Open schools or else we meet in court-Lawyer to Magoha.

Even as the Ministry of Education prepares to implement the Community Based learning ,there’s a looming legal battle between parents and the ministry.

Education Cabinet secretary professor George Magoha had said that learning will resume in January owing to the high numbers of Covid-19 infections currently.

Lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui has now written to CS Magoha demanding that schools be opened ,else they battle it out in court.

Lawyer Kinyanjui with former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu

Mr. Kinyanjui says he represents school-going children, who are headed by a Mr Enock Aura.

The lawyer wondered how the government could open houses of worship and restaurants at the expense of Schools.

He argues that compared to schools,the social places are more detrimental when it comes to spreading COVID-19.

“You cannot rationally claim closure of schools on the ostensible risk of our children being exposed to coronavirus infections in schools as though there are special incubation points that pose a higher or greater danger than these social points stated,” Kinyanjui wrote in his demand.

The letter dated 14th is also copied to Attoney General Kihara Kariuki and Ministry of Health.

The demand however come at a time when the Teachers Service Commission is at the verge of mobilising learners to attend classes near their homes.

Concerns have however been raised over availability of enough halls and spaces in the estates and villages.

The Secondary School Heads Association national chairman,Mr. Kahi Indimuli said that parents may opt to take their children to bearby schools so as to minimise transport and boarding coast.

Kinyanjui gave examples of Sweden, UK, Taiwan, Germany, France, Italy, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, DRC, Netherlands, Denmark, Uruguay, and most states in the USA that re-opened schools despite Covid-19 risk.

Kenya Yesterday recorded 7 covid-19 fatalities and 515 more positive cases from a sample size of 6,353.

672 recoveries were also recorded bringing the total to 15,970.

So far,fatalities and total confirmed cases stands at 472 and 29,849 respectively.

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