Jubilee Purge Extends to East Africa,see who is next.

Jubilee axe has now been extended to the
East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) in a bid to ensure that only those who fully accept its policies and principles are retained.

In the past few months ,tension has been witnessed within the ruling party with the allies of Deputy president dropped from key parliamentary positions.

Others have also faced the disciplinary committee.

Members of the Party in the EALA who have not been making their monthly subscription to the party now have a reason to worry.

They risk losing their seats.

Among the jubilee members at the regional assembly include;

former MPs Simon Mbugua (Kamukunji), Mpuru Aburi (Tigania East),
ex Nyandarua Woman Rep Wanjiku Muhia,
Noor Mohammed Adan
Florence Jematiah.

Accordin’g to the party’s regional director,only Mr. Aburi has updated his contributions.

The party secretary general, Raphael Tuju on Monday through a letter, notified the Legislators of intention to start disciplinary proceedings against them.

The Legislators are expected to remit to the party 20,000 on monthly basis.

However,3 of them have defaulted for the last 31 months with Ms Muhia only paying ksh 100,000.

The three now owes the party a total of Sh2,380,000 for the last 31 months.

“This is a formal notification to you as Member of Parliament East Africa Legislative Assembly of Jubilee Party that you have defaulted in your remittance of your monthly subscriptions.”

“According to our records, you have defaulted to remit your party subscriptions amounting to Sh620,000 as at July 2020,” read one of the letters signed by Mr Tuju.

In a letter signed by Mr. Tuju,the Legislators are expected to respond within Seven days,without which disciplinary action shall be taken against them.


“Take notice that you are in breach of Jubilee Party Constitution and your actions attract a penalty including but not limited to suspension or revocation of your nomination and sponsorship. Note that you signed acceptance of the terms of membership and nominations,” the notices read in part.

The letter further states that “take notice that unless you make immediate payment of Sh620,000, disciplinary proceedings shall be commenced against you without any further reference to you at your detriment.”

The notices were copied to acting Registrar of Political Parties Anne Nderitu, Eala Speaker in Arusha, Tanzania, Martin Ngoga, Jubilee National Disciplinary Committee Chairman Lumatete Muchai and the Regional Director – Eala, Stephen Mwanga.

In the letter,Tuju invoked a section of the constitution that states that “Disciplinary action shall be instituted against a member in cases of failure to make remittance or pay dues to the party.”

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Officially confirmed:At least 100,000 teachers to get payhike at the end of this month.

Joy must be presently written on teachers’ faces after their employer ,Teachers Service Commission(TSC) confirmed that come end month,at least 100,000 of them will receive the last part of their phased pay increase.

According to The Daily Nation , the commission assured tutors holding administrative positions on the implementation.

The TSC stated that the payrise costs ksh 11billion.

“There should be no cause for alarm since it will be paid by the end of July,” said the statement by the commission.

“As we await government directives on reopening of schools, the commission wishes to thank all teachers for the support that they have been according us. We value this partnership which has enabled us to continue serving you even under the current circumstances. Further, we value your efforts in engaging your learners with online lessons and words of encouragement. Thank you and please continue reaching out.” The statement continued.

Implementation of Collective Bargaining Agreement( CBA) commenced in July 2017 and is set to come to completion at the end of this fiscal year.

Thereafter, a way shall be paved for new Negotiations.

Automation of TSC services.
“Another crucial achievement is the automation of TSC services and especially the T-Pay system through which you approve and monitor your third party financial transactions,” added the statement.

Last month TSC ordered a recount of all Head teachers, deputies and senior teachers.

The recount was prompted by realisation that there were some teachers who were promoted by mistake after the commission received wrong information from the county directors.

As indicated by a circular by TSC , some teachers provided inaccurate and misleading data that led to erroneous conversion.

Some classroom teachers were converted to grades exclusively reserved for institutional administrators.

Some senior teachers were also wrongly captured as administrators.

