Roles of teachers in implementation of school re-opening guidelines ahead of 2021.

If Ministry of Education guidelines are adopted ahead of 2021 opening, the headteachers will be the major players in their implementation.

Finer details on full opening plan for primary and secondary schools indicate that teachers will play Major roles in successful reopening of schools.

Below are the roles :
Generally,the roles include plans to receive students during the opening day and ensuring their safety and hygiene While at School.

Roles of the head teachers will revolve around;
Instituting health and hygiene practices, putting in place procedures of handling suspected Covid-19 cases and at the same time
ensuring continued learning and review of schools daily routines.

Other teachers will be required to :
Enforce use face mask by a learners
and trainers
teachers, non-teaching staff and parents and visitors at all times within the school environment.

Develop movement protocols including designating entrances and exits for different learner cohorts, sectioned off common spaces, and floor markings to direct foot-traffic flow.

Carry out risk assessment for suitability focusing on space, water, sanitation, provision of meals, transport of learners and develop mitigation measures.

Sensitising parents and the entire communities on their role in ensuring health and safety of learners, trainees and staff.

Sensitising parents, non-teaching staff and community members on the importance of hygiene practices and social distancing both at homeand in institutions.

Constitute institutional Covid-19 response committees to coordinate response strategies.

Supply of adequate clean running water, liquid soap or hand sanitisers,
provision of mental health and psychosocial support for learners and staff members.

This means that assumption of learning next year is highly dependent on the competence of headteachers in implementation of the guidelines.

Head teachers will also :
See to it that the right class sizes are maintained to ensure adherence to social distancing.

They will therefore have to provide all the necessary infrastructure in accordance with the ministry of health guidelines

Renovation ,improvement, or installation of age, disability and gender appropriate hygiene facilities such as washrooms, toilets and bathrooms to ease prebent overcrowding.

Developing protocols on hygiene and social distance measures to be put in place before schools reopen

School heads will therefore be required to constantly supply the schools with
disinfectants, liquid soaps, non-touch thermometers, facemasks and first aid kits.

Availability of above and effecting the utilisation will however be the roles of teachers and not the Principal

Head teachers will also have to
re-adjust the institution budgets so as to reflect the current priorities addressing the impact of Covid-19 such as improved hygiene management.

Upon reaopening, school heads will be required to communicate to parents, teachers and learners on the health and safety measures put in place to guarantee their health and safety.

Other roles include:
Streamlining learner transport management systems to prevent transmission of infections

Provision of weekly progress reports on the status of institution health and safety

Designating special rooms within the school to be used as isolation centres commonly known as sick bays .

Equiping institution’s sick bays/clinics with basic supplies to cater for emergencies paying special attention to learners with disabilities and those with pre-existing conditions such as asthma

Identifying learner, teacher non-teaching staff with pre-existing health conditions and ensuring that proper health attention is given.

Monitoring School attendance and recording
absenteeism in liaison with Ministry of Interior and to minimise dropouts.

Collaborating with the Ministry of Health through the sub-county education office to map quarantine centres to at least one per sub-county in case of re-occurrence of the outbreak.

Ensuring adequate security and safety measures such as  provision of a fence or barrier and guards to restrict entry to and exit from the institutional premises.

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