Helb Denies Rumours that it is planning to suspend loans for Engineering students.

Helb has refuted claims that have been doing rounds on social media that it is planning to suspend funding for engineering courses.

Accordin’g to the standard newspaper,the information was wron’g and originated from a satirical website.

There’s a very small difference between satire and misinformation. The more a satirical information circulates,the more it misinforms as different people give it varied interpretations.

According to the story,Higher Education Loans Board had stated that market is full of engineering graduates and that there was no meaningful returns from investin’g in engineerin’g courses.

The website named, Postamate further claimed that 3/4 of engineering gradutes are either unemployed, self employed or employed in a totally unrelated field.

The website quoted ,

“Why waste five years pursuing calculus and other complex things that will not be used anywhere? We are being unfair to these kids and we would rather tell them the truth.”

These claims contradicts a report  titled ‘State of Graduate Employability in Kenya’ by CPS International released in May 2019.

According to the report,the second most employed graduates are those from engineering fields.

Further ,the report indicates that the most employed graduates are from business and economics at 46.7 percent ,second being engineering graduates at 11.1 percent and 8.9 medical studies.

ICT and natural sciences accounted for 6.7 per cent of graduates while art and design accounted for 4.4 per cent while 2.2 per cent are from law, humanities and others.

Mr. Wavi Mungala ,the head of corporate communication at Helb said that they did not issue any directive that suspends loans for engineerin’g students.

“The site that carried this unfortunate story is clearly notorious for fake stories not just about HELB but also about other institutions,”

She said.

Helb advised  members of the public that should they find any information purpoted to be from helb,they should use their official communication channels to verify ,when in doubt.

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Kenyan Rugby players convicted of gan’g rape to be re-tried.

The high court has ordered that Frank Wanyama and Alex Olaba,former rugby players be tried again.

Last year,the duo were found guilty of rapin’g a woman.

Reports also indicates that the court has ordered that the two be moved to Kilimani police station in order to prepare to take plea before 11th of July.

The case will again be heard at a lower court .

Mlimani Chief Magistrate in August 2019 passed a ruling that the two,each  to serve a jail term of 15 years.

“The complainant was traumatised hence a deterrent sentence is necessary,” she ruled.

In attendance were only the only the accuser and respondent since the verdict was read in-camera.

Wanyama and Olaba played for Kenya Harlequin and the national rugby 7s team.

On the 10th of February last year they were accused of gan’graping a woman identidied as WA at an apartment at Highrise in Nairobi.

Accordin’g to WA’ who is an artiste,the events began at a Party in Sprin’g Valley.

She said the two rugby players lured her to their house after leaving the party.

They then in alternate fashion raped her as she fell in and out of her conciousness.

WA posted on social media ,expressin’g grief for bein’g raped on her birthday.

Havin’g taken a medical  test from Nairobi South ,the lady claimed that she had been impregnated from the ordeal.

The rugby players however maintained that the sexual escapade was mutually agreed.

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Magoha:TVET’s to prepare for September openin’g,primary and secondary schools likely, January 2021.

Education cabinet secretary Professor George Omore Magoha.

Technical trainin’g colleges have been asked to begin preparin’g for openin’g in September by Education cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha.

According to the Daily Nation, Magoha told the insititutions to only resume learnin’g partially,while prioritisin’g the finalist Classes.

Primary and Secondary Schools.
The CS hinted that in light of the covid-19 infections that keep soarin’g in Kenya, primary and secondary schools may not be opened in September 1 as earlier said.

Unless the Covid-19 curve is flattened ,this would mean that  opening of the basic learnin’g sector will be pushed to January next year.

He said that openin’g the schools with the current situation of the virus is a tantamount to risking children’s lives.

“We don’t want to have a situation where we take learners back to school and get them infected with coronavirus,” said Magoha.

Many principals have been opposed to the proposed September Schools openin’g citin’g lack of preparedness to observe the health measures due to financial constraints.

