Covid-19: List of powerful politicians that have tested positive.

1.Sudan’s Riek Machar
According to a statement by his office on May 18th,Riek Machar,South Sudan’s Vice President and his wife Angelina Teny, who serves as defence minister, tested positive for the coronavirus.

2.Afghanistan’s Health Minister Ferozuddin Feroz.
He contracted the Covid-19 disease in May 7th May but recoverd two weeks later after isolation at his home.

3.Russia’s Culture Minister Olga Lyubimova
The minister tested positive for the virus in May 6th but currently has mild symptoms.

Her Secretary Anna Usacheva says she continues to work remotely with some tasks done online.

4.Nigerian President’s Chief of staff,Abba Kyari.
A close source divulged on 24th March that the 70 year old had tested positive for the virus.

5.Prince Albert,the prince of Monaco,
He tested positive on Thursday but is doing well in self isolation.

6.Israeli ambassador to Germany,Jeremy Issacharoff.
His status was confirmed by the Israeli Foreign ministry in a statement in March 17th.

He was reported to have contracted the virus after a meeting with a deputy from the Federal Assembly of Germany.

7.Simeon Sawadogo
The Burkina Faso’s interior minister has the novel Corona virus.

8.United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson
The 55year old leader tested positive for Corona virus on 27th March.
On April 5th,he was taken to hospital and to intensive Care unit on 6th April.

9.Nigeria’s Oyo State governor Seyi Makinde.

10.Israeli Health Minister,Yaakov Litzman
Together with his wife,they tested positive on April 1.

11.Secretary General of Guinea and former minister Sekou Kourouma.
Sadly,he died of Corona virus on 18th April in Conakry

12.Nuno Gomes the Guinea Bissau’s Prime minister.
He tested positive alon’gside three members of his cabinet accordin’g to the West African Health Ministry on 29th of April.

12.Russia’s Prime Minister,Mikhail Mishustin.
In a video with President Vladimir Putin,the Minister divulged his status and said that he would self-isolate in abid to protect other members of the cabinet.

13.Nephew of Belgium’s Kin’g Philippe,Prince Joachim
The 28 year old tested positive in June 1 for coronavirus after attending a party in Spain.

14.The former Pakistan prime minister, and senior leader of the opposition party Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz   Shahid Khaqan Abbasi
On June 8, he tested positive for COVID-19 .

15.Nikol Pashinyan,the Armenian prime minister.
On June 1 ,he divulged that he and his family had tested positive for the virus.

16.Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia.
He said he and his wife tested positive after taking coronavirus antibody tests on May 28.

He added that initially, he thought he was suffering from remnants of an earlier bout with the flu and a high pollen count,only to be confirmed positive for Corona virus.

17.Khalif Mumin Tohow,the justice minister of Somalia’s autonomous Hirshabelle state.

On April 12,he died  after contracting the coronavirus. Mumin died in Mogadishu’s Martini hospital a day after he tested positive for COVID-19 in the town of Jowhar.

18.Iran’s national assembly Speaker Ali Larijani.
The parliament said on April 2 its speaker tested positive for the coronavirus and is in quarantine.

19.Britain’s Health Secretary Matthew Hancock.
He made public his status on March 27  .Hancock said he would be self-isolating and working from home.

20.Stanislas Ouaro ,Burkina Faso’s minister of education.
He has confirmed being positive for the virus.

21.Poland’s environment minister Michal Wos.
In a tweet on March 16, he said that he had tested positive for coronavirus.

22.Francis Suarez
He is the mayor of the US city of Miami. His status was confirmed on March 13.

23.Franck Riester, the French minister of culture.
Earlier this week,  said he was staying at his home in Paris after contracting the virus.

24.Brazil’s national security adviser Augusto Heleno.
The 72 year old said on March 18 on his Twitter account that he had tested positive for coronavirus, though he did not have any symptoms.

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Police chopper, registration 5Y-NPW, crash in Meru.

A police chopper crashed in Kaithe Kithoka area in Meru county after developin’g mechanical problem.

The accident occurred on Saturday mornin’g when the chopper was ferrying a security team to Marsabit.

According to the star Newspaper,on board were Eastern Regional commissioner and his security team. 

They were headed to North Eastern for a joint security meetin’g.

Onlookers ,whose curiosity sharpened flocked to Kithooka forest but the police arrived at the scene to control them.

According to police spokesperson Mr.Charles Owino,the chopper had six occupants, 2 pilots and 4 passengers-all members of Eastern Security committee.

