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Magoha : Maintaining social distance in schools will be challenging.

Education cabinet secretary with Kitui governor Charity Ngilu when the CS went to check progress of face mask production by KicoTec.

Education cabinet secretary Professor George Magoha admitted that ensuring that students adhere to social distancing measures when schools open in September remains a challenge.

According to the daily nation, the CS was advised by experts from the health ministry that a 45 learner capacity classroom be decongested in order to prevent spread of the virus.

“We’ve been advised by the ministry of health that a class should have between 15 and 20 students. You all know this is going to be a big challenge because schools do not have sufficient learning facilities” he said.

Presently,the total number of students both in primary and secondary stands at approximately 24 million.

If social distancing is to be properly enhanced,then it means several learners must find alternative learnin’g facilities.

In some schools,especially in the urban centres, a classroom can have upto 70 learners.

Teacher shortage.
Crippling teacher shortage is likely to worsen the already worse situation.

The shortage which currently stands at 130,000 accross the entire basic education sector mean that radicle timetables cannot be effected.

At the same time,neither can the classes  be split into managable sizes to adhere to health protocols.

Thousands of teachers are aged.
Several teachers are in their fifties,an age bracket that health experts says is the most vulnarable.

It is hard for such teachers to work from home and if they are to be absent from school for health reasons then the  problem of understaffin’g will be intensified.

Professor Magoha said that the government was working with speed to see to it that schools have the health requirements.

These includes sanitisers, thermo guns and hand-washing tanks before they reopen.

Magoha was talking during his tour to Kitui County Textiles Centre (KicoTec) where he went to assess its capacity to manufacture quality face masks for school children. 

While taking him around , Kitui County government Charity Ngilu said that the factory was in a position to produce the required number of masks within the stipulated time frame.

In addition to the Kitui factory,Rivatex and the National Youth Service will also be given orders to produce the masks.

“There will be no negotiations about pupils wearing masks in school. This is giving me sleepless nights because in order to give each pupil two, we must produce 24 million in the next 45 days,” Prof Magoha said.

He added that the school heads will be required to report to the schools to be trained on how to handle covid 19 clasess and to ensure the station meets the required safety measures.

Governor Charity Ngilu assured the CS that the products to be produced by his team will be of high standards.

She said that the masks will be produced in accordance with prototype generated jointly by health and education experts, in order to ensure even smaller pupils are well protected.

The minimum requirements upon reopening have been outlined as clean running water and soap for hand washing or hand sanitizers.

Safety of the learners will be given a priority when learning resumes.

In light of that ,the objects that are frequently touched by students will be regularly disinfected.

These includes door knobs, light switches and stair railings.

If the Sunday Infotrack polls is anything to go by ,70 percent of the citizens are opposed to reopening of schools before the pandemic is fully contained.

On June 1, President Uhuru Kenyatta asked both education and health ministries to have a discussion on mordalities of re opening schools.

Going by the recent figures of covid-19 cases in Kenya,the pandemic is not yet contained,the curve is not flat yet.

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Breakin’g:Gikomba market on fire.

Gikomba market has been reported to be on fire this morning.

The inferno allegedly began at around 3am today and was concentrated around the Central Organisations of Trade Unions (COTU) offices.

Several goods whose worth is yet to be established were burnt.

Amon’g the goods ravaged include grains and second hand clothes commonly referred to as mitumba.

Stranded business men and women ,some of whom had taken huge loans to suppliment their businesses kept asking when the frequent fire outbreaks will stop in the Market.

“I got a call from my colleague who told me that the market was on fire. Upon arrival I saw that everything was engulfed in fire and there was nothing much we could do. The county fire fighters arrived at around 6am and they are still trying to put the fire out,” said Mutinda Nzioka, a mitumba trader.

The fire fighters worked as the traders tried to salvage what they could.

In many past incidences,the Market has been on fire with the cause always unclear.

An example is in February when an early morning fire burnt down shoes stalls.

The cause is yet to be known.

Exposed:How Waiguru allegedly brought down county health sector.

