Primary School Heads Association Chairman Nicholas Gathemia ,however said that heads of schools situated in rural areas have no difficulty collecting.the data

He said the schools are located within the locality,only that the outcome might be inaccurate as they may be accused of giving false information or tarnishing the names of the girls.

“With the current generation, a girl can be pregnant today and tomorrow you find they are not, how will a head teacher prove those allegations?” he said.

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