Kenyan Schools to Reopen in September, new calendar to be out by mid August.

President Kenyatta

Schools are to be re opened on the first of September, said the president.

In his address at the state house, he said that the new schools calendar is to be out in mid August.

Stakeholders from the ministry of health and that of education are to meet to deliberate on this.

Reopening the economy
The president said that opening the country’s economy is dependent on 3 factors (irreducible minimums)

1.The infections are contained and the number of deaths reduced.
2.The health care systems are well-prepared to avoid being overstretched.
3.There is a capacity to carry out contact tracin’g surveillance effectively.

He attested to the fact that all these have not been fully achieved and hence the need to continue with restrictions in some parts of the country.

The president also added that the national and county government summit is to be held within 14 days to deliberate on modalities of re- opening the economy.

However,the dusk to dawn curfew is to begin from 9 pm to 4am giving room for several businesses to operate within the time frame.

He also said that the ban on gatherings for example in bars is extended for the next 30 days. Besides, international air travels is also still suspended for the same period.

On houses of worship, the president said that an interface council is to meet within the next 7days to discuss the procedure  of re-opening.

He concluded by urging’ the landlords to “put people before profits” and all citizens to take seriously the measures given by the ministry of health.

With all these, the question remains, whether the government has put in place enough measures to help prevent transmission of the virus amongst children when schools surely open.

Infidelity:Is this the reason why your partner cheated on you?

It is quite common nowadays for a person to get into extra marital affairs.What exactly is the cause?

1.Need to have a variety.
Many people cheat, not in response to an existing problem in their current relationship but because they want to have a taste of something new.

This can be driven by desire to have a feel of new conversation styles, sexual styles or a “back up” just in case.

Despite bein’g in a relationship,others still can feel strong attraction to others. while some strive to control this ,majority cannot overcome hence end up in extramarital affairs.

Many men cite this as the sole reason for their unfaithfulness in relationship.

Many people will feel confident or excited when they have sex with a different person especially if this other person appears “classy”.

These feelings boost their ego. To some ladies, admiration from a perceived romantic guy is just too exciting to decline.

They will therefore give in to his demands so as to feel associated with his class.

It feels good and confident for example when people whispers “huyu ndio dame wa kevo” when Kevo is someone admired by many.

3.Revenge or anger. You will concur with me that majority of ladies have mastered this art so well.

One may cheat to punish the partner or to enact revenge for offending them in a similar manner. “He hurt me, I want to show him” is what goes through that mind before launching a retaliatory attack.

A wife’s intention in such situations is to make him feel hurt the same way she did when she was cheated on.

In connection to this, other factors that can also motivate infidelity includes:

  • frustration after an argument ,
  • when a partner doesn’t have a lot to give
  • Getting frustrated especially when your other seems not to be understanding you and your needs,
  • Your patner not being around often.

4.Sexually addictive behaviour. Some people are driven to extra marital affairs due to addictive desire to have sex.

Maybe in their official relationship they are not having the frequency, styles or a particular sexual behaviours that they desire.

Ironically ,even some with more fullfilling sexual relationships still look for more sexual satisfaction and exploration from others. This comes as a result of a strong desire to do so.

5.Unmet needs. Infidelity is sometimes driven by unmet needs. Your patners emotional expectations might not be met in a relationship leading to frustrations when theres no improvement at all.

Frustrations can also result when one patner has no interest in sex ,is always away or has different sexual drive. In such a situation the frustrated other might look for all these elsewhere.

6.Lack of commitment. Some people opt for a very casual relationship with less commitment.

Anyone who is not committed to a relationship is likely to cheat.

7.Boredom. Do you recall how exciting it was, receiving a text from your patner when the relationship was still new and fresh? With the passing of time is the excitement still alive ?.

To spice up marriage ,some people opt to get into new relationships that still come with such thrill.

8.Having an opportunity to cheat. Some patners will get into extramarital affairs just because there is abundant opportunity to do so.

Take a look at this scenario: you are frustrated ,your better-half is away and a cute neighbor comes and expreses attraction to you then promises to come over.

It might take just sometime before you get horizontal if not held back by some factors.

Having looked at reasons above, let me underscore to you that shame and loss of respect accompanies infidelity.

Why did you get married if you were not ready to be faithful? Think about it.

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8 Science -backed home remedies for stomach ulcers.

After trying some of these domestic treatments for a couple of weeks, I finally said goodbye to stomach ulcers.

What causes stomach ulcers? Ulcers develops when the mucous lining of the stomach is “eroded” exposin’g it to digestive acids.