Kirinyaga county boss ,Anne Mumbi Waiguru.

Two doctors yesterday testified before the 11-members senate committee how Kirinyaga County governor Anne Waiguru brought down the county health sector.

Former Kirinyaga Health Executive Dr Agnes Gachoki and Kenya Practitioners Medical and Dentists Union (KPMDU) secretary for Central region Dr. Gor Goody yesterday expressed their frustrations with how Anne waiguru responded to some health matters in the county.

The standard reported that according to the doctors,governor Waiguru sacked 400 casual health workers besides closing 20 dispensaries.

This,they said  brought down the health sector due to increased deaths.

Dr. Gachoki described the governor as an authoritarian who only gives orders and expect them to be followed to the latter,without questionin’g.

“Leadership is something the governor does not understand because … leadership is different from dictatorship. The governor dictates what is going to be done and you just comply. The CECs are just there to do what the governor has directed,” Gachoki said.

She alleged that she made a decision to resign after the governor asked her to shut down the dispensaries that were in a sorry state.

She further said that when she did ask the county boss  together with the Chief officer health to employ more health workers due to scarcity, they both declined.

In addition,She stated that some healthcare workers unfortunately miscarried due to work overload as they worked without leave.

“I was shocked when the governor told me to go ahead to close the dispensaries. I think it was not her priority. I could not because it was a step backwards to Universal Healthcare (UHC), championed by the president,” she told the Senate select committee looking into the ouster of the governor.

She then resigned and after a period more than a year,a new CEC was hired.

The former CEC also told the Senate committee that governor Waiguru unnecessarily athorised procurement of a new healthcare management system.

At the same time the national government had installed one although it was not functional.

“It was never installed until to date. It is really very sad… Kirinyaga County, even after devolution, residents are still going to Embu and Nyeri counties for health (services).”

The lawyer representing the governor,Paul Nyamodi demanded to know from Dr. Gachoki if she (Waiguru ) directly did the tender.

In response ,She said:

“The user department didn’t requisition for the system.”

Personal interest.
Nyamodi asked if Doctor Gachoki played a role in the governor’s impeachment.

She said that she was not a politician and that she was before the committee as a proffessional.

She added that being a resident of Kirinyaga,anything that goes to the county directly affects her.

Further she stated that she was giving evidence how Waiguru brought down the health sector of Kirinyaga County.

While narrating her ordeal with the governor after securing a dornor project, she portrayed her as a leader who doesn’t care.

Gachoki had found a dornor that agreed to construct a ksh 20million worth eye unit and equipment.

Ironically the governor frustrated them on the opening ceremony.

The Canada-based dornors arrived in Kenya then boarded a bus to Kirinyaga. The governor however said she could not see them.

Gachoki was then forced to call off the trip and incur their expenditures.

She continued to say that when the dornors visited the hospital,so frustrated was she that she asked the CEO to attend to them.

“This led to some disappointment with donors, yet the hospital serves people from all over the region,” she stated.

Senator Stewart Madzayo asked whether Gachoki knew Dr. Goody but she was shut down when she attempted to explain.

In his remarks ,the senator said that it was because of Waiguru failing to implement some request by the doctors that she had come for a “retaliation”.

Gachoki responded that having taken an oath to save lives as doctor including those that harms his family ,she was not bitter at anybody.

Yesterday, the senators demanded that the witnesses prove the allegations held against governor Waiguru.

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It is your duty to prove your accusations,Waiguru to Kirinyaga MCA’s

Kirinyaga county governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru.

Probe into governor Waiguru’s impeachment by the 11-member special senate committee kicked off today morning.

Through her lawyer, she claimed that the MCA’s determination to impeach her is malicious.

She said that  they (MCA’s) cannot accuse and use her at the same time to prove their case.

Her lawyer, Mr. Paul Nyamodi in his submission told the committee that it was the responsibility of the the MCA’s who accused her to prove their allegations.

