6 Activities to expect before National Rollout of Community Based learning.

Teachers ,parents and even some Education Ministry officials have been wondering how the Community Based Programme will be implemented.

The programme raised more questions that answers as different stakeholders doubted its success.

However ,the ministry plans to undertake the following ativities ahead of the programme’s national roll out to ensure its success;

1. Parliament to discuss and approve Community Based Learning implementation guidelines given by the Teachers Service Commission.

2.Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development to come up with teaching and learning guide for teachers to use in implementating the programme.

3. All Education Officials who will take part in the programme to be trained and their duties elaborated.

They include regional directors, county directors, sub-county directors and curriculum support officers among others.

4. Teachers to be trained on how to go about the Community Based Learning Implementation.

5.Chiefs and their assistants to identify and map out venues to be used for learning.

These will include open spaces in school compounds, churches and social halls.

6. Chiefs and assistant Chiefs to allocate learners classes where they will be taking their weekly four-hour lessons.

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