TSC urges Teachers to Register with relevant officers and immediately Commence Nyumba Kumi teaching.

Teachers have been directed by the employer to give details of current areas of residence and immediately commence the community based teaching.

This is a sigh of relief for parents whose children have been loitering since the schools were closed due to corona virus pandemic.

“The commission has directed that all teachers under its employment shall undertake community-based learning without charging parents, with effect from August 12, until further notice,” stated a circular released by TSC Chief Executive Officer Nancy Macharia yesterday.

“All teachers employed by the commission are directed to register with curriculum support officers and sub-county directors within zones and sub-counties where they are currently staying by August 12 (yesterday),” stated the circular.

Going by a circular dated August 11th ,TSC boss Dr Nancy Macharia County and sub County directors to begin an immediate registration of teachers.

According to sources, the government intends to use the plan for purposes of rehearsing schools opening.

Primary and secondary school heads revealed that they had been instructed to be in school at least once a week to monitor the progress of the program.

This means that schools might be used in the program owing to the fact that some urban areas have no open spaces where learning can be conducted.

“Most villages and estates do not have halls or huge open spaces to facilitate this kind of learning. This means that schools will be used to teach,” said one secondary school teacher.

TSC in its guidelines had directed teachers to conduct lessons not containing more than 15 learners 4 hours a day .

Teachers should also ensure strict adherence to the ministry of health guidelines on mitigating coronavirus.

“Organise the learners as much as possible according to their classes and/or age to ensure that topics under discussion are relevant, suitable and appropriate,” states the guidelines.

Syllabus Coverage.

The Kenya Secondary School Heads Association national chairman Mr. Kahi Indimuli said that the difference in Schoos and classes of learners to be taught poses a challenge to teaching the syllabus at the moment.

Kenya Secondary School Heads Association national chairman Mr. Kahi Indimuli.

Coupled with difference I n syllabus coverage,Learnes may not be at the same level. He added.

TSC directed teachers to in addition to life skills and values such as grazing and farming, engage learners in numeracy and reading.

The tutors are also expected to utilise technology;television ,radio and other online platforms to capture learners’ attentions.

Teachers who abscond Duty

TSC said that the code of regulations and code of conduct and ethics for teachers shall be applied throughout the programme in warning teachers who will engage in a malpractice or abscond duty.

The Macharia led commision will collaborate with Ministry of interior to ensure that all learners take part im the programme.

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