“It is the county assembly that framed the charges and there is no way her responses can be used against her. The governor has no issue to prove. It is the MCAs who should prove their allegations against her,” Mr Nyamodi said.

The lawyer was speaking at the onset of Waiguru’s trial .

The MCA’s accused the governor of gross violation of the Constitution, the written law and abuse of office charges.

It is on this premise that they impeached her on the 9th of June.

Mr. Nyamodi was giving his response to objections by the Lawyer representing the MCA’s ,Mr. Paul Njiru.

Njiru in his submission accused the governor of supplying her responses in unitelligble documents,and from which the MCA’s could not “deduce the purpose of the payment.”

To have a look at the governor’s travel history,the county assembly requested the committee that the governor be compelled to produce both her diplomatic and personal passports.

“It is difficult to respond substantively to what she has said about her travels because of the nature of the documents given to us,”

Mr Njiru said, in reference to files on the governor’s travels that were submitted to the county assembly.

Provide Intelligible copies.

“According to the documents submitted to us, she travelled to the US and China but it is not in the entries and exits are not clear,”

In response,Lawyer Nyamodi asked what the County assembly relied on while drafting their charge if the travel documents were not in their possession .

He said that the MCA’s were on a fishing expedition.

“What is the basis of their allegation that the governor never travelled?”

He Wondered as he warned that her responses cannot be used against her.

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Just In: Lady Maureen’s mother refutes claims that her daughter is dead.

Ohangla hit maker popularly known as Lady Maureen

Several social media users have “killed”  renowned Ohangla singer,Lady Maureen.

The mother,Akinyi has come out clean on the matter to confirm that yes her daughter is sick but is currently stable and not dead as claimed.

According to the standard,she said that Maureen had undergone treatments and is currently recuperatin’g at home in Migori County.

She also urged Kenyans to pray for her that she may recover from the prolonged ailment that has jeorpadised her music career.

“My daughter is sick but she is in a stable condition and is recovering at home. The world should know that. Although my daughter is sick, she is okay,” said Akinyi.

According to Akinyi,several people had made calls inquiring about Maureen’s health condition.

“As a mother, I have been praying for her recovery and I am optimistic that she will recover soon and restart her musical career,”

Said the mother

The Ohangla hit maker has made several trips to hospital since 2018 in a her struggle with the sickness.

One of the luo singers,Akothe had begun a campaign to pay her hospital bills and build her a house.

Journey with Sickness.
Having been transferred from a hospital in Migori,Lady Maureen was admitted at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital.

After the discharge,She stayed for 5 days further in the hospital due to some family disputes that the mother wanted resolved.

The doctor who was attending to her said that the musician was discharged owing to her positive response to drugs and stability.

Deterioration in her health us traced back to two years ago when she sought healthcare at Pastor Machage Memorial Hospital before transfer to Jaramogi hospital.

Prior to that,she together 15 members of her band had been arrested in Tanzania and Jailed for 9 days for alleged as illegall work in that country.

She later said that  that was just a scheme to ruin her reputation.

A paybill has since been set up by the family to help raise some funds to offset her medical bills.

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Revealed:Why Duale had to go.

Garissa township Member of parliament and immediate former leader of majority of the National assembly Hon. Aden Bare Duale.

The former leader of majority of the National Assembly had divided loyalty ,something that an anonymous party official said might have cost him his position.

According to the official, Mr. Duale could not be trusted especially with President Uhuru’s 2022 plans.

Of late,the Legislator had shifted his allegiance but it was too late to save him Uhuru’s axe.

According to the standard,in a meeting that lasted about 20 minutes at KICC Nairobi ,Aden Bare Duale was shown the door.

Ruto Quiet
In two instances,the deputy president declined invitations to give a comment,one from the secretary general Raphael Tuju and the other from the president himself.

When he was called upon by Tuju to give his remarks and address the National Assembly Jubilee Coalition Parliamentary Group meeting, the DP  declined.

A similar response was observed when t at the end of his address the party leader asked his Deputy to give a comment.Again he declined.