Since March ,the goverenment has not released any subsidy funds to schools.

Logistics nightmare
If schools are to open in January as hinted by prof Magoha,it would mean that  all learners ,save for the candidates, would have no option but to repeat for a whole year.

The few months (two months and two weeks) the learners were in school this year would not justify their progress to the next grade.

Teacher shortage.
At the same time,Schools are facing serious understaffin’g of about 130,000 teachers .

Those that were employed on Board of Management terms have not received their pay since March and are unlikely to work zealously unless they are given their pay.

National Examinations.
Accordin’g to insiders from Jogoo house,the candidates could be ordered to go back to school in August to begin preparation for final examinations.

Professor Magoha recently said that the National examinations for both class eight and form fours are likely to be done in either April or May.

The same sources said that probably, universities will be at liberty to choose their openin’g dates.

This would however depend on their academic calendars and their readiness to adhere to Ministry of health Covid-19 guidelines.

Prequisites for university openin’g
Amon’g the things expected of universities before openin’g includes;
Well stocked face masks , sanitizer booths  and running water.

Others includes social distancing rules for everyone in the institutions and hygiene protocols.

Having done all these,the relevant authority within the University must invite a team of officials from both Education and Health ministries  for inspection.

If the team approves the measures put in place ,then the institution will be given a go ahead to open.

Magoha advised the Institutions to allow partial openin’g with a view to permittin’g
the finalists to take their examinations.

“We had a meeting with stakeholders. A part of our engagement meeting has gone on well and come up with several proposals that will see learning resume,” said the CS, who was accompanied by the Tvet Principal Secretary, Dr Julius Jwan.

Magoha reiterated that the major challenge ,that he described as the elephant in the room is social distancin’g.

“Kindly programme and bring students in shifts and allow others to complete their examinations,” he said, adding that the institutions must be able to make their own masks and provide sanitisers to students.

The CS also added that the higher learning institutions that were used as isolation centres will have to be fumigated before openin’g.

Further he said that no more patients will be admitted to such centers in order to allow their reopenin’g.

The 8.8 billion from the world bank ,he said ,will be used in supportin’g infrastructural development in schools.

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Uhuru:Kenya to end Nairobi and Mombasa Lockdown.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that the government is set to lift the inter-county lockdown in few days to come.

According to the star Newspaper, the head of state said that lifting of the lockdown will pave way for domestic flights.

Listen to the audio. https://t.me/kenyanbell/16 https://t.me/kenyanbell/17

Mr.Kenyatta was speakin’g on Sunday durin’g a virtual leaders forum on US-Africa trade convened by the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) .

The head of state said that this will be a prerequisite for openin’g up the skies to later on permit the international flights.

“We are going to start domestic flights and this is what we are going to use as our trial over the next couple of days because we are opening up the lockdown of intercounties,” he said.

He added that in as much as Kenya is eager to open up it’s economy,including flights, priority must be given to good health hence necessary precautions must be taken.

“If you don’t take precautions, opening up too quickly also has its downside. We are eager to open up but also eager to stay safe and healthy. We are doing everything to ensure we are back in the sky,” he added.

The head of state acknowledged that the precautionary measures that have been put in place have greatly helped to save lives.

He however noted the negative side effects, that is, deterioration in certain sectors of the economy.

He cited the informal sector,tourism and hotel industry that he said have suffered a major blow.

Further,he said that his administration had put in place measures to cushion vulnerable communities and businesses from the adverse effects of the pandemic.

This week,the The National Emergency Response Committee is expected to loosen or tighten the chains further.

Loosen by easin’g the current measures or tighten by extendin’g them because the period given to counties to have 300 bed capacity isolation centres is soon elapsin’g.

Only 12 counties had achieved the target by Thursday last week while the others are still strugglin’g.

The total number of Covid -19 cases stands at 6070.

