Who is the founder?


I’m Belfast Brian an educator and human Biologist passionate about informing and creating awareness on how to live a holistic ,healthy lifestyle. When not doing anything related to topics above,am likely sleeping.

Formation of this blog was informed by the desire to share vast knowledge that I have accumulated throughout my training and job experience.

I currently work at My School (Montessori) as a Special needs education teacher tasked with speech Language and Communication stimulation.

What is Kenyan Bell about?

Essentially,this blog aims at providing information that will help you live a healthy lifestyle.

Besides, it keeps you updated with both local and global news to help you be concious of your surrounding and world at large.

With well researched articles,I will walk you through topics such as reproduction,sex and relationship,maternity,fitness,aging ,sleep and education.

These will enable you to make informed decisions and opinions.


The intent of information on this site is strictly provision of general knowledge. At no time should it substitute an advice from your professional healthcare provider.

Always consult your doctor and never use any information on this site to diagnose a condition.

Just what you need

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