Three of those who were on board sustained minor injuries while one was seriously injured.

They are currently admitted to Meru Level 5 hospital.

Mr.Owino added that an Air force chopper has been dispatched to airlift them to Nairobi.

The owner of the farm where the chopper crash landed said that his entire farm produce was destroyed and that he expects no harvest .

On the farm were bananas and other crops.

The land owner further noted that prior to the crash,the chopper hovered over the same spot.

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Why Abenny Jachiga was not buried as planned.

Abenny Jachiga’s home was yesterday turned into a battlefield as several mourners stopped the burial of the veteran Musician.

In the melee,several people were left injured.

The defiant mourners hijacked a burial ceremony in his home in Chiga ,prompting the police to shoot in the air and lobe teargas carnisters to disperse them.

Unbelievably,the mourners were armed with spades,clubs,stones and hoes as they demanded that the burial be postponed to a later date in order to give Jachiga a decent burial.

One would question why a club has to be carried to a burial ceremony.

They wondered why the burial had to be hastened by the police when Bennard did not die of Corona virus.

The mourners went ahead to prevent the family members from taking the body to the grave ,what some luo elders view as a curse.

Within no minute,the mourners filled the already dug grave with soil then camped at the grave side chanting as the police held the body at a nearby school where viewing was on going.

They however accused the police of “hiding” the body. A mourner said that they would camp at the grave side untill the hidden body is brought by the police.

An elder by the name Agalo was stunned at the actions.He said that a grave once dug can never be filled without a body inside and that doing so might be a curse to the family members.

At 3 pm ,the police officers attempted to bury the body themselves after dispersing the mourners with teargas carnisters.

Their efforts were in futility as the mourners pelted them with stones.The officers were forced to flee together with the pastor with whom they came.

The mourners then matched with the body, atop a tuktuk back to St. Elizabeth mogue.

“They have dispersed us. They have tried to remove the soil from the grave and bury the body but we have refused. There will be no burial today,” said a relative of the musician.

A resident named James Obonyo confirmed that the mourners had taken possession of the body and that no burial would take place.

Kisumu County commander termed the actions unfortunate saying that the police officers were only deployed to ensure the body got home.

On her side,the mother of the veteran musician Monica Auma pleaded with the security officers to have her mourn her son for at least two days.

Similar chaos had been witnessed at Port Florence hospital when irate youths and Ohangla fans tried to force their way into the hospital where the body was.

Apparently,part of the cascette was damaged during the fracas ,something that angered the elders ,laying bare part of Jachiga’s body.

Attempts to repair the coffin with the body inside bore no fruits.

The attendance of the burial contravened the Covid 19 guidelines which states that a burial is supposed to be attended by close family members and relatives whose number should not exceed 15.

Ironically ,what was witnessed in Jachiga’s burial was a mammoth crowd.

Fresh details however shows that the body was finally laid to rest at night under very heavy security surveillance.

Before then,some mourners promised to exhume the body if the police went ahead to bury.

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Quick facts about the late Abenny Jachiga every fan must know.

Actual and stage names.

His real name is Benard Obonyo. “Abenny” is crafted from Bennard to make it stylish as he loved good thin’gs while Jachiga simply mean “from Chiga”

Hit son’g
His hit son’g Mano Kasinde gannered 1.25 million views after being uploaded to you tube in 30th may 2018.

In the song,Abenny sing’s that some women are in the habit of flirting with several men,who they refer to as cousin’s when questioned by their husbands or boyfriends.

Wife and Children
He has left behind a wife and two kids,a boy and a girl.
The boy is in class three while the girl four.

Onset of his music career
His music career is traced back to when he was 22 years of age.
At the time of his death ,he had sung several songs including “maraga Odagi” in which he highlighted some ills by the government that led to cancellation of August 2017 elections.

Chaos at the hospital
Chaos erupted immediately his fans learnt of his demise in Port Florence hospital in Kisumu.

In the melee,a perimeter wall around a section of the hospital was brought down.

The hospitals administration were prompted to contact the police who dispersed the roudy youths with teargas canisters.

Energetic mourners.
Mourners treked more than 20 km to get to his home in Chiga,which was highly guarded by police officers.

They evaded the Kisumu CBD and Kondele and instead used Obote road to Mowlem through Rabuor -Chiga road and finally to Kadiju where burial was to occur.

High tension during his burial.
His burial was characterised by high tension.It all began when his body was being taken to Mowlem for burial.Police had difficult time,controlling the mourners.

