President Kenyatta has Extended Curfew hours for further 30 days.

While addressing the nation from State house,President Kenyatta extended the curfew hours for further 30 days.

Besides ,he gave other Covid-19 mitigation measures including;

  • Ban on sale of alcohol and beverages effective midnight today.
  • All bars to remain closed till further notice.
  • Police officers to enforce all the covid-19 measures as given by the ministry of health.

He urged the citizens to report anybody going against the health regulations such as not wearing masks.

The head of state re-emphasised the need for seriousness as the cases continues to soar in the country.

In his address,he did not impose any lockdown but in stead extended the 9p-5am Nationwide curfew hours for another 30 days.

Escalation of the infections come just 3 weeks after the head of state lifted certain restrictions including cessation of movement into counties considered hotspots – Nairobi, Mandera and Mombasa.

Concerning the operations of eateries and restaurants, Mr. Kenyatta changed their closing time from 8pm to 7pm effective midnight.

Bars however will remain closed untill further notice.

The head of state urged the citizens to take the disease seriously saying that police officers cannot be assigned to individuals.

The country’s low case fatality rate is giving the wrong impression, he said, placing it at 4.6 per cent.

“The harsh reality is that we are at war with an invisible enemy and in war, no mercy shall be shown on either side,” the President said.

“We have seen graves dug for tens of thousands and witnessed lonely burials. We have seen pictures of burials at night. We cannot allow this to be our fate in Kenya.

“280 kenyans have lost their lives and there will be more. The only question is whether we shall emerge with  low numbers of death or suffer a catastrophe.”

He added that another lockdown would not be of any benefit to individuals.

He also encouraged each and every person to take it upon him/herself to ensure to contain the virus.

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