Moments before that, President Kenyatta had announced Kipipiri Member of parliament as the new Majority leader after Duale was shown the door.

Later in a tweet,Ruto praised the Legislator and described him as a passionate leader who worked hard to deliver jubilee agenda in the parliament.

“The room was tense. He was not in the mood of addressing the meeting. Tuju invited him first to address the MPs but he declined, saying he had nothing to say. Then when the President was through with his speech, he asked Ruto to say something, but he declined,” said an MP.

Dr. Ruto has never commented on the ouster of any of his allies since the purge began. Duale’s was the first.

His tweet read ,“My brother Aden Duale, you are a great leader. For the last eight years, you discharged your responsibilities as our party’s first Majority Leader with style, precision, passion and loyalty.”

He added that “My friend, when parliamentary history is written, you will have a chapter. Mbele iko sawa na Mungu (the future is bright with God).

Recent Ousters
In the recent purges, some of the leaders that have have not survived  includes Senate leaders Kithure Kindiki (Deputy Speaker), Kipchumba Murkomen (Majority Leader) and Majority Whip Susan Kihika.

Others included National Assembly Majority Whip Ben Washiali and his deputy Cecily Mbarire.

The deputy never gave a comment on all these.

KICC meeting
Initially ,the head of state was to conduct the meeting from the state house through a video.

This changed when he physically attended even after some allies of the deputy president vowed to snub it.

The MPs  received a late night text message from National Assembly Majority Whip Emmanuel Wangwe confirming he would physically attend.

Uhuru  however declined to divulge the details of the 20-minutes meetin’g with the Mp’s.

According to insiders,all members were seated when the president got to the venue after which the journalists who were in the hall were ordered to leave.

In the meetin’g.
The meeting commenced by a prayer from Meru Woman Rep Kawira Mwangaza.

Raphael Tuju then asked the deputy to address the gathering but he declined.The secretary general then asked the President to communicate his agenda to the Mp’s.

The party leader began by thanking the Members for comin’g and declared that  his agenda was to announce the new Jubilee parliamentary leadership that would help drive his agenda.

He then asked whether they wanted Duale to continue as the Majority leader but in response were murmurs of “yes” and “no”.

The president then went ahead to read Kimunya’s name as the new Majority Leader and Eldas MP Adan Keynan as the Secretary of the Jubilee Coalition Joint PG.

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George Magoha:Teachers could undergo a mandatory covid-19 test before September 1.

Professor George Magoha with his counterparts from the ministry after inspectin’g the progress of face masks production at Rivatex-Eldoret.

Education cabinet secretary has said that teachers could have a mandatory covid-19 test before schools reopen in September 1.

“We are considering whether all teachers, who will resume work in September, will undergo Covid-19 tests,” he said.

The medical practitioners advised that similarly,all children also be tested and any that test positive to remain at home till recovery.

The big question therefore becomes whether the government has got the capacity to carry out such massive tests.

Last month,the medics also advised the governent to have in place , a carefully planned transport system in order to avoid school-home transmissions.

In addition to that, the government was also advised to not only provide students/ pupils with face masks but also ensure that they are properly used and regularly changed.

Accordin’g to the standard newspaper, in less than two months, 24 million face masks will be delivered to schools ahead of re-opening.

Professor Magoha said this after completion of inspection of the progress of manufacturing the protective gears for learners at Rivatex East Africa-Eldoret.

The CS said that “Once we agree on the prototype, then we will get the pricing so that when schools open in September, face masks will be in the institutions by mid-August as per the presidential directive.”

He also added that 5 companies ,including the National Youth Service ,have been engaged in the manufacture of face masks.

He said that as soon as the ministry of health approves the first design,then mass production at Rivatex will recommence.

In a statement, the director of Rivatex company Thomas Kipkurgat said that they have expanded their daily production up to 80,000 from 50,000.

He added that they are the highest producers of the gears compared to others.

Depending on the numbers that Rivatex is likely to be assigned by the ministry, the company may engage more garmemt-makers.

