The government owes nobody an apology for closing schools-Magoha

The decision to have schools closed is in best interest of the learners.

These were Education Cabinet Secretary Professor Magoha’s sentiments yesterday at Kisumu’s Jaramogi Odinga Odinga Referral Hospital.

He said that the government is justified to have schools remain closed before the covid-19 curve flattens.

The CS argued that doing the opposite would lead to massive spread of the virus by learners.

“It is safer for our children to be at home, why do you want them to go and get killed in the schools,” he posed

 “Kenya has no apologies for locking up schools to safeguard the children of Kenya because every child has a right to live,” he said.

Magoha said the decision to close schools was reached after consultations with both ministries of health and Education stakeholders.

“What else do you want the government to do? It is not about an education…the question is do you want a dead child or a live child? So we are making a lot of noise about nothing,” He said.

In his company were Health counterpart Mutahi Kagwe for the daily Covid-19 status updates.

School Opening dates

The CS said that in as much as the the reopening date is currently set for January,the government will not hesitate to open before then on condition that the Covid-19 curve flattens.

“I said we are opening in January 2021, it could even be earlier if we flatten the curve earlier…what reason will I have to keep the children home? We never said we are closing our schools indefinitely and I don’t know where that came from,” the CS said.

Private schools closing down.

About concerns that some private schools might collapse following text ravaging effects of the virus,Magoha said that public schools have capacity to accomodate all students who will be affected.

Prolonged closure and refusal by some parents to pay school fees during this period has led to shut down of many.

On a positive note however,Magoha said that the Ministry of Education said Sh7 billion concessionary loans would be available to private school owners who qualify for it.

He urged parents with learners in private schools to pay a portion of school fees in order to prevent them from totally collapsing.

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