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Four suspects arrested in connection to viral CCTV video of Kilimani robbery,a laptop recovered.

Four people connected to a CCTV footage that showed two men attack and rob a pedestrian alon’g Lenana road in Nairobi have been arrested.

In the video that went viral on social media, two men are seen confronting a pedestrian ,points a gun and a knife at him then grabs a bag that contained  a laptop and other belon’gin’gs from his pocket.

Accordin’g to The Standard ,the two men who had a gun and a knife are amon’g the four who were arrested in their hideouts at Pangani.

According police, a woman believed to be one of the suspect’s wife together with another occupant of the house was also arrested.

The police had traced them up to Kawangware and Gatina but they managed to escape only to be caught up with in Pangani on Monday.

Some of the thing’s that were recoverd by the police include the clothes the suspects wore on the fateful day,knife and a laptop.

Nairobi police boss ,Mr . Phillip.Ndolo said that they are in persuit of other suspects.

He added that the ones already caught are expected in court to face various charges.

“The men who were captured on CCTV attacking a pedestrian along Lenana Road while armed with a pistol and knife were arrested. We will not relent until all accomplices are caught and we thank all those who helped to get them,” said Ndolo.

To help address crime,police adviced both tenants and landlords to install CCTV cameras.

Nairobi County has been on partial lockdown in the past few months durin’g which crime rates reduced to some extent.

Crime Cases
Since the year 2020 began, at least 100 defilment cases have been recorded in Nairobi.

According to police authorities,the 129 cases reported have been flactuatin’g.

In January ,30 cases of defilment were recorded, February 29, 24 in March and April and finally 22 in May.

Despite the smaller margins, Mr. Ndolo said that the cases were on the decline.

He however expressed fear due to the fact that the numbers could rise owin’g to children’s presence at home as a result of Corona virus pandemic.

“We can see a steady decrease in the cases even though it is not impressing. We ask parents to be keen on their children,” he said.

Rape cases.
If data collected in the region is anything to go by, January had 11 rape cases, February reported 7, March and April 5 while May 7.

Robbery with violence
cases of robbery with violence stood at 54, in January, February 21, March 25 ,April and May both 20.

Murder incidences
January (5), February (18), March (10) , April (15) and May (16).

On the other hand,cases of assault stood at 137 in January, February (151)  ,28 on March ,15 April and 16 May .

Ironically,most of these cases are believed to have taken place at night despite the dusk to Dawn curfew that was imposed by the government to help cub the spread of Corona virus.

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Corona Virus Hits Parliament,6 Mp’s tests positive.

Six legislators have been admitted to different hospitals after testing positive for Corona virus.

Accordin’g to sources ,one of the Legislators was admitted to  intensive care Unit (ICU)

Their counterparts who had come into contact with them rushed to get tested over the weekend .

It is feared that the positive cases could rise after the pendin’g results are released.

Amon’g the hospitalised members is a high rankin’g Legislator who ,by virtue of his office might  have exposed himself immenslely to other colleagues.

According to The standard ,upon realising the fact that he had been admitted, about 20 Mp’s went for a test.

One of the Members from Western is said to have contracted the virus after comin’g into contact with the one in ICU.

The other hails from the coastal regions.

“There is a major scare. Many of those who interacted with him have had to go for tests, and this figure might even be high by Monday (today) when the results of the majority who voluntarily did the tests are released.

“I know at least six MPs have so far turned positive and are in hospitals, one is in ICU,” an Mp who sought anonymity told said.

According to the national assembly clerck Michael Sialai, administration of the parliament was not aware of any covid 19 cases amon’g its members.

He added that even if there were, it would be difficult to know unless the victims makes it public, owin’g to the fact that health matters are private.

He further said that there was possibility of members goin’g for private tests and not divulgin’g it completely. If that is the case, the parliament administration wouldn’t know.