These can vary ,however ,the most common of all is a bacterium that acts on inner walls of the stomach leaving it exposed to digestive acids.

Stress and practices such as immoderate alcohol consumption and smoking are some of the causes of ulcers.

Locally bought medications such as brufen and aspirin can also cause stomach ulcers when used over and over again.

Irrespective of the cause of your ulcers, you can try some of these remedies;

Honey has been recognized for its medicinal properties since time immemorial.

It is essential in prevention and treatment of countless health conditions including ulcers.

Moreover, honey has anti-bacterial property necessary for fighting the bacteria that causes ulcers.

Take a table spoon full of unprocessed honey a day in the morning and at night. Do this until the signs disappears.

When taken in proper proportions, garlic can assist heal ulcers due to its microbial properties.

In case you are scared of mouth smell after eating it, consider taking the extracts.

Garlic however interacts with some medications. subsequently, you need to seek advice from your medical doctor before the usage of it.

This treasured vegetable has contents that heals the mucous lining of the stomach by increasing blood flow to it.

You can take uncooked cabbage juice or eat two cups of the same every day for three weeks.

I bet you are smiling at the mention of yoghurt if you are a lady. It contains essential and helpful microorganisms that inhibits the action of ulcer-causing bacteria.

Take a cup of yogurt in the morning. You need however to keep away from the sweeteners.

5.High fiber content fruits vegetables and complete grains.
Fibre slows down the rate at which the stomach is emptied.
For this reason, it reduces the action of digestive acids on the stomach lining.

6.Turmeric This spice is pretty cherished for its medicinal properties.It increases the rate at which mucous is secreted on the stomach walls therefore lowering irritation from digestive acids.


Besides, it prevents damages that would possibly be because of the causative bacteria.

Take four mg. of turmeric 4 times a day for better results.

7.Chilli peppers.
According to the current research, chili does not cause or increase ulcers but eliminates it. This goes against your earlier belief right?

It consists of substances that reduces secretion of acids in the stomach.Chillies also hastens blood supply to the stomach walls.

8.Exercise regularly You can do yoga poses to relieve bloat that is associated with ulcers. An instance is a torso twist.

Torso twist,a type of yoga pose

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Duale happy, survives Jubilee party purge.

On Tuesday 2nd 2020, the Jubilee parliamentary group held a meeting in the statehouse to discuss the partie’s “sanitization” process that had begun in the senate in the past few weeks.

Fortunes smiled on national assembly majority leader Honourable Aden Bare Duale as he survived jubilee’s planned ouster.

During the meeting however, Benjamin Washiali the national assembly majority whip and his deputy cecily mbarire were dismissed from their positions.

In their replacement,honorable Emmanuel wangwe,Navakholo member of parliament and Maoka Maore Igembe north mp took up their positions respectively.

Close sources divulged that before the parliamentary meeting ,plans were underway to have Aden Duale replaced by kipipitry member of parliament Hon. Amos Kimunya.

Duale has served as the majority leader for seven years.

Sources also revealed that mp Kimani Ingwa was to be replaced by honourable Kanini Kega the Kieni member of parliament.

According to the insiders,the aim of the meeting was to do away with those who were not in support of president kenyatta’s agenda.

In attendance were two hundred and thirty members of parliament.

In the past few days ,the same process was witnessed in the senate assembly where Hon Kipchumba Murkomen and proff. kithure kindiki were shown the door.

Do away with stretch marks using these simple domestic remedies.

Stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretch marks occur when there is a rapid change in skin’s shape as a result of weight loss or gain.

The condition is experienced by both genders. In males ,it is common amon’g weight lifters whilst in females,they more often than not manifest before, durin’g or after pregnancy.

The marks can manifest on the breasts ,thighs, butts or any other part of the body.

Stretch marks heals naturally although some remedies can be used to quicken the process.

What precisely causes stretch marks?
1.Changes in body weight.
When you gain weight rapidly, there is stress in the skin. It will therefore stretch out to accommodate the increased body mass.

Similarly ,stretch marks can appear when there is rapid loss of body weight.

Certain families have a record of stretch marks. If you Currently have the marks,with just right body weight and no pregnancy,chances are that it was passed to you through the parents.

While men too do have stretch marks,It is more frequent amon’g females.

5.Certain underlying health conditions

During the second and third trimesters,there tends to be a speedy increase in growth of the body,especially around hips,thighs and abdomen.

The increase in strain as a result ,can cause stretch marks in these particular areas.

7.Rapid growth of muscles.
Weight lifting encourages muscles to develop and grow within a very short time resutin’g  to red stretch marks.