Proff. Magoha also said that ahead of resumption of learning in September, learning institutions will receive masks and sanitization items.

He added that they are still in a consultation with health ministry to establish whether learners in lower primary will be allowed to put on masks.

He also said that the president had directed that the masks be delivered to the learning institutions on time.

“We will soon reach a consensus on whether the pupils in primary one and primary two will wear masks,” he said.

Learners with special needs.
Magoha said that for the few learners with special needs, the government will provide transparent face masks.

For private schools,the CS said that the budgets excludes them. Only learners in public schools shall be cattered for.

Challenges implementing the measures.
The CS admitted that his ministry is facing challenges in implementing some measures such as social distancin’g.

He said that they will consider reducing the number of students/pupils at a time ,in a bid to reduce contacts.

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Jubilee MP’ s asked to keep away their phones and smart watches before entry to KlCC.

The MP’s of Jubilee party were made to put away their phones before enterin’g the Kenyatta International Convention Conference (KICC) for a Parliamentary group meeting.

The legislators were instructed not to get to the the KICC auditorium while having their phones and smart watches with them.

Despite an earlier plan to have the president conduct the meeting from state house through a video,the head of state was seen making his way to the venue at around 10am.

Contrary to expectations of many ,the deputy president was also seen gettin’g to the venue.

It is worth remembering that a section of mp’s allied to Dr. Ruto vowed not to attend the meetin’g  citing different reasons.

Murathe warnin’g.
The jubilee vice Chair Mr .Murathe had warned the DP Ruto’s allies of dire consequences if they chose to snub the meeting convened by the president.

In a statement ,he said that “Missing tomorrow’s PG meeting should not come to anyone’s mind. Disciplinary actions is crystal clear in Jubilee Party Act to those who are deviating from fundamental requirements of the party.”

Below are some of the excuses given by the legislators for not attending the meeting:

Oscar Sudi claimed that he was pissed off by the “insults” hurled at them by the president in the last meeting.

He went ahead to say that he cannot entertain any abuse from a fellow man despite his younger age.

He also claimed that he president has got predetermined agenda that awaits stumping hence no need to attend.

His counterpart Ngujiri had the same sentiments but added that Mr. Kenyatta  made appointments with no regard to the standing orders at the National Assembly and Senate guidin’g how leadership and membership of committees was to be done. 

On his side,Kositany gave an excuses of  him bein’g out of town,short notice and they not given opportunities to share their views as some of the reasons he won’t attend.

More updates to follow………

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Ruto allies Vows to skip Uhuru meeting

Allies of  the deputy president have vowed to snub a meeting  that is to be chaired by president Uhuru this morning.

Accordin’g to the Standard,the Mp’s who declared their stance on the meeting included Bahati MP ,Kimani Ngujiri,Kapseret’s Oscar Sudi, Caleb Kositany of Soy,Didmus Barasa of Kimilili Cornelly Serem of Aldai .

They all said yesterday that they would not attend today’s meeting,which Uhuru is expected to name a new committee after a rigorous “cleaning exercise ” last week.

In a statement,Kimani Ngujiri acknowledged being invited  but insinuated that they won’t attend owin’g to what they experienced in the last meeting.

He claimed that the president hurled insults at them contray to their expectations,prompting him to quit.

“The president has invited us for a PG meeting tomorrow. In the recent meeting we expected the president to come and unite us. Instead he hurled unpalatable remarks at us. As an elder I left the meeting feeling sick,” Ngunjiri said. 

“We have not stopped him  from doing anything he wants and we are in agreement. Whether it shall be our expulsion from House committees or firing some Cabinet secretaries, we have no problem.”  

“We had standing orders at the National Assembly and Senate guiding how leadership and membership of committees was to be done. Unfortunately, the president changed that, making such appointments to be at his discretion,” said Ngunjiri.

He added that the head of state is at liberty to  take action against anybody he feels is a stumbling block to his administration and in leaving his desired legacy.

On the reasons as to why they would not attend the meeting, the Legislator said that Uhuru’s administration has turned to sanitising corrupt leaders who are in favour of him.