Mr. Sialai also said that there had strictly adhered to covid-19 regulations includin’g regular disinfection of Chambers , committee rooms as well as offices.

“We understand the great risk we are in, given that MPs travel widely and that is why, as a routine, we ensure that there is thorough disinfection, including spraying those areas frequently visited.

“We did it even on Friday; sanitising all critical areas, including the mosque and worship rooms,” the clerk said.

Mp’s on many occasions travel from Nairobi to their constituents ,something that is said could really slow down attempts to contain the virus in the counties.

After the first covid -19 case was reported in Kenya,in April, the speaker of the National assembly Justin Muturi was forced to adjourn the parliamentary sitting’s untill proper preventive measures were put in place.

The clerck said the measures are still there.Spaces have been created outside the Chambers with a view to accommodating those mp’s who might not find space inside ,as they maintain social distancin’g.

In April still,having interacted with Rabai MP Kamoti Mwamkale who had tested positive for covid-19,several members went to a self quarantine.

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Probe into Kakamega Primary Stampede report out at last.

Report on the probe of Kakamega  primary school stampede that led to the death of at least 13 pupils is finnaly out.

The reports from investigations of the matter have excluded teachers from the tragic incident.

It also rules out claims that the stampede was as a result of church ghosts or cults.

It reveals that teachers were the first to get to the scene of the incidence with the aim of rescuin’g the pupils.

“Upon the sound of the alarm, they were the first to rescue the pupils who had stumbled on each other and were trapped in the building,” states the report.

According to the standard, police indicates in the reports that there was no crime committed as what was witnessed was accidental.

“There is no clear criminal act that has been committed that is evident, no persons have been mentioned in connection with the stampede as well. This was an unfortunate event,’’ states the report.

For official closure and to calm any speculation, the Director of public prosecution has orded that the matter be placed before the magistrate.

The report also ruled out claims that there were structural faults in the three storey building in which the victims’ classes were.

A pre observation carried out on the building showed that there was no connection between the alleged faults and stampede.

Post morterm Reports

According to the postmortem reports ,the learners died from asphysia (a condition of deficient supply of oxygen the body that arises when  breathing is interrupted for example chokin’g)

The churches that used to hold services in the school prior to the tragedy now have got relief after a accusations of practicing cultism.

The teachers who were accused of negligence have also breathed a sigh of relief.

Recently ,Education cabinet secretary Professor George Magoha had told off the parents who demanded the outcome of the probe.

He said that the report was not urgent, somethin’g that triggered protest along them.

On his side he encouraged the parents not to focus on past events but rather to focus on the matters that affected the school.

Among the leaders who questioned the churches that held services within the school included a former Senator.

In a previous visit to the school,Magoha said that ,

“A lot is being peddled on social media regarding what happened. We should not allow politicians to cheat us with what they think; let us learn from past mistakes and wait for the report,”

The report has received criticism from parents who claims that it never captured the details of what might have occurred.

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MCA’s vows to fix Waiguru just hours after the Senate acquitted her.

It’s barely 24 hours since governor Anne Waiguru was found not guilty by the Senate

The Kirinyaga MCA’s are already on her neck again.

They expressed dissatisfaction with the senate’s verdict and  vowed to impeach her again come what may.

The ward representatives were led by Majority Leader Kamau Murango and the mover of the impeachment motion Kinyua Wangui of Mutira ward.

“We are going to impeach the governor once again whether the Senate likes it or not. The Senate has let us and the people of Kirinyaga down,” Mr Wangui said.

The county leaders accused the governor of looking down upon them besides being uncooperative and they swore not to work with her again.

Mr. David Mathenge who is also the Budget Committee chairman said that for as long as Waiguru is still in office,they’ll continue to impeach her.

On his side,Ndia Member of parliament Geroge Kariuki said he was disappointed at the senate’s verdict and wondered how she will work with the members of county assembly.