In a video and photos doin’g rounds in social media,some youths insisted that Abenny “ok Nyal ik kaguok” translated as “Abenny cannot be buried like a dog.

In the video,some youths are seen refilling the already dug grave.

Angry youths fillin’g an already dug grave

Kisumu County government pledged ksh50,000.
The county government of Kisumu pledged ksh 50,000 to facilitate the burial of the veteran musician although the family manged to collect only ksh32,000  in a fundraiser.

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Trump:”Come to my rally but don’t hold me responsible if you contract Corona virus”

Trump campaign has said that it should not be held accountable if any of those who attend his campaign rally in Tulsa and Oklahoma contract Corona virus.

Accordin’g to the CNN ,The attendees must confirm and fill a disclaimer that says they acknowledge the risk of exposure to Covid 19 that exist in any public place.

The disclaimer stated that “By attending the Rally, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and agree not to hold Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.; BOK Center; ASM Global; or any of their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers liable for any illness or injury,”

On Wednesday,Trump’s Campaign made public the plans to have him hold the first rally.

This has not been possible as the country has been on lockdown to avoid the spread of Corona Virus.

Ironically,the rally comes at a time when Corona virus cases keep soarin’g in many parts of the United States.

The country has recorded more than 2million Corona virus infections and at least 112,000 deaths.

Even as the country re-opens,waiver similar to that of Trump’s campaign are likely to become the norm,said , a law professor at New York University School of Law,Catherine Sharkey.

The waivers however offers only a base-level protection against liability.

“They only give limited protections, so they never would protect against, for example, gross negligence or recklessness,” said Sharkey. “One could argue that holding a large public gathering that will draw people together in a context in which they’re not able to do social distancing or follow the directive of the CDC, et cetera. One could argue that is grossly negligent.”

Since in-campaign stopped, so anxious has Trump been to get back to the rallies.

Initially ,the campaigns had been scheduled for July but having seen the mass protests against George Floyd’s murder, the timelines were pushed up.

The campaign is of the opinion that the crowds at those protests paved way for events such as rallies,despite warnings by public health officials that social distancing and wearing of masks is still necessary to prevent the spread of the virus.

Concerning Trump’s rally,the question therefore is ,whether there are specific safety measures that will be put in the rally.

In a Thursday response,Trump communication campaigns confirmed that there will be safety measures at the rally.

Kevin Stitts,the Oklahoma governor adviced that it’s residents limit time spent in crowded places .

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Abenny Jachiga:What exactly caused the death?

Lovers of Ohangla music and entertainment industry at large on 11th  woke up to the sad news of the demise of a veteran Ohangla Musician,Abenny Jachiga.

He was admitted to st.Jairus Hospital on June 10th at 6pm and died at dawn the following day.

Cause of death
The cause of death has remained unclear.Nevertheless, the relatives said that before his demise, Jachiga had suffered pneumonia and a cough.

Yesterday ,healthcare providers took samples to establish the cause of his death. A health care worker who sought anonymity said that they were waiting for samples to establish the cause of Abenny’s death.

Back to the lake side City . His brother Austine Omondi said that Jachiga fell sick on June 5th while in Nairobi.

Omondi added that on 3rd this month,his brother went to Nairobi for some business and came back to Kisumu on Saturday.

The question therefore becomes ,how he managed to get back to the lake City in the face of the current Lockdown in Nairobi.

Sources said that Abenny travelled back to his home in Chiga ,Kisumu East sub county in Kisumu County.

At the hospital . He was first admitted to a local hospital then later transferred to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Chiga a day after.

He then went home from the hospital ,after which a private doctor’s service was sought.

According to his brother ,Omondi, he complained of stomachaches.He added that some spots were also seen on his body.

At 2am ,Jachiga developed breathing complications after bein’g rushed to st.Jairus hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The brother added that he coughed blood,with constant complains about chest pains.

Abenny Jachiga in a past event

New songs launch
Before the Corona outbreak,Jachiga had recorded about 5 songs that were to be launched ,if there was no interruptions by the pandemic.

Amon’g his mentors includes Lady Maureen.He also stayed with Jakadenge before starting his own band which was common in the former GWARA GWARA club in Kondele.

His music career is traced back to when he was 22 years of age.

You will not talk of Abenny Jachiga minus mentionin’g the hit son’g Kasinde (Her cousin) which was released in mid 2018.

