Pornographic content floods online classes,Parents threaten to withdraw their children.

What began as a blessing has turned out to be the reverse as majority of online classes are marred with pornographic content.

Hijackers have managed to inject pornographic content into several lessons such as Fairytale reading, maths and science.

In one of the high-end schools in Nairobi, lessons stopped after adult content  appeared on screens amid lesson.

The school was having a video conference lesson via zoom for class 7 and 8.

Parents said the interlude lasted about five minutes and screens were filled with pornography and obscene language. 

The parents chose to remain anonymous not wanting to identify the school or become targets for retaliation.

“The Class 7 meeting is out of hand, one pupil is sharing pornographic materials and using foul language. Parents, if you are in a position to do so, please supervise your children,” one parent posted on the school platform.

“The porn video is playing! Please do away with Zoom meetings,” another parent posted. 

“Personally, I will not allow my son to join any Zoom meeting again,” yet another parent posted. 

The school’s technology department said it is looking into the matter and ways of preventing future attacks.

Law enforcement agencies are investigating the unfortunate matter.

The same problem has been faced by several schools although some of them have chosen to handle it secretly.

A teacher said that some students form private chat groups on the provided learning platforms and through this they also share images and videos.

“Some children keep on sharing images and chatting when the class is on. Some of them form groups where they lock out even the teacher and you cannot know what they are sharing or discussing.

One of the primary private school teachers asked the parents to keep watch of what children from their end.

video conferencing through applications such as Microsoft team and zoom have been so common ever since Covid-19 struck Kenya leading to disruption of learning in schools.

Similar forms of cyber attacks have been witnessed in India, Singapore and the United States of America.

According to a cybersecurity expert laura Kipngetich, the cyber-attack currently witnessed in school is called zoom Bombing.

“It occurs when someone shares a unique Zoom link on social media or another public forum,” Kipngetich said.

Once the hijacker has landed in a Zoom session, he or they interrupt the meetings by randomly joining the call.

“The culprits might share their screens to broadcast offensive photos or videos,” she said.

“They can also flood the text chat feature with similarly offensive messages to other members of the call or target one person with provocative direct messages.” the expert said.

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