The governor on her side blamed the MCA’s  for being after her, due to her support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

She also expressed gratitude to her husband ,the Senate and her fans for the support they accorded her.

“I call upon the county assembly to own up to their failures and play their part in ensuring that we move Kirinyaga forward. Rather than prioritising funds to projects such as building of MCAs offices, they should prioritise allocation to Covid-19 management and healthcare projects as proposed by the executive,” she said in a statement.

The senate’s decision was welcomed by supporters of the governor,who urged the MCA’s to concede defeat.

The Supporters yesterday reached out to the MCA’s for reconciliation.

To be able to impeach the governor,the Ward reps must table fresh evidences besides collectin’g signs from majority of the members of the county assembly.

The Malala-led committee ruled in Waiguru’s favour and hence maintaining her role as Kirinyaga governor.

On the other hand,seemingly, it is”not yet Uhuru” for Waiguru as the 11-member senate established a well organised web of corruption in Waiguru’s government, particularly in tenderin’g.

Ethics and anticorruption Commission has since been directed to launch investigations into the allegations and give a report within sixty days.

The committee in its recommendations also directed that those in the countie’s tendering committee step aside untill investigations are complete.

Anyone found guilty shall carry his /her own cross.

Corrupt deals
One of the people perceived to be the sole perpetrators of the dirty deals by the governor is the Director of administration Paul Kamau.

Others includes Mr Gichira Wayne, the governor’s ICT advisor and Director of Procurement Joseph Carilus Otieno.

The latter was governor’s witness.

Part of the report reads,

“Where allegations are made of a criminal nature, it may be the case that while the committee has neither the time nor the resources to make a conclusive finding, the matter is nevertheless serious in nature and may require the relevant organs of government to pursue,”

Of the four prosecuted cases out of 12 that were listed in the assembly’s motion, the committee drew a conclusion that indeed there was corruption.

Tenders were awarded to companies whose bids were not responsive.

In another instance,tenders were awarded to persons with close relationship with or affiliated to people that holds positions in the executive.

Nevertheless ,the governor was also accused of reinstatin’ g staffs but then keeping them wait for extremely lon’g periods without pay.

In conclusion,the committee noted that inspite of Waiguru being found culpable of some allegations,they were not substantive enough to warrant her impeachment.

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Universities,TVETs and colleges likely to reopen before Primary and High Schools.

Education cabinet secretary Professor George Magoha has hinted that tertiary learnin’g institutions could be opened before primary and Secondary.

Accordin’g to The Daily Nation, while in Kisumu on Friday ,the CS reiterated that Scarcity of  infrastructural resources as well as congestion in primary and high schools pose a major challenge in their reopenin’g.

Universities ,TVET’s and colleges

He said that having looked at the tertiary institutions,chances are high that they will easily adhere to covid-19 guidelines compared to their counterparts in primary and high schools.

He gave an example of universities  that offers various courses and can swiftly adjust their programmes therefore ease of opening in shifts.

Professor Magoha was talking when he met the principals of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) from Western Kenya.

Having been assured by TVET’s   Principal Secretary Julius Juan that the institutions could make their own masks,the CS said that Mask production was nolonger a hurdle.

He however expressed alarm by the rate at which covid 19 cases keep soarin’g in Kenya.

“The unfortunate thing is Covid-19 is still increasing… But government is going to work as if we are going to open on September 1,” Prof Magoha said.

Re-opening depend on Covid-19 situation.

Professor Magoha further said that reopening schools is largely dependent on the Corona virus situation in the country.

He added that if cases remain high ,then it is unlikely that the ministry will continue with the plan to reopen schools in September 1.

He continued to say that they are so much reliant on advice from health ministry on reopenin’g the institutions.

“As a physician, I will tell you according to my training, we should open after we have reached the peak and stabilised and started coming down for 14 days continuously,” he said. There is no country in the world that has dared to reopen when the Covid-19 infections were still rising.”