 In other instances, staffing levels in terms of required administrators in a school exceeded the optimum establishment contrary to the established norms.

Dr. Macharia said that unrelibility of the data has negatively affected activities of the commission including:
Payroll Management
Selection process
Appointment of new administrators.
Deployment of new administrators

TSC is also set to promote 100,000 teachers currently in grade B5 to C1.7 Billion was set aside for the exercise.

Grade B5 teachers currently earning a basic salary of between Sh21, 756 and Sh27, 195 will now take home between Sh27, 195 and Sh33, 994.

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BREAKING NEWS: Cessation of Movement in and out of Nairobi and Mombasa lifted.

Kenyans can now move into and out of Nairobi ,Mombasa and Mandera counties after President Uhuru Kenyatta today announced that the ban will lapse on Tuesday at 4am.

Nevertheless,he extended the the nationwide curfew by a further 30 days.

Houses of worship

Religious houses will also commence phased reopening with strict conformity to the guidelines out in place.

The president however noted that members below 13 or above 58 years of age should not be allowed to attend.

Those with underlying health conditions were also cautioned against gathering for worship.

Congregants should not exceed 100.

Restrictions on gathering in weddings , political gatherings and bars were further extended for 30 days.

local air travel shall also resume in July 15 under Ministry of Health and Transport guidelines.

“By reopening (the three counties), we must be cognisant of the fact that we are much more at risk when the restrictions were in place. We must exercise cautious optimism,” President Uhuru said during his televised address to the Nation.

Public Service vehicles shall not be allowed to move into and out of the areas previously under lockdown without clearance from public health and transport departments.

The head of state said that despite the fact that we, as a country have not met the irreducible minimums given by health ministry, we have reached a reasonable level of preparedness.

He added that should worsening of the situation be witnessed then the country will not hesitate reverting to lockdown.

Resumption of schools

The president said that the ministry of Education shall notify the public on re-opening both basic education and tertiary institutions.

“The ministry of Health, in conjunction with the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development shall establish protocols for the resumption of the importation and sale of imported/second-hand clothes,” the president added.

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Magoha ashamed as Health ministry says testing all teachers and learners before reopening is impossible.

The government has blatantly said that it is not possible to test all teachers and students prior to school reopenin’g.

Health CAS Dr. Rashid Aman said that conducting such tests is costly, besides,their supply lines is also characterised by some challenges.

This comes after Education cabinet secretary Professor George Magoha said that all teachers and support staff will be tested ahead of schools Reopenin’g.

Accordin’g to Magoha,the tests should be conducted two weeks before openin’g and again two weeks after opening.

Approximately ,Kenya has 317,069 and millions of students,primary and Secondary combined.

Conducting such tests on teachers would require approximately ksh 1 billion.

“Testing will be a continuous process once pupils and students go back to school,” he said.

The CS said that untill that time when the government will be sure that all preventive measures are put in place, schools will not resume.

He asked the administration of the schools to ensure that all building have a steady supply of water and all toilets regularly cleaned.

“There should be as many handwashing points for children as possible to ensure high hygiene standards,” the CS said.

Contrary to Magoha’s sentiments, the ministry of health said that it testing that huge number would be a challenge.

We must say this with regards to the context of timing and when education resumes. Schools are likely to resume early next year and testing such a huge number would be challenging to us,” Aman said.

Dr. Aman said that stakeholders should come to a concensus on the best approach to be used to test teachers ,non teaching staff and learners.

“There needs to be a review on our testing strategy to identify useful and informative information that can determine on the best approach to conduct the tests,” Aman said

Magoha said that September openin’g will only be possible if the Corona virus pandemic is contained.

“The position of the parents has been very firm that we don’t open until the curve is flattened and the parents are the major shareholders,” he said, citing a similar position from the Council of Governors.

“They also said they will not allow the schools to be re-opened until the curve is flattened.”

As of yesterday, Kenya had reported 7886 cases of Corona virus with 160 deaths since the pandemic was first reported in Kenya.

