7 Things that teachers will remember TSC boss Nancy Macharia’s first term for.

3 weeks ago marked the commencement of TSC boss Nancy macharia’s second term in office.

In June 2015 she succeeded Mr. Gabriel Lengoiboni  who had served the commission for 11 years.

The secretary is the head of the secretariat, the accounting officer of the commission and custodian of its records.

The holder of the position implements  the commission’s decisions while facilitating, coordinating and ensuring the accomplishment of its mandate.

Last month the president of Law Society of Kenya Mr. Nelson Harvey warned the attorney general against re- appointment of ms Macharia without subjecting her to a competitive selection process.

What exactly will teachers remember about her first term?

1.Implementation of a Sh54 billion deal that has seen teachers’ salaries increase.

The last phase is to be effected this month.

2.Less strikes.

Due to Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA that the Teachers Service Commission entered with Kenya National Union of teachers ,K N U T and Kenya union of post-primary education KUPPET, perennial strikes have almost been stamped out.

3.Medical insurance scheme.

The first month of Nancy’s  first term in office saw the commission register 1,006,673 clients including children and spouses of teachers.

4.Introduction of performance contracts.

Macharia introduced performance contract and progression guidelines in a bid to professionalize teaching .

This move led to a castle between kNUT and TSC in and out of courts.

Members of KNUT suffered a blow when TSC excluded them from a pay rise citing the court case last year .

They are now waiting to see if the last phase will include them.

The decision saw thousands of teachers quit KNUT to join KUPPET or remain union-less. The former lost earnings since TSC refused to remit union dues.

5.Crippling KNUT.

The Macharia led commission in its first term was accused of sidelining the radical K N U T while favouring KUPPET which is less radical .

6.De-registration of Wilson sossion from the register of teachers.

She went ahead to notify the giant union of plans to end its fifty-two-year-old recognition  agreement.

7.Failure to solve understaffing problem.

Despite 300,000 teachers being jobless in Kenya ,the commission failed to fix the teacher shortage leading to understaffing in public schools.

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