On Wednesday, Magoha said that they had been adviced by  health ministry to have a class contain at most 20 learners.

To address scarcity of classes and other infrastructural resources,he said that they had been adviced that tents be erected.

These were in response to earlier concerns raised by parents ,citin’g lack of preparedness.

Magoha added that it is only after the tertiary learnin’g institutions are certified by a government-approved medic that they will be opened.

“The challenge would be in boarding facilities in terms of bed capacity,” he said.

The TVET boss Dr. Juan said that should the institutions be reopenned,then they are going to be key players in production of items ideal for fightin’g covid-19.

He gave examples of Eldoret polytechnic that had donated about 240 medical beds to Uasin Gishu county and Kisumu National Polytechnic that is currently working on solar-powered hand washin’g machines.

Doublin’g infrastructure impossible.

Professor Magoha added that they have been contemplating increasing facilities in Primary and secondary Schools but said that would be unrealistic since it has taken the government several years to have in place those few.

“It will be most unreasonable to expect government to double or triple the facilities in learning institutions, because it has taken years to build what is there.”

On readmitting learners in shifts,the CS stated that would only be possible for lower primary.

Professor Magoha also stated that TVETs will be inspected to ensure compliance with Covid-19 guidelines ,after which the examinations that were disrupted could be allowed to resume.

For Kenya National Union of Teachers’ (KNUT) proporsal to do away with delocalisation,he dismissed it termin’g it petty politics that do not deserve his attention.

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Waiguru free at last

The Senate has found the kirinyaga governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru not guilty of the majority of accusations by the Members of her County assembly.

This brings to an end their bid to see the governor out of office.

According to the Daily Nation, senators said that Kirinyaga MCA’s could not prove the allegations they had against her.

Waiguru was on the 9 th of June impeached on account of gross constitutional violations and abuse of office.

The charges were considered in details on Tuesday and Wednesday during trial before 11-member Senate committee  led by Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala.

She however was found guilty of exercising an authoritarianism in her approach to the management of the county.

The committee said that despite the governor being at liberty to fail to attend to activities she seems less important,failing to appear before the county assembly to present the annual State of the County address is overrated.

“The condescending attitude of the governor towards the county assembly is uncalled for and does not inspire confidence and trust in the county executive leadership,” the  report states.

The report adds that ,

“The governor appears to require to be reminded of the high calling of her office and the responsibilities of leadership as set out under Article 73 in the Leadership and Integrity Chapter of the Constitution.”

According to the report, the MCA’s managed to prove the allegations on conferring a personal benefit was proved but adds that it does not amount to an impeachment.

“From the evidence adduced, the committee established administrative malaise in the management of imprests in Kirinyaga County,” the committee, chaired by Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala.

17 year old girl sexually assaulted by her Facebook lover and 2 others.

Never could she tell that what began as love , characterised by romantic Facebook chats could end up being a defilment case.

According to Daily Nation ,the duo conversed for a while on Facebook.

The 17 year old girl defied the Corona virus derectives of avoiding traveling unnecessarily ,as she travelled from Homabay to vihiga, eager to meet her “new catch.”

According to the youn’g girl,she “met” the man,whom she identified as Vincent on Facebook then agreed to have a date .

She was then given an invitation by Vincent to his home in Mbale , Vihiga county in June 5 ,where the two “lovers” met and spent a night together.

The minor did her KCSE last year  but had not joined highschool yet and upto the time of the incident was stayin’g with her aunt in Mbita.

She said that on the night of 5th June, Vincent sexually assaulted her then threw her out of the house.

She had no option but to look for her way back home (Homabay).

In the process,she found a bodaboda operator named Davies.

Davies took her to a guest house in Kakamega where they spent the night together, then the unimagined occurred again .

The girl’s visit to Vihiga County was further complicated when she met the third man who gave a listenin’g ear and decided to take her back to Vincent.

