How a man lured and killed his ex-lover.

A man has been apprehended for allegedly luring ,killing and throwing the body of his ex-lover in a maize plantation in Solai ,Nakuru county.

The 35 years aged lady, identified as Martha was a businesswoman.

Martha had been accompanied out of her home by the man and hours after their departure, her body was found at 11pm.

The police officers were also part of the search teams.

Sources reveal that the suspect enticed Muthoni by promising to assist her get farm inputs.

The duo then took off,travelled 30km from Bahati where she stayed to the crime scene in Solai,Rongai sub county.

Before the incident ,The deceased was living in a rented house with another man.

The residents divulged that beginning of this year marked the end of their love with the suspect after which she relocated to Njoro ,60 km away.

If the details on the lady’s phone are anything to go by,she was called by the suspect ,met at her home then left for the farm.

According to Rongai sub county Police Commander Richard Rotich,the two left the home together but later returned alone and informed Muthoni’s son of his mother’s demise.

The son informed Bahati police but was reffered to Rongai.

The man was then arrested by residents at Maili Saba ,attempting to flee to Njoro then handed to the police.

Rotich said that he is currently held at Bahati police station awaiting investigation reports.

The search of the body by the residents lasted more than 6hours.

Bahati ward member of county assembly said that her body was found lying naked in her farm in Kamukunji area in Solai on the night of Friday,her phone wrapped in clothes.

She had a stab wound which the police suspects might have led to her eventual death.

“We visited the scene and found the body of the victim with a stab wound in the neck. The body was moved to Nakuru County Hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem. The suspect will be arraigned in court on Monday,” Rotich said.

Elsewhere in Kuresoi North,a woman lost three fingers ,daughter and son seriously injured after an attack by a mentally ill father.

After getting out of her bed at around 6am, the lady found the man holding a knife ,ready to stab her.

She quickly got off the bed ,attempted to run outside but unfortunately fell where the husband got hold of her.

The two struggled as the man stubbed her on the knee.

“He stabbed her on the knee. During the struggle, she lost three fingers,” said Kuresoi North sub-County Police Commander Henry Nyarangi.

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University of Nairobi has lost two staff members to Covid-19.

The University of Nairobi (UON) Vice Chancellor Professor Charles Kiama on Friday divulged that corona-virus has claimed two lives of his staff members.

“These are not mere statistics. These are our brothers, sisters, parents and friends. University of Nairobi has also not been spared by this enemy, the Covid-19,” he said.

While addressing students and staff in a briefing that was also streamed through the university portal,Prof kiama said that two members of his staff succumbed in the past three weeks.

He added that experts have projected that the situation is to increase untill somewhere in November when a reprieve is likely to be witnessed.

“My dear students and staff, the ravage of Covid-19 is real. The coronavirus continues to spread,” he said.

According to The Star ,as at Friday,Kenya had recorded a total of 9448 infections with Friday alone recordin’g 473 cases.

As reported by Health Cabinet secretay Mutahi Kagwe, figures we’re obtained from a sample of 6979 taken in the last twenty four hours.

A total of 206,584 samples had been tested as of Friday.

The Vice Chancellor said that they have put in place measures to ensure that learning continues uninterrupted for example probiding learners with eLearning materials such as internet bundles.

“This intervention brought life back to the university, as faculty and students began to engage. As we were gaining momentum, the challenge of cost of data emerged and threatened to roll back our gains,” he said, adding that no student who was scheduled to graduate this year should fail to do so because of Covid-19.

He attributed the uninterrupted learning activities at UON to the fighting spirit of both students and staff.

Vice Chancellor of University of Nairobi Professor Kiama

“I applaud and salute you all for your gallant efforts. When our history will be written, I have no doubt that a paragraph or perhaps a chapter will be reserved for the resilience you have exhibited in the Covid-19 time,” he said.

Professor Kiama further stated that he had directed the deans ,directors to lias with respective principals in order to prepare for phased opening of the institution in accordance with Magoha’s directives.

Admission of new students.

He said that he’ll communicate when the first year students will be admitted to the institution.

“Admissions of new students is also continuous using our rolling admission system online please visit and apply,” he said.

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Covid-19: Will churches really survive these 13 tough rules?

Irrespective of your denomination,there must have been a defined routine followed in your church.