Stretch marks on a weightlifter’s skin

Having stretch marks should not be a big deal. However, if you desire to do away with them,use some of the strategies below:

Take a cup of sugar and mix with 1/4 cup of either almond or coconut oil. To this mixture,add some wet beach sand .

Add some portions of lemon juice and stir to mix uniformly.

Rub this mixture on the affected area .
Do the same releatedly especially after bathing ,approximately for 10 minutes throughout the week.

b)Coconut Oil
Coconut oil has a healing effect that makes it useful in treatment of many skin conditions.

To take away the red appearance of the marks,rub a virgin coconut oil on the affected area.

In its herbal state, alloevera heals and softens the skin.Apply an extract every day on the affected part,preferably after shower.

d)Vitamin A rich foods.
This vitamin is vital in making the skin have a youthful appearance.

Eat a lot of vegetables such as carrots,sweet red pepper and kales. Animal products such as lamb liver, liver sausage,beef liver are also rich in vitamin A.

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Business as usual in Kibra despite 151 covid -19 cases.

Residential houses in Kibra

In spite of the number of covid-19 cases rising to 151 in Nairobi’s kibra estate, the government still, is reluctant to put it on lockdown.

Ironically , Eastleigh and Mombasa’s old Town whose figures are lower than that of kibra have to continue to be on lockdown until sixth of June 2020.

Health chief administrative secretary, Dr.Rashid Aman yesterday announced one hundred and forty three new cases of covid-19 while giving the daily report on the same.

He said that the government is carefully mornitoring the informal settlements in kenya.Similarly,Dr. Aman cited that to some extent ,increased concern seen around kibra is due to extended testing and that surveillance teams are closely watching the informal settlement.

There has been a constant increase in covid-19 cases in kibra. Dr. Aman further added that should there be an increase in the numbers further, then there will be no alternative but to take necessary actions.

Kibra residents linin’g up for food in a past event.

According to the standard newspaper, the figures given yesterday indicated that 143 people tested positive for covid -19 accross the nation.

Makadara estate recorded the highest figures followed by kibra. Out of the 86 cases that were recorded in Nairobi, kibra had 21 whilst 45 came from Makadara, Embakasi had six cases and Langata one.

Dr. Patrick Amoth, the health director general stated that densely populated areas forms the hub of the disease.

He said that social distancin’g in such areas is difficult, therefore masks and hand washing remains the only options.

According to Dr. Amoth, one of the reasons that has lead to fast spread of the disease in the informal settlements is inadequate access to clean water.

Besides Kibra, Makadara and Eastleigh, Mathare is the other informal settlement that has recorded more cases.
So far the highest number registered being 33.

At the moment ,33 out of forty seven counties have recorded covid-19 cases with the latest being Kericho, specifically Ainamoi area.

Eleven cases have also been reported in Uasin Gishu all of whom are truck drivers.

Kenya has so far recorded about sixty three deaths.Majority of them suffered other underlying conditions such as high blood pressure,heart conditions, asthma as well as diabetes.

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Ladies: Avoid these 6 foods during that time of the month.

Menstrual period comes with various uncomfortable symptoms in many ladies.

Eating certain foods or products can worsen situations.Here are some foods that when taken in excess can heighten your pains hence should be avoided.

1.Alcohol Symptoms experienced during menstrual periods can also be brought about by alcohol.These include tiredness, need to vomit, headaches and diarrhoea.

Alcohol has a dehydrating effect that can cause some of these symptoms to increase. Besides, the dehydrating effect make the menstrual fluid thicker.

You can imagine how hard and painful it is going to be passing it out. You don’t want to experience this ,do you?

If you must take alcohol during your menstrual period ,having just a minimal quantity is a good thin’g.

2.Red meat. Refers to any meat besides that of fish and chicken. Red meat contains a lot of iron and high levels of body chemicals that enhances contraction of the uterus to get rid of its lining.

It is elimination of the uterine wall that comes out as blood flow.

The body already has some of these chemicals therefore further increase might cause cramps hence more pain.

Additionaly ,taking foods with high fat content can cause bloating and breast tenderness during your red wedding.

If you want to limit some of these experiences then red meat is not something to let into your body.

3.Salty foods. Hormones that come alongside your period already cause bloating. High levels of salt in your diet causes water retention hence bloat.

You should therefore minimize salt intake during your periods. Furthermore,avoid highly processed foods that contains sodium content.

4.Coffee Right amounts of coffee is healthy but not during that time of the month.Caffein in the coffee makes blood vessels in the body to constrict leading to tightening of those vessels that supplies blood to the uterus.

