How teachers are earning handsomely from private teaching as schools remain closed.

It takes wisdom for anyone to find an opportunity in any calamity.

Following Education Cabinet secretary Professor Magoha’s announcement that the president had okayed private teaching ,many teachers continue to reap big.

“He (Uhuru) suggested that as long as you keep safe social distancing, nothing stops you from engaging the children,” Magoha said in the past weeks.

He added that even those in the villages should find a way of engaging children around them.

In a bid to keep their children busy,several parents have pushed for private face to face teaching.

In certain estates in Nairobi,the weekly amount paid by parents range from 1,000 to as high as 5,000.

One such instance is managed by a Lina Anyango, a Global Teachers Prize finalist.

She has assembled six teachers who attend to learners in form one to four. On Fridays ,the teachers conducts mentorship programmes.

Besides this group,is another, that specialises in science, technology, engineering and mathematics,of course at a fee.

Kenya Secondary School Heads Association chairman Kahi Indimuli however said that the private classes were premised on a misunderstanding of what the ministry had directed.

He said before such programmes can be implemented,there must be proper guidelines on the number of lerners to assemble and in which venue.

Mr. Indimuli added that there have to be protocols on identification and allocation of teachers to different classes.

“For now, we do not have the operating guidelines and we plead that teachers should not exploit parents. Parents should also be patient as ministry and TSC work on the way forward,” said Indimuli.

Teachers who are afraid of face to face learning have opted to have their children taught online.

Online learning

According to some parents, the online lessons offered by the ministry of education have not helped in keeping their children engaged.

Internet Abuse

The parent who is also a primary School teacher Said that she had discontinued online learning in order to minimise internet Abuse.

“They have been having online classes but after it, they spend so much time online meeting strangers and visiting wrong sites under the pretext of doing assignments and this has been a worry to me,” said the parent who is also a primary school teacher.

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