Many for example arrive,the ever vigilant ushers welcomes them in after greeting.Worshippers takes to the pulpit and worship kicks off culminating in moments of intercession.

Corona virus is here with us and to mitigate it ,the interfaith council came up with new guidelines that will totally change the norm.

The question however becomes,will houses of worship adhere to them?

1.No sale of holy water and handkerchiefs

Accordin’g to the new regulations,these will never be available for sale. Congregants will be forced to have theirs.

They that are used to preaching prosperity will not find a chance to sell some of these items.

2.Less Singing and more teachings.

Lovers of of music are hard hit by the interfaith council’s proposal to minimise Singing but intensify teaching.

Just one hour was allocated for each service.Do you think it will suffice worship ,preaching,casting out of demons , performing miracles and collection of offerings?

It is expected of all houses of worship to comply with all these regulations even as they plan to commence their services tommorow.

3.No contact

Congregants have been expressing affection to each other by either greeting or hugging. Currently this is considered an illegality.

4.Maximum of 100 congregants.

Any person that comes after the 100th has entered will have no option but to go back home. Am wondering what will happen if the 101 person is a “high profile person” known for giving enormous “offerings.”

“Calculate the number of attendees to be allowed in the building. The measurement to be used is 36 square feet per person (using the seating space). Markers must be used on benches and chairs must be placed no less than six feet apart in every direction. Those who will make it to the service will be required to avoid handshakes. Greetings should be universally recognised gestures. Namaste (place your hands at chest level).

5.Wearing of masks

Each member will be required to have mask on at all times.For the pastor,he may lower it when addressing the gathering but even then ,he’ll still have to ensure that social distance is enhanced.

If the distance cannot be achieved because of the size of the church ,then the pastor will have no option but to have the mask on throughout.

6.Determination of body temperature.

This will be done at the entrance to the church and each congregant will have to be screened before entering.

A room is to be set in or outside the house of worship where a person is to be placed in the event that he/she falls sick amid the service.

7.A sanitizin’g booth to be set up at the entrance

It must have constantly flowing water,soap ,disinfectant paper towels and hand sanitizers for people to wash hands while getting in or out of the house.

Many Men are not used to such hygienic practices and whether or not they’ll adhere still remains a big question.

8.Above 58 years old congregants to stay at home.

Majority of pastors or Imams are old and probably above the critical age set by the government.They are the same people tasked with conducting the services.

Will they adhere by conducting an online service from home? Certainly not. They’ll want to be around to see the offerings being counted.

9.Those with underlying conditions to keep off .

The medical personnels have highlighted HIV ,diabetes and Hypertension victims to be at risk.

However ,presence of some of these conditions cannot be established simply by looking at somebody.If a victim of any of the conditions defies the order and goes to church,how will the situation be helped?

10.Proper sanitization of microphones after each person uses them

11.All members who attend a service to exit from the church immediately the summon ends.

This will be a big blow to they that are fond of having small post service gossip groups or meetings in the mane of socialising.

“Worshippers will be discouraged from socialising after services outside of the church premises.

12.Contactless means of collection of tythes and offerings.

These include M-pesa paybill numbers or bank accounts but if someone has to touch money then such a person must wear gloves and sanitize.

13.Pre recorded music encouraged meaning singing choir will be hard.

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Governor Nyon’go Mourns Musician Lady Maureen

Governor Peter Anyang Nyon’go and senator Fred Outa are amon’g the top leaders from Kisumu that have sent condolence messages to the family of Ohangla musician ,Lady Maureen.

The 36 year old Ohangla maestro passed on at around 3am while recuperatin’g at her sister’s home in Uriri.

Her demise was confirmed to the media by her sister, Bella Achieng.

The death of Maureen comes at a time when Ohangla lovers have not fully recovered from the pinch of pain and sorrow following the passing on of Omondi Longlilo and Abenny Jachiga.

The governor said her death is a great loss to Ohangla community and luo nation.

Nyon’go remembered her for her musical talent that gave benga music a modern twist warming many hearts. 

“The Luo music community will miss her great musical messaging technique championed by careful selection of words in her songs,” he said on Saturday.

On his side,senator Outa assured the family of his support besides condoling with them.

He urged other musicians not to feel discouraged by the misfortunes that have befallen their industry but in stead soldier on and compose songs that unite luos.

The talented musician has battled sickness for about 3years going to and from hospitals.

