Learners to use Smart phones during lessons according to TSC guidelines for home-based teaching.

In the Guidelines given by the teachers’ Service Commission:

A session will have no more than 15 learners and will last for 4 hours everyday.

Learners will be grouped based on their ages and clasess.

For purposes of planning face to face learning, teachers will have to register education officials within their localities.

While adhering to health ministry regulations classes will take place in open places such as under shades as well as halls.

During the lessons

Learners will be engaged in life skills as well as values such as weed control,farming ,grazing animals, storytelling, planting, debating life issues and hygiene, among others.

In addition to the values,teachers will also guide and councel and at the same time offer psychosocial support in accordance with teachers’ code of regulations.

Moreover,teachers will engage learners in numeracy and language .

Age and classes

Teachers will be able to cover a part of the syllabus that was interrupted due to Covid-19 outbreak in March.


With emphasis on peer learning,group works will be organised and grading done.

“The teachers should use discussion groups during learning and even grading can be done among peers,” reads the draft guideline. 


The commission will monitor and supervise the programme through decentralised services at regional, county and zonal level.

Teachers’ involvement in the program will be monitored by county and sub-county directors and curriculum support officers.

Teachers service Commission also requires that teachers registers with curriculum support officers and sub-county directors within their current areas of residence.

Teachers will oversee and monitor learners progress and give the feedback to curriculum support officers.

Learner participation in the programme will be monitored by the Ministry of interior.

Pedagogical practices such as group work, peer feedback and blended or ‘flipped’ learning will also be emphasised by teachers. These same activities may also be conducted online to ensure learners’ attention is captured.

Use of smartphones

Learners will be allowed to use digital devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones during lessons.

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