According to Aman, the country has been reporting a daily average of 261 cases for the past one week.

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KNUT demands for Capitation to schools in order to pay support staff.

The Kenya National Union of teachers (KNUT) has asked the government to urgently release the 30 per cent capitation allocated to schools to pay support staff and for utilities.

According to the Daily Nation, The officials from Union’s Kakamega branch expressed worry after several cases of theft in schools were reported.

They said that school properties are at stake since there’s no security.

Since schools were closed following Corona Virus outbreak in March,the guards have not been paid hence no guarantee of security.

“The property in schools is at stake because the guards hired by the institutions and other support staff have not been paid after schools were closed in March following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is a matter the Ministry of Education needs to address urgently to ensure school property is safeguarded,” said Mr Patrick Chungani, Kakamega County Knut chairman.

The union also demanded that the government facilitates the school heads to carry on with normal operations.

Some of these include filing of returns as well as travelling to the Institutions to keep an eye on the properties and prepare reports.

Mr. Chungani said that the government seems to have abandoned its roles in ensuring maintainance of schools and that those charged with the responsibility of keeping watch are paid irrespective of the situation in the country.

If the government does release the funds,they will be used to facilitate operations such as:

Local travel and transport
    – Support staff wages
    -Water and conservancy

He gave  examples of Lirhanda Girls Secondary School and Malone Primary School in Ileho ,Kakamega East that he said several items among them computers had been stolen.

He told the ministry to release the funds and ensure that security of schools are ensured.

On the other hand,Kenya  Union of Post primary Education Teachers asked the government to vigorously fight for  children’s rights the same way it does to corruption.

The secretary general ,Akelo Misori said that ever since the schools were closed,learners have been sexually abused in the country.

“There is a sharp rise in cases of child labour, sexual exploitation and domestic violence,” he said.

He asked Education CS to come up with a multy agency task force to include civil society stakeholders to explore ways of strengthening child protection systems.

“The Sexual Offences Act should be enforced robustly by identifying and punishing adults preying on schoolgirls during the Covid-19 outbreak,” he said.

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Class Eight and Form four candidates likely to open in September.

As students in tertiary institutions will be resuming learning in September, the candidates (class eight and form Four) are also likely to resume alongside them.

It is said that the decision to have candidates go back to schools is part of the proposed gradual re-opening.

According to trusted sources,CS Magoha is today set to meet stakeholders with the aim of discussing the planned opening.

He is going to meet Secondary Schools Head Association Chairman and that of Primary Schools,Mr. Indimuli Kahi and Nicholas Gathemia respectively.

However,it was not so clear ,whether or not the meeting will be attended by teachers’ unions ,that have been championing for January opening.

Nevertheless,a lot still need to be discussed on the same as the health ministry had warned of possible surge in Covid-19 infections should schools reopen in September.

Professor Magoha has in several occasions said that schools will not reopen untill the Corona virus infections curve flattens.

According to the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC), 1.93 million are to sit for this year’s examinations.

Of the total ,1,187,517 are class eight while 1,187,517 form four candidates.

A document from the ministry of Education proposes that due to low enrollment in Technical and Vocational training centres, they should be re-opened.

The Institutions have approximately 400,000 learners while Universities slightly above half a million.

The document,signed by Magoha was presented to the National Assembly that asked to know plans by the ministry to handle schools upon reopening.

“The Ministry of Education will consider prioritising the reopening of technical training colleges subject to observing all coronavirus protocols due to their low enrolment,” the document says.

In the event that opening delays, the document states that Universities and TVETs will virtually meet to conduct orientation for their new students.

In May,President Uhuru directed the ministry of health to have the school calendar restructured by mid August.

According to the recommendations presented to the president , there’s a proposal that schools be reopened next year January.

Both Unions and Stakeholders from the ministry of education were in support of the proposed dates.

The proposal was informed by projections showing Covid-19 infections could peak in September.

The document also indicated that the Teachers Service Commission will identify teachers with underlying health conditions plus those aged 58 and assign them appropriate duties.