At the beginning of this year,Maureen was transferred from a hospital in Migori to Jaramogi teaching and referral hospital.

She was later discharged on the 20th of February.

The medical officers in charge then said that she was discharged in light of her positive response to medications.

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Kenya Launches Online Marriage Services due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Kenyans will no longer clog Sheria house as Kenya takes marriage services online in its bid to cub Covid-19.

According to the Law Office Chief Administrative Secretary Winnie Guchu ,lovers who wish to be joined in marriage will have to do the entire registration process on the eCitizen portal.

“There will be no more manual services at the registrar of marriage at Sheria House as all services will be available online.

“We do not want any couple coming for services at Sheria House unless it is of utmost importance,” she said.

In May,an influx of clients at the registrar of marriage forced the services to be suspended as it made it hard to enforce Covid-19 measures.

The lowest number that was attended to at the sheria house is estimated at 400 before Corona virus outbreak.

In the months of August and December,the number shot to approximately 600.

An official said that 2551 marriages were suspended following the May closure.

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Good News to Youths as Kazi Mtaani Programme plans to absorb 270,000 of them accross the country.

The second phase of Kazi Mtaani( National Hygiene Programme) is to kick off in few weeks time and targets at least 270,000 youths.

The aim of the program is to cushion the most vulnarable but energetic people staying in informal settlements from the effects of Corona virus.

As reported by The Star, an inter-ministerial team has developed grassroots work plans for the Sh10 billion budget programme,the State Department of Housing and Urban Development Permanent secretary ,Charles Hinga said.

Mr. Hinga Charles Mwaura,cabinet secretary in charge of housing and urban planning.

Unlike the first phase whose piloting took place in just 8 counties,the second will enroll youths accross the country.

The eight counties whose youths benefited from the first phase include:Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Kiambu, Nakuru, Kilifi, Kwale and Mandera.

The first phase that enrolled 31,689 youths is expected to end on the 30th of this month.

Hinga said that the most targeted are the inhabitants of informal settlements both in the urban and rural centres.

“The Kazi Mtaani national technical committee has prepared robust works plans that will see more than 270,000 Kenyans earning Sh455 daily wage and engaged in more community and infrastructure development projects,” Hinga said.

Further,the PS added that Kazi Mtaani aims at providing a source of income for those underrepresented and also to provide platforms to mitigate the negative economic impacts of  Covid-19 pandemic.

“The objective of the Kazi Mtaaniprogramme is to provide a form of social protection for workers whose prospects for daily or casual work has been disrupted by the containment policies put in place to limit the spread of Covid-19,” Hinga said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta had warned the state officers against taking advantage of the funds set aside for the program.

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Health cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe likely to be jailed for contempt of court.

The cabinet secretary for health Mr. Mutahi Kagwe could be jailed for contempt of court.

He is alleged to have disregarded a court order that barred him from transferring two officials at the National Quality Control Laboratory (NQCL).

Sources say that there has been a Tussle between the CS and two senior most officials from Quality control Laboratory.

The two officials are Dr Hezekiah Chepkwony and Dr Pius Wanjala.

The ruling by Justice Onesmus Makau could further highten the existing “fight” between Kagwe and the two officials.

The ruling read;

 “The Honourable Cabinet secretary, Mr Mutahi Kagwe, is hereby cited for contempt of this court’s judgment/decree dated January 31, 2020, for his decision contained in the letter Ref: 1991082265 dated June 12, 2020, deploying Dr Hezekiah K. Chepkwony from the National Quality Control Laboratory to the Kenya Medical Training College.

On the 23rd of this month,the CS is expected to appear before the judge virtually, either personally or through his lawyer “for mitigation and sentencing.”

Besides,the court has revoked the transfer  letters to the two Doctors in question.

Dr Wanjala, who was expected to report to MTRH has been allowed to pursue further contempt proceedings against the CS.

Kagwe was found guilty of disregarding a court order that prevented him from transfering Dr. Wanjala and Chepkwony.

In January 31, the Labour court stopped former Health CS Sicily Kariuki from transferring the doctors; they filed a petition to stop the move.

They cited skills mismatch, disregard of court orders and little time to hand over and report to the new stations.

The doctors told the court that, the ministry delivered their transfer letters, dated June 12, on June 16 at 2pm, requiring them to report to their new stations the following day.

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Raila’s Spokesman reveals why he may stay longer in Dubai.

