Schools will be uninhabitable upon reopening.Principals warns

The Kenya secondary school heads have warned that schools will be in a deplorable state upon reopening citing lack of funds.

The association said that the failure by the government to release school’s capitation funds compelled them to send away all supporting staff.

Some schools have gone to the extent of halting income generating projects within the school such as cattle rearing.

Due to lack of funds to pay the support staff,Several schools in Nakuru have advertised the sale of dairy cattle and pigs.

Properties worth millions in the learning institutions have been put at risk as security firms pulls out due to lack of pay.

Cases of theft and looting have already been reported in some schools.

Kessha Nakuru county chair Fredrick Mbuthia said that challenges faced by the schools keep risin’g each day.

He said that ever since schools were closed following the first case of covid-19 in Kenya,they have not received support funds from the government.

“Some schools which have income-generating projects have been forced to sell the assets as they are no longer viable during this period,” Mbuthia said.

He further said that the situation is worsened by the fact that majority, if not all teachers under BOM have not been paid.

He added that upon reopening, schools will be faced with pending bills worth millions due to the pandemic.

“Due to lack of funds, we cannot pay the statutory deductions, meaning a fine when we repay while paying for security services is a major problem,” he said.

The chair warned that if the the government does not intervene urgently the schools will be in a sorry state.

“Currently, schools are covered by bushes and electricity supply has been disconnected due to non-payment,” he said.

Stega Security Services managing director Eskimos Kobia admitted that despite offering security services to schools for months,they have not received any payment.

He said that the good will that his firm had, to guard schools for the first two months is currently impossible.

“We understand schools have not received funding from the government due to the current crisis and we have no option but to pull out,” he said.

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