Teachers will be required to report back to school at least 14 days prior.

They will be mandated to ensuring that a the health guidelines are adhered to.

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Shock as Father slashed to death by son,30 following family wrangles in Nyeri.

Residents of Tetu ,Nyeri county were today stunned by an incident when 84 year old man was hacked to death by his son aged 30.

Last night ,the two are said to have been engaged in a dispute and come Sunday morning,the man timed the father at his doors step and cut him using a machete.

A relative divulged that the two for a long time have been in disagreements that culminated in violence.

According to Mr.Boniface Ndugo, a brother to the deceased, the disputes revolved around the son’s behaviour.

“They have been fighting for a long time over the son’s behaviour. Last night they had an argument and this morning the young man waylaid his father by his doorstep. He attacked him with a machete,” Mr Ndugo said.

The man sustained several injuries and upon bein’g rushed to Nyeri County referral hospital, he was pronounced dead

While confirming the incident,Police Commander of Nyeri County  Adiel Nyange,said that the suspect had been apprehended , awaiting arraignment tommorow.

The memories of double homicide and suicide reported in Nyeri town’s Kiamwathi village last week is still fresh in the minds of  residents.

Police are still trying to establish what the intention of the occurrence could be.

In that incident, a man who had been hired to work on a farm ,hacked two women to death.

He also took away his life later right at the homestead of his employer.

Antecedent reports indicates that the killing of one of the women appears to have been pre-planned.

She was killed inside the kitchen of the gardener.

Seemingly,the lady from Tetu was hacked from behind as she sustained deep cut on the head and back.

In yet another instance,few meters from the first scene, a mother to a six-months -old baby was attacked and her throat slit.

The saddest part of it is that she was carrying her baby who was spared and later rescued by the locals.

Police highly suspect that the gardener was behind both killings.

For over a year ,he stayed alone while working in the homestead.

A lot of questions still Criss crosses the minds of many people why the the man committed such dreadful acts.

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Covid-19: Relaxing restrictions dependent on Counties’ Preparedness

President Uhuru has found himself in a dillema -whether to open activities and save the collapsing economy or risk escalation of covid 19.

The head of state said that lifting a ban on Covid 19 restrictions is dependent on the level of preparedness of all the 47 counties.

This comes at a time when Kenya continues to record the highest numbers of the virus cases each day.

Pressure has been mounted on him by Kenyans who wishes to see normalcy resumed.

Currently,the restrictions include:
          *closure of schools
          *Ban on international travels
          *Cessation of movement in and out of   Nairobi and Mombasa
          *Ban on social gatherin’g

Having been in place since March,the restrictions are to be reviewed during the president’s address.

Allowing free movementis is likely to result to massive urban-rural movement that further may increase the infection rates.

Going by the numbers of new covid-19 cases, currently standing at 7,000 ,it is apparent that Kenya should brace itself for tough times ahead.

This situation has further thrown the president between a rock and a harplace.

Gradual Reopenin’g
The government has opted to reopen the country in phases with a view to allowing counties to beef up their preparedness to handle the increasin’g cases and also for Kenyans to learn how to live with the virus.

Nevertheless,as at Saturday evining,a decision had not been made on which sectors of the economy to be re-opened.

Concerning the guidelines,different Scientists and specialists in various sectors have differed in opinions.

The president is however dependent on advice from different ministries before making the final decision.

Counties’ Preparedness
Last month ,durin’g a meeting with governors, Uhuru said that his decision will be determined by how prepared the counties will be to respond to emerging infections should ban on movement be lifted.

“County readiness to respond to new imported cases of infection will largely determine our national readiness to reopen the country as a whole,” he said. “I say this because the nation is the sum total of all the 47 counties. If the counties have met the necessary thresholds, then the nation will be ready to reopen.”

He gave a target of 300 isolation beds per county in order to handle the surge in numbers.

However ,as at Thursday last week ,only 23 out of 47 counties had met the target before the deadline.

