Update: Chiefs to identify teachers to offer lessons under Magoha’s ‘Nyumba Kumi’ framework.

Learners who have been so much engrossed in playing during the pandemic will from september be expected to be taught within their localities.

Professor Magoha said that this will be in addition to the online lessons that have been in progress.

The CS argued that not all learners are accessed to Radio ,TV or internet hence the need for communal teaching.

Community Based Model of teaching.

Teachers will be expected to utilise under-tree shades,open spaces and social halls to offer learning services to students and pupils as they await January opening.

Roles of Chiefs.

During his Thursday press briefing ,the CS said that chiefs and Nyumba Kumi leaders will be activated to identify teachers who will offer lessons at no cost to parents.

Regardless of schools attended by pupils/students,teachers who have been receiving their salaries since corona virus struck the nation will be expected to teach learners in their locality.

Magoha argued that unlike majority of private school learners who have greatly benefited from online lessons,their counterparts in public schools have not fully benefited.

He added that the ministry is working in close collaboration with Teachers Service Commision to come up with the guidelines.

“The commission will be issuing the guidelines in a few days’ time on the implementation of the programme,” TSC boss Nancy Macharia said. She added that teachers are always ready to offer their services.

Covid-19 guidelines

Teachers will in the new approach put students in small groups and ensure that they sanitize,keep distance and wear mask throughout the lessons.

All learners within a particular locality including those in private schools will be expected to attend.

The CS also said that teachers will also be expected to teach learners good morals so as to stop engaging in premarital sex ,drug abuse and other harmful behaviour.

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