Cotu Boss Francis Atwoli and Sossion on TSC Boss Nancy Macharia’s Neck over Salary Dispute.

Central Organisation of Trade Unions has called upon TSC to move with speed and solve the salary dispute that has emerged in the last phase of implementing the 2017-2021 TSC-KNUT Collective Bargaining Agreement.

COTU in a letter on Wednesday asked  Labour Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui to convene a meeting and discuss the discriminatory pay rise and promotion of teachers by the teachers service commission (TSC )

The meeting will be attended by c o t u ,TSC and k n u t whose members never benefited from this month’s pay hike and promotions.

In the letter, Cotu Secretary-General Francis Atwoli expressed worry over the ever increasing industrial dispute between Knut and the employer, which he said should be resolved once and for all.

“Indeed, if left unaddressed, the situation is likely to degenerate into a serious threat to the country’s industrial peace,” Mr Atwoli added.

KNUT on the other hand  asked the employer to stop sowing unnecessary confusion on the implementation of the 2017-2021 collective bargaining agreement (CBA) pay structure by seeking to abolish the recognition of teachers’ new academic qualifications.

KNUT secretary General Wilson Sossion

The Union’s Secretay general Wilson Sossion said that attempts by the employer to abolish the Schemes of Service as the basis for promotion is tantamount to abolishing Teachers’ hard earned new academic qualifications.

“The commission should not sneak in the Career Progression Guidelines, which have been nullified by the Employment and Labour Relations Court, but should promote teachers using the Code of Regulations for Teachers,” he said on Wednesday while at the Knut headquarters in Nairobi.

sossion said that despite the commission being given 54 billion to pay and increase salaries for all teachers,it has resorted to using illegal means to discriminate K N U T members.

He said that based on the CBA ,K N U T members are qualified to be promoted and receive salary increment.

KNUT treasures warned that teachers should be kept out of the fight between TSC and the Union.

“It is so heart-breaking to see innocent teachers suffering and being discriminated against by the employer who is using illegal documents,” he said.

Mr. Matiangi called upon Preaident Kenyatta to convene a meeting with the two parties with a view to solving the stalemate.

He also accused TSC of forming splinter Unions with the aim of doing awy with KNUT.

“We cannot have an employer who uses bloggers to incite teachers to leave Knut and cripple operations of the union,” said Mr Matiang’i. 

At the time of signing the CBA, Mr Sossion said only the Schemes of Service existed, but TSC developed the Career Progression Guidelines independently and started implementing them illegally.

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