A teacher beheaded in Love triangle in Meru. Here is the school He taught at.

A secondary school teacher named Munyua Kalwilo was beheaded on his way to his girlfriend’s house in Thamani village, Igembe North subcounty.

The deceased was teaching at Nkamathi Secondary School.

The incident occurred on the night of Thursday and is under investigations.

According to Meru police commander Patrick Lumumba,a 28 years old suspect, Lawrence Mithika has been arrested in connection to the murder.

“Police went with the suspect to his house and found bloodstained panga and clothes. We will present the items for further investigations. Once the investigations are complete, he will be charged him with murder,” Lumumba said.

A preliminary police report indicates that Mithika and Kalwilo have been fighting over a girlfriend.

The girl’s family alleges that the suspect has been threatening to kill Kalwilo, the girlfriend’s father and the girlfriend.

The father said Mithika, in one of the messages, told him, “I can’t allow your daughter to move in with another man after I opened a business for her. I no longer want her but I want my money back.”

“Your daughter took me for granted and she left me for another. I will kill somebody and don’t blame me. He threatened me two days ago and I reported to the police.”

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