University student shot dead by City Estate thugs.

The incident occurred in Buruburu, Nairobi on 10th of July.

The occurrence of that day will take time before lingering from the memory of Fred ,who witnessed the twenty-three-year-old Brenda being eliminated.

She was a bachelor of business administration with IT student at KCA University and was to graduate come this November.

Up to the time of her untimely demise, she was assisting her sister Auma run an mpesa shop at Buruburu in Nairobi.

Fred runs a wines and spirit shop just opposite the Mpesa shop where Brenda served.

About 15 minutes to the curfew time ,a client came asking for a 1,000 shillings change from Fred but because he didn’t have, he crossed over to Brenda who willingly assisted.

At the time ,she was closing the shop after which she crossed to Fred’s shop.

She was trailed by two men who from the look of things “wanted to buy a drink .”

Fred says that in a quick turn of events,
“Their conversation changed from buying drinks and they suddenly drew guns, ordering us to lie down.

One of them shot in the air, while the other tried grabbing the bag with money and the phones from Brenda. Brenda hid behind me asking me to help her.”

Fred tried to assist but his efforts were futile and in the fracas Brenda was shot in the abdomen.

Others who had the gunshots fled for their safety while the onlookers continued on their balconies.

Took money and fled.
According to Judy (Brenda’s Sister) the thugs fled with three hundred thousand shillings which Brenda was supposed to bank plus five phones which were used in m-pesa services .

She was taken to a nearby chemist for First Aid and later driven to a Metropolitan hospital in Buruburu courtesy of a good Samaritan but was later transferred to kenyatta National Hospital on account of the former not being able to operate her.

At KNH, it was established that she had a ruptured liver and intestines and the bullet was lodged in her spine.

The scans also showed ruptured veins that gushed blood in internal organs, then with blood clots.

She was operated on the following day,July 11. However, the doctors could not interfere with the bullet in the spine. At this point, due to the impact, she was bedridden. 

At that point ,Brenda could not eat and urinated blood.

The doctors advised for dialysis but unfortunately KNH did not have the kits at that moment but after borrowing from coptic hospital dialysis was performed.

She was at this point able to only take in liquids.

Later she passed away on Sunday,July 19. Her burial is set to be on July 26, in Oyugis, Homa Bay County.

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