He should therefore go ahead and make the changes that he wishes to because he has all the powers.

He added that the chinese political and economic system that Uhuru is trying to apply ,are not possible in Kenya.

“We can’t just borrow what China’s Communist Party is doing. This is what he is pushing for through the Building Bridges Initiative and the attacks on other smaller political parties,” he claimed.

Oscar Sudi cited the alleged foul language used by Uhuru during the last meeting as the sole reason for him not attending.

He added that despite his younger age,he cannot entertain abuses by a fellow man.

Further, he Claimed that the president has predetermined agenda that are to be stumped during the meeting.

“There is no need for the president to call us to Nairobi when he knows well what his decision is and our attendance will not change it. He should just carry on with his plans, as he has showed us we have no stake in Jubilee,” Sudi said.

Mr.Sudi explained that they have been treated as outsiders in their party and this is the reason that informed formation of jubilee asili party centre.

He also claimed that they were never consulted before signing cooperative agreements by other parties  hence decided to have an alternative place for all that feel mistreated.

He accused Jubilee party Deputy Chairman ,David Murathe of disrespecting elected leaders who are the main financers of the party he leads.

The Legislator urged Mr. Murathe to desist from using foul language whenever addressing them and that their political differences should not extend to the families.

On his side,Kositany cited the fact that he is out of town,short notice and them not given opportunities to share their views as some of the reasons he won’t attend

Serem confirmed receiving invitation to the meeting but said that he saw no agenda hence would not attend if the meeting is aimed at removal of Aden Duale.

Barasa said that he will not attend because he has important constituency matters to attend to.

“We are not controlled by remote control.” He added.

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A glimmer of hope for BOM teachers.

Teachers employed on the Board of Management (BOM) terms from Kisumu County can now smell a glimmer of hope.

While talking to the media,the Kenya Union Of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) ,Kisumu branch Secretary general Zablon Awange urged the school principals to pay the teachers their salaries.

Mr. Zablon noted that the they have been suffering because of lack of money for upkeep since their salaries were  suspended following the Corona virus outbreak that prompted learning institutions closure.

He further urged the school heads to find it kind within their hearts to save teachers the shame of being subjected to poverty and give them some pay,however little it may be.

He continued to say that the teachers are agonized immensly, as some are not in a position to fend for their families due to lack of income.

“Principals should therefore look for a way to put this to effect.” He said.

The union boss also demanded that the government release the free secondary education funds as well as  that of Corona virus if it is indeed serious about schools reopening in September 1.

Accordin’g to him ,part of the money is to be used to mitigate the pandemic in schools besides payin’g the BOM teachers .

His plea to the government comes at a time when thousands of these teachers were sent on an unpaid leave.

Agonising fact.

With myriad of basic needs to support, families to take care of  and relatives to look after ,some of the teachers have not been paid since Corona virus struck Kenya.

The schools are alleged to have run short of funds since the government through education ministry has not released any funds.

Days have have turned to weeks and weeks to months without them setting eyes on a penny.

Sadly ,any attempts to have a listening ear from the ministry of education have proved futile.

Apparently, the government is  in bed with some of their representatives who ought to air their grievances.

Even if you are not a teacher ,take a look at this scenario -Each month you are expectant of something in your bank account , however meagre it is then suddenly ,this is brought to a halt. Traumatizing right??

People out there are used to seeing you in official wear each morning going to work and back .They obviously know something keeps coming at the end of the month.

With BOM teachers ,it is sufferin’g after sufferin’g.

After several lamentations,will the government hearken to the teachers’ cries??

Those on BOM terms have  been getting their pay through the ministry of education fee capitation.

What makes it so hard to pay them even just a half ,at a time when everyone is sufferin’g due to the lockdown?

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Waiguru finnaly gives answers to allegations by Kirinyaga MCA’s.

Governor Anne Waiguru has responded to allegations by Kirinyaga MCA’s that led to her impeachment.