Going by Raila’s visitation by two leaders from his party ,Hon Junet and Joho,chances are that the luminary might take long before coming back home.

The duo ,went to Dubai aboard 19 seater jet with the main aim of seeing “Baba” who is currently recuperatin’g in a German Hospital in Dubai.

When the spokesman,Dennis Onyango was asked whether Raila would be coming soon,he said that he (Raila) was advised by his doctor to take a break and that’s exactly what he was doing.

“I cannot say with certainty [when he is coming back]. I don’t want to speculate. He is resting. Both doctors and the family think he should take a break,”Onyango told the star.

Last week ,a video of a strong Raila emerged online ending fears that he was bedridden.

He confirmed that he had been successfully operated on and was recuperatin’g ,after which he would travel back home to continue with activities including politics.

“I am feeling good, great, very strong and rejuvenated. I am feeling great really to be out of hospital breathing fresh air. I will be doing my usual jigs very soon,” Raila said.

“I want to thank all my friends, supporters and all our youth who have sent me so many messages of goodwill. It has just been amazing and wonderful. It made me recover so fast.”

The NASA leader said that his fitness was comparable to that of a fiddle.

BBI report.

Even after the BBI taskforce announced that the report was ready,it has not been presented to President Kenyatta.

This is partly attributed to Raila Odinga’s absence from the country.

The task force under the chairmanship of Garissa Senator Yusuf Haji announced that they had finalised writting the report and was only waiting for president Uhuru so that they can present it to him.

“The steering committee, since the date of the gazetting, has successfully conducted validation of the BBI Task Force Report through consultations with citizens, civil society, faith-based organisations, cultural leaders, private sector and experts,” the task force said.

Parliamentary committee positions.

While Raila was away, His and Uhuru’s allies disagreed on how to share parliamentary positions.

The disagreement revolved around the composition of key commitees.

The minority side blatantly rejected some of Uhuru’s members.

This week however ,the two sides have reached an amicable solution after jubilee side agreed to drop some allies of the deputy president from Justice and Legal Affairs and Delegated Legislation.

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Police boss orders removal of road blocks ,cites corruption in traffic management.

Deputy Inspector General  of police  Edward Mbugua has orded all police officers not to mount roadblocks.

This is according to a communication to police chiefs that was copied to Traffic commandant in Nairobi.

According to the standard ,the communication was informed by realisation by the police boss that the traffic police are involved in corrupt practices.

Mr. Mbugua sounded a warning to both  senior and junior officers , particularly to the senior ones who field their juniour ones to the traffic department without a go ahead from him.

In the process of enforcing traffic regulations, police officers are expected to patrol the highways according to the new traffic guidelines.

Ironically, some senior officers, have been attaching traffic officers at police roadblocks mounted to control the movement of vehicles and people during the Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Mortorist extortion
In a letter to seven regional commanders ,the deputy Inspector General of police  said that several officers have been extorting mortorists.

The language used by the police is nolonger diplomatic as is expected of them, revealing the top officers annoyance with the matter.

“It is not rocket science to know the motive. It’s simple to engage in corrupt practices for the commanders and for the deployed (officers) benefit,” Mbugua said in the letter, sent to police chiefs last Friday.

He faulted the senior police officers for sending their junior officers to the road blocks with intentions of collecting bribe.

This act goes contrary to Inspector General , Hilary Mutyambai’s order that traffic roadblocks had been abolished.

In the past years ,police department has been cited as being the most corrupt.

Last September, the IG announced new traffic operation regulations that saw traffic officers put under the command of police station commanders popularly known as OCS.

Before September, traffic officers were under the command and supervision of base commanders who reported to their bosses at the county level.

Mutyambai had said roadblocks on highways were only to be mounted with the express authority of regional/formation commanders and “must be justified and rationalised.”

He said commanders shall have to be held accountable for any misconduct by traffic police officers, who goes unpunished under their commands.

This was part of the new police head’s efforts to deal with corruption.

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Joho and Junet: Raila is in good condition and up to date with Local politics.

Mombasa governor and ODM deputy party leader Ali Hassan Joho together with Suna East Mp Junet Mohamed yesterday paid a visit to Raila Odinga in Dubai.

Raila has been recuperatin’g in a German Hospital after a minor surgery on his back.

The duo boarded a 19-seater jet to the United Arab Emirates to meet their party leader whose absence from the country has brought politics to a tentative standstill.

