A man kills class 7 daughter for spending night out.

Police in Muhoroni have arrested a 48-year old man,alleged to have clobbered his 15- year old daughter for spending a night away from home.

According to The Standard,the incident occurred on Sunday evining in Keti Village ,Nyangoma ,Kisumu county.

Another daughter is also said to have sustained injuries from that same incident.

Sources say that the man summoned the two daughters who he accused of spending night out without his permission.

Upon their return,the father who suspected they were with their boyfriends began punishing them.

According to a witness,the girls’ explanation that they were at their aunt’s place fell into deaf ears.

He attacked the duo with a blunt object leading to one losing her counciousness.

Attempts to resuscitate her were in futility.

Upon realising that the girl was no more,the man hid the body and intended to dig a grave to burry the daughter without other family members’ knowledge.

Members of the public informed the police who swiftly responded,said Deputy County Commissioner Erick Wanyonyi.

They got to the home and found the man in the process of burrying the body.

He was taken to Chemelil police station and the body to Ahero Sub County Hospital Mogue.

Injuries were noted on the head and abdomen of the deceased who was a pupil at Nyalenya Primary School .

Wanyonyi said the suspect is set to be arraigned as soon as investigation into the matter is complete.

“I ask parents to look for alternative ways of disciplining their children at these time children are home because of the shutdown of schools due to coronavirus,” said Wanyonyi.

The man is expected to face murder charges.

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