A legal team led by her laywer cum husband ,Mr Kamotho Waiganjo on Saturday submitted the responses to the Senate’s office clerk.

He promised a serious battle in the coming week.

“We have filed all responses substantive to all the charges levelled against the governor,” He said.

In his company was Lawyer Paul Nyamodi .

Mr. Kamotho  said that the responses are contained in 40 cartons and regretted the fact that the matter reached where it had. He promised to let the Senate do its work as they await next week’s hearin’g.

A special committee consisting of 11 members was formed by senate to investigate the governor and establish validity of claims by the MCA’s.

Kirinyaga Speaker Anthony Gathumbi has since been summoned by the committee to give his views on the allegations that led to Waiguru’s impeachment.

He is therefore  to appear before the committee on Tuesday next week.

When the committee’s formal sittings kicks off  on Tuesday, the County assembly will be the first to argue its case.

Mr.  Gathumbi was advised by the Senate that during the proceedings ,he should be accompanied by at least 3 Members of County assembly.

He was also advised to provide the committee with 20 hard copies of the documents on which it will rely when looking at Waiguru’s impeachment.

Further, the county assembly is required to provide the committee with names of possible witnesses to give evidence on the matter.

It (the committee) however warned that the meetin’g will proceed in the presence or absence of Mr. Gathumbi as enshrined in the constitution.

If that is to be the case, the Senate will not further refer to him.

The governor was accused of gross violation of the constitution and abuse of office. It is these two that formed the basis of her impeachment.

They cited failure to deliver the annual state of the county address, underminin’g the assembly, violations under written law, includin’g violation of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015 and the Public Finance and Management Act.

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Malava:Wetangula’s meetin’g stopped,NASA MP harrased.

A meeting convened by Bungoma Senator ,Hon Moses Wetangular at Malava Mp Malulu Injendi’s home was today stopped by the police.

The aim of the meeting was to shape the political direction of the Mulembe nation ahead of the 2022 general elections.

The Leaders bumped onto a police roadblock along the Kakamega-Malava road prompting a change of course.

At the Mp’s home,police dispersed a crowd using teargas carnisters.

Later,the Bungoma senator accompanied by a number of Mp’s converged at the Kakamega Sports club. Before then,they had attended the burial of Luanda Mp,Christopher Omulele’s mother.

Why the meeting was stopped.
According to Western Region Police Commander Peris Kimani, the meeting went against Covid-19 guidelines hence could not not be allowed to proceed.

“I have given firm instructions to the county commanders in Vihiga and Kakamega to enforce the law and ensue the guidelines are observed by everybody. We will not allow the meeting to proceed,” said Ms Kimani.

In response ,Mr. Malulu said that they won’t be cowed by the actions taken by the police.

“We have made choices and we know choices have consequences. There is no turning back in our crusade to back a presidential candidate of our choice,” said Mr Malulu.

Alego Usonga Mp speech cut short.
Before the Malava incident, Alego Usonga Mp Samuel Atandi could not complete his speech during the Luanda Burial.

The shrewd MP had warned a section of Leaders from Western region against dragging the former prime Minister’s name into the Luhya politics.

After confrontations with the youths, Mr .Atandi had no option but to surrender the microphone.

He stood in for The ODM leader ,former prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga, in meeting that was heavily guarded by security personnel.

The MP was forced to take cover in the compound where the funeral was being held as the police came to his rescue.

The legislature was accused of disrespecting the Luhya nation and its leaders.

His exit from the venue was later facilitated by the police.

Mr. Atandi accused the Luhyas of discussing unity at a time when Kenya and the world was struggling with the covid -19 pandemic.

“The future of Kenya does not depend on what you do as a community,” said Mr Atandi who appeared to pour cold water on calls for Luhya unity.

In attendance were MPs Omboko Milemba (Emuhaya), Chris Wamalwa (Kiminini), Alfred Agoi (Sabatia), Godfrey Osotsi (Nominated), Dan Wanyama (Webuye West) and Charles Gimose (Hamisi) attended.

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