Other songs of his includes:
  Penzi ni Kama yai
  Bana basembo
  Usidharau mwenzio
  Pacha lal
  Maraga Odagi
  Amilo Nyaseme
  Duogie dala
  Simba manyo wendo

Sources revealed that Jachiga mentored many artists includin’g
Lawy Jakabonyo, Boss wuod Nyasembo, Awilo Jakatolo and pianist Osto.

Death of one of his dancers
In a past occurrence ,one of his dancers , Vivian Nyathi Abandu died while attempting to rescue her firstborn daughter – Christine – who had fallen into a sewage system and was being swept away by the raging waters.

Attempts to force entry to Port Florence hospital
Chaos erupted when a group of Ohangla fans tried to force entry to the hospital to view his body.The police however dispersed them using teargas canisters.

Amon’g the celebrities who mourned Abenny includes Kenyan Comedian Jalas,
       He said.“Rest well Nyakwar Jabilo!  sad day! Your last performance at Luo Festival was lit…Go well my brother and friend Abenny Jachiga,” wrote Jalang’o.”

*Nind gi kwe wuod luo*

National and County govenments finally agree on the terms for re-opening the economy.

President uhuru kenyatta convened a national and county governments meeting at the statehouse.

During the meeting, an agreement on covid -19 response measures that should be put in place before gradual opening of the country from lockdown was reached.

According to citizen television, the measures which are aimed at safeguarding kenyans against the detrimental health and socioeconomic influences of covid-19 consist of the attainment of a country wide 30 500 isolation bed potential within a month.

The third extra-ordinary session of the countrywide and county governments co-ordination summit set the goal of 300 isolation beds for every county with the aim of dealing with the rising instances of infections.

Out of 47 counties ,35 have got cases of covid-19 infections.

Besides raising the isolation bed capacity, the meeting tasked county governments to evaluate their fiscal and strategic plans for the 2020 to 2021 financial year to include covid-19 prevention and control measures.

The meeting was also attended by the deputy president Dr.william Ruto.

To tackle the developing public pressure to re-open churches and other worship places ,the summit resolved to involve the council of governors in the ongoing consultations being undertaken by an inter-faith council.

So as to make certain ,the smooth re-opening of colleges and other learning institutions the summit also agreed to involve the council of governors in the ongoing education sector stakeholder consultations.

The consultations led by education cabinet secretary Proff. George Omore Magoha will lead to provision of a new calendar in line with the current presidential directive to re-open learning institutions come September this year.

The summit resolved to reconvene on wednesday next week to have a review of:

suggestions for the gradual re-opening of the economy,
containment measures presently in place;
and protocols for the modern re-opening of places of worship

president kenyatta advised both levels of government to work in close consultation with one another with a view to coming up with appropriate solutions to health and economic crisis as a result of covid-19 pandemic.

The president also stated that those who framed the 2010 constitution understood the need for kenyans to have well-equipped health services nearer to them hence healthcare devolution.

He however pointed out that the the same drafters of the constitution were cognizant of the fact that the two levels of government must come together during a crisis in order to come up with amicable solutions for emergencies such as the covid-19 pandemic.

He said that the covid-19 health disaster provides a very good  opportunity for Kenya to improve its healthcare ,”a blessing in disguise ,”he described it.

Health cabinet secretary mutahi kagwe in his remarks applauded governors for working closely with his ministry in the combat towards covid-19 .

Mr. kagwe asked the governors to emulate machakos county which he said has commissioned jua kali artisans to fabricate covid-19 isolation beds.

He added that the ministry of health will proceed to work very closely with county governments so as to ensure theres a win-win outcomes in every part of the country.

Treasury Cs Ukur Yattani on his side stated that his ministry was in the process of assessing the influence of the covid-19 crisis on the economy.

In his technical briefing ,acting director general of health Dr. Patrick Amoth said that to defeat covid-19, community preparedness is key.

He added that Homecare approach as prescribed by World Health Organization (WHO) is the way to go so as to ease the stress of the rising infections on health facilities.

Dr.amoth further said that home care should be translated into kiswahili to enhance a deeper understanding by the citizens.

Covid 19: President Magufuli was “right,” Trump’s actions confirms.

A few months ago ,President of Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli came to limelight for defying precautionary measures against Corona virus.

Mr. Magufuli who has been consistently calling upon his citizens to carry on with their lives as usual was globally castigated. Apparently America’s Trump is now treadin’g the same path.

Despite the escalation of the Corona virus pandemic in the United States of America,President Trump has insisted on opening up the country,come what may.