They confirmed that Raila is stable ,happy and longing to be back home after the successful operation.

According to his family,Raila last month went to Dubai to seek medical attention for a minor surgery.

In his company was his daughter,Winnie Odinga who about a week ago shared a video of happy Raila ,clad in a blue short and Orange polo shirt.

Junet said that they indeed met and had tea with the party leader.He confirmed that he was high in spirit and longing to be back home.

Junet added that they updated him with political situations in Kenya and they all laughed.

Political arena has been for a while inactive after Raila’s departure from the country.

Many have been anxious despite the photos and videos of him emerging online.

While Raila was away;
1.Building Bridges Initiative team completed its work and is expected to handover the final report to Uhuru Kenyatta.

Appointment of the team was done by Raila Odinga and his “brother” Kenyatta after an agreement.

Prior to that ,the two have been in hightened political rivalry that nearly plunged the country into another chaos following disputed election results.

2.ODM and Jubilee couldn’t agree on how to share parliamentary committee positions.

ODM has been keen on the control of the leadership of key committees that would shape the BBI process when it finds its way in parliament.

3.The Senate deadlocked on the third basis for sharing of revenue between counties.

The president has since given an altimatum to the Senate to get its cts together.

4.Uhuru opened up the economy but asked Kenyans to be reposnsible in not only protecting themselves but also those that they love.

Junet said that Raila pleaded with Kenyans to be cautious and keep safe during this pandemic.

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Photos: Joho and Junet Jets to Dubai to see “Baba”

Suna East Member of parliament Junet Mohammed and Mombasa county governor have left the country for Dubai to see Raila Amolo Odinga.

Suna East Mp Junet Mohammed and Mombasa County governor Hassan Joho ,aboard a private jet to Dubai

According to photographs shared on twitter,the two were seen in a private jet with snacks and fruits in front of them.

They were also seen having moments of photo taking before posting them.

The ODM leader last week thanked all his supporters and people who stood with him as he underwent treatment in Dubai.

According to a video shared by his daughter Winnie, Raila said that his recovery process was hastened by messages of Goodwill sent by Kenyans.

“I want to thank all my friends, supporters and all our youth who have sent me so many messages of goodwill. It has just been amazing and wonderful. It makes me recover so fast,” Raila said.

The ODM leader left the country last month to United Arab Emirates where he has been on treatment.

He underwent a minor surgery on his back.

The deputy party leader who is also the Mombasa governor,Ali Hassan Joho said that Raila’s progress was good,after the surgery.

“We continue to pray for him. I have no doubt that within the shortest time possible, baba will be back in Kenya,” Joho said.

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Your salary will not be slashed despite not working,TSC to government employed teachers.

Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC ) through its Director of communications Mrs Beatrice Wababu has assured government employed teachers that there are no plans to stop paying them.

She said that it is not the teachers who have refused to go to work but schools are closed due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

She expressed her confidence in the fact that if situations allowed and the teachers called upon to resume work,they wouldn’t hesitate.

Further, Mrs Wababu said that teachers cannot be penalised by the commission for a problem that they did not create.

This declaration comes at a time when several teachers had expressed fear that their salaries could be stopped if the pandemic continued further.

Going by the TSC records, teachers’ monthly salaries claims ksh 20.6 billion which totals to Sh247.2 billion yearly.

On a sad note, those  employed on Board of Management terms and the non-teaching staff face uncertainity as the government has been evasive in releasing funds to schools.

Upon closure of schools following the report of the first case of Corona virus in the country,several TSC employed teachers went home.

By the time schools shall be reopening in January,the shall have earned for 9 good months from the comfort of their living rooms.

Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association (KESSHA) chairman Kahi Indimuli says that when called upon,teachers will readily go to work at any time and hence should not be victimised.

“If the situation changes now, teachers will go back to class. So we should not be punished for a problem we did not create,” Mr Indimuli said.

Kenya National Union of teachers KNUT through secretary general Wilson Sossion said that teachers are under protection of the Collective Bargaining Signed by TSC and this should be respected.

He added that their main focus at the moment should be how to improve the infrastructure in schools and measures to mitigate covid-19 as they  prepare to open.

Further the firebrand Secretary general said that UNESCO and WHO, in their advisories for reopening schools across the world, have called for the protection of teachers’ salaries.

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