Why Singer Bahati Has officially left Gospel Industry.

Bahati has officially said bye to gospel industry.

He gave the revelation saying that despite leaving the industry his faith is still intact.

He was talking during an interview with MC Jessy on his new YouTube segment Jessy Junction.

“The Gospel is Christ. I have Christ in my heart and I believe in God and he is the reason I’m at the top. I cannot leave Christ but the gospel industry is rotten.” Bahati told Jessy.

Bahati cited lack of peace of mind as one of the reasons for leaving the industry.

“I was fought a lot in the gospel industry so when I do a gospel song, I do it for God, not for the people. I just separated myself from the gospel industry for a while, but I’m in Christ and the Lord is my personal saviour.”

He said the audience for his secular music is made up of those in the secular world and church goers  who have criticized him for the kind of songs he sings.

“I think right now ‘Wanani’ is the most played song in the country, and it’s because ina-requestiwa both na watu wako secular na watu wako church because I’m still a son of Christ.”

This year has been so controversial for Bahati after having his label signees arrested, face criticism after the song’s release. 

Critics claims that his music this year lack spiritual content and as such do not befit the gospel music genre.

He has done several collabos with secular musicians such as Kansoul in ‘Kererembe’.

A comment on YouTube reads, “Huyu ni yule Bahati aliimba ngoma ya ‘Barua’? Grace ya Mungu na content ni kweli huisha aki. Wacha niendelee kusikia ‘Tuheshimu ndoa’ ya Stivo Simple Boy, wasee.” 

The follower seems to be questioning Bahati’s current songs.

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