The government targets a total of 30,500  but the counties have managed to put in place only 9,300 isolation beds.

In addition to that ,the counties have not identified covid-19 hospitals as was directed by the president.

For ventilators and ICU beds ,they (counties) have approximately 800 and 400 respectively.

Don’t open the country yet.
Basing his argument on countries accros the globe that rushed to open their countries but few weeks later closed  ,Health cabinet secretary, Mutahi Kagwe advised the president against opening the country.

Health Director-General Patrick Amoth said that opening the country before the counties can confirm their compliance with the regulations is tantamount to inviting more problems.

Ministry of Education
As indicated earlier,learners in the tertiary institutions and candidates are likely to open on condition that the Institutions put in place the measures.

Domestic Flights
To ensure social distancing in the planes,the government is contemplating having them carry half the passangers just as “is the case” with public service vehicles.

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Homabay: 2 die after overspeeding lorry hits a motorbike.

A motorcycle rider and his passenger died after they were involved in a grisly road accident near Ringa trading centre in Rachuonyo East.

The three were hit by a lorry that was overspeeding along the Katito-Oyugis road on Saturday evening.

The rider was 20 years old man named Kevin Omondi while the 23 year old passenger was identified as Sophie Anyango.

Accordin’g to a witness, Mr .Omondi was heading to Ringa Market from Mikayi, with two passangers aboard.

The lorry that hit them was also moving to the same direction.

Confirming the incident, Rachuonyo East Sub Police Commander Charles Barasa said that the rider was hit by the lorry from behind.

The lorry was ferrying road construction materials to a project within that area.

He added that the rider and one of his passangers all died on the spot, while the other sustained serious injuries and was rushed to the hospital.

The police officer advised the road users especially the motorbike operators to always be cautious while approaching or being approached by the construction lorries.

“There is an ongoing construction on the road and heavy machinery is being driven by construction workers on the road. Motorists should therefore be careful,” Mr Barasa said.

The two bodies were taken to Rachuonyo South Subcounty hospital Mortuary.

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Ida Odinga talks about Raila’s comin’g back to the country.

The wife to Orange Democratic Movement ,Ida Odinga has said that he will soon be back to the country and resume ativities.

She confirmed that Raila was successfully operated on and is still recuperatin’g.

Mrs .Odinga was speakin’g at Jaramogi Odinga foundation in Nairobi where she received aides to be given to the less fortunate people in 17 constituencies of the City.

“Baba will be home soon. He is recuperating well and he will be back to join his people,” she said.

Raila was last month admitted to a German hospital in Dubai for minor operation on the back, ending speculation s about his whereabouts.

The family spokesman who is the eldest Brother ,Dr. Oburu Odinga, dismissed claims that he (Raila) had gone to China for treatment.

Ida thanked Kenyans of Goodwill who donated the aides which included food ,masks and sanitizers .

Mainly targeted in the distribution are women who have greatly felt the pinch of Corona virus pandemic.

“Majority of them are women who lost their jobs after restaurants they were working in – and several companies in Industrial Area – were shut down. This will be a relief to them,” she said.

She also urged the able to help the less fortunate in the society.

In attendance of the ceremony was Makadara member of parliament who reitterated the same.

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An Mp wants Uhuru to drop “lazy” Nyanza cabinet secretaries.

Alego Usonga Mp has urged President Uhuru to kick out non performing cabinet secretaries from Nyanza region.

According to the Standard,He told the head of state that in the much anticipated cabined reshuffle,he should replace the “lazy” ones with people centred ones.

Atandi accused the cabinet secretaries who hail from the lake side region of laziness and doing so little to initiate projects in the region ,compared to their counterparts .

“Nyanza region has supported the government since 2018. It is for this reason that we want some of these key appointments to be given to serious individuals to spur development in our region,” said Atandi.

To ensure that those who will be appointed in the reshuffle serve the interest of the people in the region,Atandi urged President Uhuru to consult Nyanza leaders.

