First Years joining university could pay tripple tuition fees if a proposal by Vc’s succeeds.

Those supposed to join the universities could pay tripple tuition fees if the proposal by vice-chancellors is adopted.

Currently ksh 16,000 is paid for tuition but this could rise to ksh 48,000 to compensate for scarcity of resources following abolition of self-sponsored students programme in 2015.

“It is proposed that tuition fees paid by government-sponsored student should be raised to Sh48,000 and that the increase takes effect for the new intake of government-sponsored students only,” the VCs say in a document. 

If the proposal is effected,those students that sat for their kcse in 2019 could be the first to pay the amount.

According to the University bosses, during the adoption of 16,000 fees in 1989  the annual cost of taking a student through college was Sh120,000.

The figure has since hightened to Sh254,644 per year.

The government has however increased funding for each student with the new cohort allocated Sh171,051 on average. 

“The government funding combined with the direct fees paid by students falls short, with Sh67,593 of the total estimate to annual cost of taking a student through university… roughly 25 per cent of the total cost,”  the document reads.

The fee increase is part of other proposals by managers to revive the ailing university sector.

The proposal was prepared by vice-chancellors committee chair Prof Muluvi of South Eastern Kenya University.

In order to protect learners from the proposed fee increase,the vice chancellors proposes that HELB increase the amount of Loan given to them.

“The amount of Helb loans and bursary extended to students from needy backgrounds should be increased at an agreed proportion to the approved fee increase,” they say.

Helb boss Charles Ringera however said he is not aware of the proposal and that it may interfere with the financial planning.

“Remember, Helb has a fixed budget from Treasury as voted by Parliament year on year. This year, it is Sh16.5 billion with with the Exchequer finding Sh11.3 billion and AIA coming in at Sh5.2 billion,” Ringera said.

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