This result in very painful cramps. Certain digestive issues can also come as a result of high caffeine intake.

This common especially in those ladies who tend to diarrhoea when receiving their menses.

In case you are addicted to caffein,withdrawal should be gradual otherwise you might experience headache.

5.Spicy foods. If you are not the type that is used to some of these why take them when receiving your monthly visitor .

Save yourself stomach pains nausea and diarrhea by avoiding spicy foods.

Remember sugar has the ability to worsen your cramps besides causing bloat.You don’t want to experience these,do you ?

6.Particular dairy products. You are probably upset at the mention of these but wait. Cheese and ice cream contains acids that are likely to increase inflammation hence cramps.

Some of these are likely to worsen the flow hence minimizing intake is a great idea.

In conclusion it is important to note that some foods mentioned above are also key in body functioning.I am not insinuating that you completely cut them out.However,if temporarily doing so can work wonders during your aunt flo,why not do it?

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Men:here is why your “balls”could be shrinking and how to correct it.

Have you ever looked at your balls and what you see resembles a bag of worms? Is this accompanied by pain that increase when standing but reduces when you lie on your back?

The signs and symptoms above describes a condition of the testicles called varicocele.

Your “nuts” are held in a skin cover sac called scrotum. Within the scrotum are blood vessels that supplies blood to the testicles.

Sometimes, the vessels are blocked thus interfering with blood flow to the testicles. It therefore collects at one point of the vessels leading to swelling. This is varicocele.

The condition is similar to swollen vains that normally occur at the back of legs of many men. This one however occur in the testicles.

Varicocele begin when one reaches puberty. It gradually progresses,unnoticed at times.

How do you know you have varicocele?

It is important to take note of the following signs and symptoms;

  • A pain in the scrotum that keeps recurring.
  • The pain increases when you are standing but reduces when you lie on your back.
  • The scrotum appearance becomes similar to that of a bag containing worms.
  • An abnormal mass in one of your testicles.
  • Infertility.This might arise due to the local temperatures in and around the testicles being so high that it affects formation,movement and functionality of sperms.

What are some home remedies of varicocele?
1. Take a lot of antioxidants and foods rich in fibres. Antioxidants includes blueberries, strawberries,raspberries Cales ,red cabbage and beans.

Fibre foods includes:potatoes with skin,nuts and seeds whole grains and fruits.

2.Put on a supportive underwear. This help reduce swelling ,backflow of blood and pain.

3.Exercise regularly to enhance blood flow.

4.Run cold water over the testicles Do this for 15 to 30 seconds to reduce testicular temperature.Be careful not to overcool the balls.

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The ultimate guide to caring for a child with Attention disorders during lockdown.

Raising a child with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders can be a daunting task to some parents. However, with the right strategies you will realize that it is not so hard a responsibility. Here are  some tips:

1.Encourage exercise.
Engage the child in riding a bike, playin’g football, rope skipping or any other simple physical activity of choice.

Physical exercise is important in burning excess energy, which in turn improves sleep patterns,stimulate brain ,relieves depression and developing physically active habits.

2.praise! Praise !praise !
Praise the child when he does something good. Always reinforce with praise and encouragement to help him/her distinguish between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

3.Break down tasks for the child. Breaking down tasks into achievable goals is important in regulating emotions that might arise from him either succeeding or failing.

Instead of “bring me that ball” say “John take the ball” pause and wait for him to have the ball then say “bring” while opening your palm. Make instructions as simple as possible by dividing into smaller portions.

4.Have a clear routine.
let the child know what to expect next, in order to limit can use this technique to gradually introduce a new responsibility into his/her life.

5.Let the activities you do be interesting.
A child is likely to get immersed in an interesting activity rather than less interesting ones.

Make even challenging of the tasks as interesting as possible to enhance high degree focus. Be playful and have him learn a thin’g in the process.

6. Minimize distractors.
Eliminate anything that may distract the child. When you give him a task to work on in the living room for example switching off television and radio is a good thing to avoid getting lured.

7. Don’t command, explain.
Accompany tasks with an explanation. Tell the child reasons why you want him to take the task using a positive clear and elaborate language.

It is not only respectable but also helps alleviate any worry and confusion in the child.

8. Always use a positive language.
This might at times be difficult but it is important in building your child’s confidence.

A negative language or ranting at your child will only make the him feel hurt or not loved hence worsening disruptive behaviors.

9.Have wait time.
while instructing, let the child wait for some seconds before responding. This is important in letting him think of the appropriateness of the reply he is likely to give.

