Why some teachers have chosen to”suffer” despite their education.

Hello beloved teachers? It is my hope that this finds you fine.

Well ,if I may ask ;
1) Is there any of you who can predict when the pandemic will end?
2) Those that are employed by TSC ,do you think the government will continue paying you at the comfort of your home, if the surge in Covid-19 cases continues?

As you ponder over those two questions, my conscience tells me that there is no such time when we shall showcase our innovativeness than this.

If the beautiful certificates  cannot help at the moment ,drop them and find alternatives.

Remember opportunities are plenty for they that can think broadly. You shall not continue waiting for date 25,topping up loan after loan. No I refuse!!!

For the TSC interns ,I feel it’s high time you stopped talking about the never ending “confirmation, confirmation,confirmation”.

It pains me when a teacher of business, properly equipped with skills in economics,financial accounting,Management ,enterpreneuship,strategic management still complain of meagre salary or lack of employment by TSC.

As if that is not enough, a computer teacher who can easily blog and earn money in whichever niche he selects, who can either design websites for sale or offer online computer training still Laments how unfair the government is.

The worst of all is the agriculture teacher located in rural area with vast land complaining about unemployment.

Do you not feel ashamed ,having acquired skills in animal and crop husbandry?

Mathematics teachers,with all the calculus, probability and related courses,why haven’t you applied the same in a business?

I’m trying to underscore the fact that each of the teaching subjects has an opportunity for he that thinks broadly.

The grammar Nazi’s and the linguists  who upto this point have identified a million grammatical and spelling “mistakes” in this article, what makes you think that you can’t have a news,fashion or a blog on any niche of interest or just do academic writing and earn something out of it?

Before I bore you ,I appeal to all of us to get out of the comfort zones,do away with the official clothes and get hands on.

You’ll still be respectable if you sell Omena,grains , clothes,vegetables or charcoal, won’t you?

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