According to him, the virus reduced just to the “embers” and “ashes” of a spent pandemic as the states aggressively open up.

According to reports by the CNN,the actual figures however shows the opposite.

At least 112,000 people have died of the pandemic with Tuesday alone recordin’g 1229 deaths.

The same way the President met the first 100,000 deaths of citizens of the United states with reluctance, he is hesitant in markin’g these deaths.

He has been seen in many occasions traversing the country without a face mask, a very bad example by a head of state especially at this time of Pandemic.

Despite Health Officials warning against social gathering,Trump is planning a rally in Oklahoma and in other four states where the Covid cases keep risin’g.

The head of the Whitehouse corona virus Taskforce ,Vice President Mike Pence,
on Wednesday tweeted a photo of his visit to crammed-together campaign workers.

Accordin’g to the photo none of those were wearing masks or social distancing. Later,he deleted the photo.

Republican governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas said that Americans are on the move ,they can neither be tied down nor restrained.

But such decisions comes without the honest, unprejudiced advice of a President whose most quintessential duty is to hold Americans secure and who has suppressed the capacity of public health officials to talk to the nation from an authoritative White House backdrop.

The president’s electoral plans seems to be in defiance of the notion of a prolonged battle against a virus that is the “worst nightmare” of the government’s top infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci.

It is now clear that the president and other governors have loosened some bolts in controlling the pandemic but rather wants Americans to live with it.

Ironically,the head of state has not discussed such moves with anybody.He has neither made clear the cost nor formula for reopening the nation that accordin’g to him have “prevailed ” over the disease.

In the past few months,Tanzania’s president was globally castigated for not implementin’g lock down and social distancin’g.

It is so ironical that many countries including America under Trump’s administration are treading the same path.

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COVID 19: New 105 people test positive.

Covid-19 cases have continued soaring in Kenya as 105 test positive in the last 24 hours.

According to Dr. Rashid Aman,health CAS,the total number of cases in the country presently stands at 3094.

While 96 of the new cases are Kenyans,9 are foreigners from different countries.

Dr. Aman said that the cases were reported from 2273 samples that were tested.

The range of ages of the patients 2-77 years ,77 males and 28 females.

Below is the distribution per county;

  • Nairobi 43
  • Busia 18
  • Mombasa 11
  • Turkana 7
  • Migori 6
  • Kwale 5
  • Kiambu 5
  • Kilifi, Machakos, Taita Taveta 3 each
  • Kisumu 2
  • Uasin Gishu, Siaya, Kajiado and Garissa 1 each

Within the sub counties of Nairobi, distribution was as follows:

  • Ruaraka- 14
  • Lang’ata -5
  • Dagoretti North and Kamukunji 4 each
  • Embakasi West
  • Embakasi East and Kibra 3 each Starehe and Westlands 2 each
  • Makadara, Mathare and Embakasi South 1 each

In Mombasa, cases are distributed in Kisauni (5); Likoni (4) and Mvita (2).

Distribution in other subcouties is as follows;

  • Migori: Kuria West (4); Nyatike and Suna West (1 each)
  • Kiambu: Ruiru (2); Kiambu Town, Juja and Lari (1 each)
  • Kilifi: Rabai (3)
  • Machakos: Athi river (3)
  • Siaya: Rarieda (1)
  • Garissa: Daaadab (1)
  • Kajiado: Kajiado East (1)

One person died while 175 have recovered.The total number of deaths and recoveries in the last 24hours stands at 89 and 1048 respectively.

9 Benefits of havin’g sex durin’g pregnancy.

Many would question the safety of engaging in sex during pregnancy.

Unless your doctor advised you otherwise for specific health reasons, it is not only safe and beneficial to you as a mother but also for your unborn baby.

1.Relieves stress. Even during pregnancy ,it’s normal to worry about certain thin’gs such as work and how your life is going to change after delivery.

When you experience intense sexual pleasure at this time, a hormone called oxytocin is produced and it helps relieve stress.

You will be a happy mother after getting horizontal with your partner.

2.Healthy child development. Contrary to what many have believed, sex during pregnancy do not in any way hurt your unborn baby.

Pleasure associated with it makes you, as a mother feel good.When you feel good the exposure of your baby to stress hormones is greatly reduced hence proper development.

3.Eases labor and recovery. Orgasm (intense pleasure during intercourse) increases the rate at which the pelvic floor contracts. The contractions in turn help strengthen the muscles that are involved in labor and delivery.