He added that unlike their fellows such Najib Balala,James Macharia ,Mutahi Kagwe and Eugine Wamalwa,they don’t understand the challenges that people are undergoing.

He stated that the unnamed CS’s are never in touch with the locals and leaders.

“We see Cabinet secretaries such as Eugene Wamalwa (Devolution), James Macharia (Transport), Fred Matiangi’ (Interior), Mutahi Kagwe (Health), Najib Balala (Tourism) among others visiting their regions and engaging leaders, why not those from Nyanza?” the MP posed. 

He further said that the ministers have never met leaders from Kenya to discuss the challenges that affects the region.

“They never show up, when we sit down as Nyanza leaders to address our issues and especially when we want to bring development to our people,” he said.

“The imminent Cabinet reshuffle must be done in a way that gives community leaders an opportunity to recommend people for appointment to the cabinet.

The Legislator was speaking at a groundbreakin’g ceremony for construction of Education Complex at Karapul primary school on Friday.

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Revealed:How ODM is planning to have Raila succeed Uhuru in 2022.

Plans are underway within Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to have Raila go for a one term presidency after President Kenyatta’s departure.

Sources say that one way of effecting this is by signing collaboration pact with both jubilee and KANU,as has been witnessed.

The March 9, 2018 “Handshake”  between Uhuru and Raila forms the basis of the two working together.

Accordin’g to insiders from ODM ,their desire is to have Raila go for two terms in office as has been the norm in Kenya.

They however say that if Raila servin’g for one term will be acceptable by their partners ,then so  it shall be.


Compared to KANU that ruled for 40 years and Jubilee that shall have ruled for 10 years at the point of Uhuru’s departure,ODM has not tasted that “sacred” seat and therefore stands a high chance.

“In this arrangement between ODM, Jubilee and Kanu, you see that Kanu ruled for a record 40 years while Jubilee shall have ruled for 10 years in 2022. Therefore, ODM, being a partner in this and the single largest party after Jubilee, stands a better chance to take over the mantle now that we have not been in power, unlike our friends,” said an ODM official on Friday.

Raila’s spokesman ,Mr. Onyango Denis however did not shed light on whether or not Raila is aware of the plans.

“Put that question to the leaders who spoke to you about the plan,” He said in response.

Dr. Oburu Odinga on his side said that in spite of the fact that their focus is on  implementation of Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), they cannot also forget about the presidency.

“We have not bowed out of the 2022 race. We don’t see any person who can pose a challenge to Raila and that is why we are saying, let him be president for even one term,” Dr Oginga said.

On Raila’s age,Oburu told off those claimin’g that he (Raila) cannot become the president due to his old age.

He reminded them of Jommo Kenyatta who was almost Raila’s age when he clinched the presidency,and that did not deter him from serving for 15 good years.

Succession Politics
Member of Parliament of Uriri constituency Mark Nyamita said the Raila had no option but to become the president in the year 2022 even if it means going for just a term.

“That’s what we are looking forward to and nothing short of that, even if it means serving for a single term,” he said.

Edwin Sifuna ,the secretary general of ODM said that Raila has vision for Kenya and that he’ll implement it upon bein’g given the opportunity come 2022.

“To ask him to endorse someone else again is to ask too much because he did this in 2002. He demonstrated selflessness by this endorsement,” said Mr Sifuna.

Ugunja MP. Opiyo Wandayi who is also the director of political affairs said that
they cannot shelve their interest in the 2022 succession.

“As a political party, our existence is for the purpose of capturing state power, which can only be captured democratically in an election,” said Mr Wandayi.

He was however reluctant to give a comment on Raila’s candidature,saying that matters to do with strategy cannot be discussed at the moment.

Other ODM MP’s including Elisha Odhiambo,Chris Omulele and Sam Atandi of Alego Usonga all said that Raila is fit to succeed Uhuru.

“ODM should capture power and our best bet in the next election is Raila Amollo Odinga,” said Mr Odhiambo.

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