Body of Missing Highschool teacher found in a city river.

If Jane Waruguru were alive today,she would be attending to family matters in her South C Home or probably coaching her second-born KCSE candidate ,she being a teacher.

However,she cannot.

According to The Star,Jane on the night of June 14 had told her husband Samuel Ndegwa she would go to town the following day to guarantee a Sacco loan for a teacher colleague from St Angela’s Girls High School in Kiambu.

That would mark the last time Jane was heard from.

In the evining,attempts to reach her through phone calls were in futility.

Exactly two months since her disappearance,the decomposed body of the teacher was on Friday last week found by police on the banks of a river in a forest along the Eastern Bypass, North Airport Road in Nairobi. 

The unrecognisable body was taken to City mortuary.

The husband ,Ndegwa who was called by the police since they had compiled a list of missing bodies and family contacts managed to recognise Jane’s Clothes and teeth pattern.

The family has for two months been on the search,making phone calls here and there and visiting one police station to the next, just in case she was involved in an accident.

Finding the body is a reprieve for the family who can now moarn and have the matter behind them.

“We have searched for her every single day since June 15 and it has been an incredibly harrowing ordeal. We are a step to closure,” Ndegwa said.

He asked for an exhaustive postmortem analysis and DNA matching before the body is released owing to the extend of decomposition it had undergone.

The father and daughter on Monday gave DNA samples.

Although the police have not yet said that it was murder,chances are high that it was, but the question becomes,who wanted Jane dead?

“I don’t know who could have killed her or how. You don’t want anybody to go through what we are going through,” the widower said.

He eulogised the wife as quiet and hardworking lady whose class was always at the top.

Jane was always at her home ,doing physical exercises ever since schools were closed due to Covid-19.

“We identified her by her tooth pattern and the clothes she wore last. However, the police still want us to do a DNA match to confirm our claim to the body,” Ndegwa said.

The family want the body for burial soonest so they can heal from the tragedy even as police launch investigations into the matter.

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