4.Eases pregnancy related symptoms such as pains and aches. Backaches and other pains can accompany pregnancy. when you shake sheets during pregnancy, these can greatly reduce.

5.Better orgasm. Do you have problem achieving this maximum pleasure that many people are talking about ? try sex during pregnancy.

At this time ,the nerve endings within the body are extra sensitive with nipples and clitoris engorged .It is the best time to achieve maximum pleasure.

6.Increases bond. The fun when having pregnancy sex can increase connection between you and your partner.You will need this connection after delivery, won’t you?

As lon’g as you are married, engage in many such activities.

7.Improves self-esteem. Several changes that occur in the body during pregnancy may make you feel so strange about yourself. Having some hot yoga at this time helps boost positive feelings about yourself as well as confidence.

8.Lowers blood pressure. Shakin’g bedsheets can help lower blood pressure temporarily.However, this doesnt mean that you have sex several times when you suffer from high blood pressure.

9.Boosts immune system. When you have sex, your body produces an antibody that fights cold and other infections.

In as much as it is safe to have an afternoon delight during pregnancy, it’s prudent to keep off when:

  • You experience vaginal bleeding
  • Your conscience tells you that something is not in order.
  • You suspect STD’s
  • In the last three months of pregnancy, you establish that you have more than one baby in the womb.

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Pierre Nkurunziza: Life history.


Pierre Nkurunziza was born on 18th December the year 1963 in Burundi’s capital Bujumbura.

He grew up in Ngozi province in Northern Burundi. His mom was a Tutsi while the father a Hutu.

During the 1972 wave of tribal clashes that claimed more than 10,000 Tutsi and Hutu lives ,Nkurunziza’s father was also killed.

Before the demise, his father had served as a governor of two provinces.

Nkurunziza attended a primary school in his home location then proceeded to secondary school in the central district of Gitega.

He then joined the university of Bujumbura where he pursued Bachelor’s degree in physical education.

Nkurunziza graduated in 1990 then later served as a highschool teacher while at the same time being an assistant lecturer at the Bujumbura university.

Political rise and rebellious activities. In the year 1993, war broke between Hutu revolt groups and Tutsi dominated army.

In 1995 when army attacked the university campus and killed 200 people, he dodged death by a whisker.

He later joined forces for the defence of democracy (FDD) after escaping and became so lively in the conflict.

FDD was an armed wing of a Hutu armed crew the National Council for the Defence of Democracy.

In absentia ,Nkurunziza was sentenced to death by a Burundian court for his defiance in 1998.

CNDD-FDD broke in the late Nineties into two factions with Nkurunziza as the chairman of one of the factions.

He later took advantage of his role and signed piece agreements with president Domitien.

Through this ,he was shielded from being prosecuted.

In 2004, he joined the then cabinet as the minister for right governance.

CNDD-FDD later grew to be a respectable official political party and won victory in the July parliamentary election under Nkurunziza’s leadership.

He was nominated for the presidential elections and was sworn in to the office on the August 25th 2005 having emerged victorious in August 19th 2005 general elections.

Since 2005 he has been the president of Burundi ( third terms )although his third term re-election was marred with a lot of controversies.

Pierre Nkurunziza died of heart attack yesterday after doctors’ attempts yo revive him bore no fruits.

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Breaking :Burundi President,Pierre Nkurunziza dead.

Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza

Heart attack has robbed Burundians of their president.

According to a statement on twitter, the government expressed sorrow for Burundians and international community.

The statement added that the outgoin’g president passed away at Karusi hospital after sufferin’g a heart attack on June 8th,reported Aljazeera.

He was 55 years of age at time of his demise.

Accordin’g to the same reports,Nkurunziza fell ill while in a volleyball match on Saturday and was rushed to the hospital.

His life deteriorated on Monday mornin’g despite showin’g signs of recovery. He even talked to those around him.

The head of state then suffered heart attack. Doctors’ attempts to save his life proved futile.

He succumbed to heart failure at a hospital in Karuzi located in the East of Burundi.

The government has declared seven days of national mourning beginning Tuesday ,a time durin’gwhich flags would be flown at half-mast.

Nkurunziza has been in power since the year 2005. Come this August,he was to be replaced by a political ally Evariste Ndayishimiye .

In the May 20th presidential elections,Evariste was declared the winner.

Nkurunzize’s move to run for a third term in the year 2015 was condemned by the opposition as unconstitutional and sparked mass violence.

Several citizens fled to the neighbourin’g countries to escape violence that resulted after attempted coup by the millitary

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