The strategy takes practice but is advantageous in enhancing the child’s social life.

10.keep working towards behavior modification.
Keep trying even when your attempts to modify a behavior seems to have come to a halt.

Always be patient with the child and when you find yourself in this situation, stopping a strategy for a while is a good idea. In connection to that,remember as a parent to stay calm.

8 Benefits of Covid-19 pandemic you must know.

In as much as Coronavirus pandemic has had ravaging effects since its outbreak in China’s Wuhan, it is worth noting the positive side of it.

1. The world has come to realize the benefits of home remedies to diseases.
Latest  of all is the Madagascar’s Covidorganics that allegedly has cured many. Despite criticism,especially from Wold Health Organisation ,at least it is a stride made. Better try and fail than not trying at all.

2. Reduction in air pollution. With a ban on travelling as one of the intervention measures, air pollution has significantly reduced. Both automobile and air travels have been for a period halted in some countries meaning no emission of toxic gases into the atmosphere.

3.people have learned to keep hygiene.
Hand washing using alcohol- based hand rub or soap,respiratory hygiene, avoiding crowded places, avoiding touching nose, eyes and ears have all been the norm.

General sanitation has helped keep off other ailments besides Corona itself, for example typhoid. Some of these important practices are likely to live with us even after the virus vanishes.

4. African nations now have a chance to grow.
Unlike in the past when African leaders sought medical services from overseas, not one of those countries is willing to admit any foreigners presently.

Their boarders are closed and focus shifted entirely to their taxpayers. This means that Africa has no option but to better its own health system.

5. Corporates have realized that working from home is possible.
The lockdown has proved that productivity suffers not even when employees execute some duties from home. In fact,some companies argues that working from home cuts cost immensely.

6. Growth of online businesses
With communication sectors not seriously affected by the pandemic, the lockdown has seen emergence of many bloggers in different niches, affiliate marketers and online businesses.

If you think this is a lie, have you not received the “work from home at the comfort of your living room” kind of texts?

7. Children have gotten full parental attention.
With the post-modern busy economy, so engrossed in jobs have parents been to the extent of having little or no time for their children. Presently, if a parent must leave for work, then by 7pm he is likely back to the house cuddling the kids or the partner.

8. Reduction in road accidents.
Majority of people are locked down in their homes with the number travelling being so low. Public service vehicles also carry less number of passengers than before.

Drivers therefore are not in a hurry to get more passengers which means no over speeding and overloading. The latter two have been the root cause of casualties on our roads.

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6 Remedies for irregular monthly period

Are you aware that simple lifestyle adjustments can help regulate your monthly “visitor”?

Let’s first get to know what irregular menstrual period is. On average, menstrual cycle is 28 days ,even though there may  be  variations from one lady to the other.

The 28 days are counted from the first day you receive your menses to the first day you subsequently receive it.

The menstrual cycle can come on the twenty forth or thirty-eighth day but would still  be considered regular. It becomes irregular when there is fluctuation in between the days.

To regulate the menstrual cycle;1.Check your weight Irregular menstrual cycle may  be as a result of both over or underweight, therefore putting your weight to check helps regulate it.
Heavier bleeding and pain all are associated with overweight.

2.Have time to sweat through exercise One of the measures to check your weight is through regular exercise. It is fundamental in the treatment of underlying health conditions  that might be the root cause of irregular periods.

Exercise reduces pain before and during the  menstrual periods.

3.Consider Yoga

Spare about forty minutes of your time weekly for Yoga. When carried out rightly for six months, it reduces the levels of  body chemicals that are responsible for irregular periods. Moreover, it  enhances a woman’s life generally by relieving pain, mood and anxiety.

4.Take in a lot of  Vitamins B and D rich foods. Irregular menses is also associated with reduced quantities of  vitamins B and D in the body. Taking meals rich in the two can immensely help in regulating the menstrual cycle.

Sources of vitamin D consists of sunlight, foods such as egg yolk, beef, liver, cheese and other foodstuffs fortified with the same.

Vitamin B sources includes; animal liver, kidney, beef, trout, eggs and dairy products fortified with the vitamin.

5.Include pinapples to your meal The fruit contains certain enzymes that softens the uterine wall and regulate periods. Take at least eighty grams servings of pinapple fruits a day and you will have a reason to smile.

6.Take ginger soup This unique herb has been used to treat a number health conditions including allergies. It relieves pain that precedes menstrual cycle, mood, bodily and behavioral symptoms.

It is advisable to take about 200 mg of ginger powder for the first three to four days of your cycle to avoid or relieve pain.

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