They found the door closed then the man offered to accommodate her for that night.Again the he defiled her.

The events might look like a movie but such is the hard time faced by the youn’g girl from Homabay.

5 days after the terrible experiences ,she later fell into the hands of a good Samaritan,a woman who took her to Mbale police station to record her statement.

The girl had lied to the aunt that she went to visit her mum over the weekend.
She (her mother )was called to visit the station.

The incidences left the girl traumatized as she said that all the three men who defiled her declined her plea to have a protected sex if they had to copulate.

Shocked ,the mother said that her attempts to reach the daughter after her “disappearance” proved futile only to be summoned by the police.

“I have never been to this county before. My home is in Homa Bay County,” she said.

She added that the man who invited her to this place should be arrested.

Vihiga County police commander said that investigations were ongoin’g.

Elsewhere in Siaya, police are holdin’g three people that are linked to rape that led to the demise of a girl aged 11,two weeks ago.

Two of those held by detectives in connection to the incident are relatives of the deceased accused of refusin’g  to reveal some information in connection to the matter.

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Why schools may not open until next year.

Experts have ruled out possibilities of openin’g schools this year citin’g challenges in enforcing social distancin’g in the many Schools with a total of 14 million learners.

Accordin’g to the standard, they said that leaners’ lives could be exposed to risk should schools reopen before the Corona virus infections curve is flattened.

These were discused durin’g a top profile meeting that was chaired by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a reminder Mr. Kenyatta told the members that in the 1982 attempted coup, learning was suspended untill the following year hence this will not be the first time learning schedule is bein’g interrupted in Kenya.

Challenges implementin’g social distance.
in his address , education cabinet secretary Professor George Magoha said the government may be reluctant to open schools due to inadequate facilities.

He said this may make it hard to implement social distancin’g when schools are re-opened.

“I will advise not to open schools when the infections from the disease are rising. We propose that school clusters be attached to a health facility before we can open,” Magoha said.

He invoked his medical side by saying,

“When a child has fever what do you do to avoid panic in the school? Do you shut down the school and send all pupils home? Pupils may have fever from other ailments, not necessarily from Covid-19.”

The option that emerged therefore was only for the candidate classes (Class eight and form four) to go back for their national examinations while their counterparts in the juniour classes remain at home.

The deputy president Dr. Ruto who followed the meeting from his karen office said that the ministry should consider having only the candidate classes going back to write their exams . He insinuated that others should stay longer at home till a vaccine is found.

Precautionary measures.
Professor Magoha added that should schools open, learners will not share equipment such as books and masks as a precautionary measure.

To ensure hygiene,schools will have to be regularly fumigated and cleaned with a constant water supply.

On July 6, citizens’ eyes will all be cast on the president in the much anticipated address to the Nation.

The technical teams looking at different sectors  have upto 5th of next month to submit the mordalities of reopening the economy,based on the irreducible minimums given in the last address.

According to sources ,traveling between counties might be allowed although the curfew may continue for another one month.

As the president put it, reopenin’g different sectors will be dependent on how prepared the counties are,to deal with emerging infections.

“County readiness to respond to new imported cases of infection will largely determine our national readiness to re-open the country as a whole. I say this because the nation is the sum total of all the 47 counties. If the counties have met the necessary thresholds, then the nation will be ready to re-open,”

Uhuru told the meeting of the national and county governments coordinating summit. In attendance were also religious leaders.

“There are things which cannot wait. We have churches, mosques and temples waiting to reopen for prayers, but we must develop and agree on the protocols for each sector,” Ruto said.

Mandera governor ,Ali Roba said that the testing capacity of counties should be increased and vulnarable groups supported.

Kakamega governor , Wycliffe Oparanya said that 12 counties had met the 300 isolation beds threshold per county, while 34 devolved units were on course to meet the target within the month. 

The universities may open but with strict measures for example ,screening before lectures ,wearing of masks among other measures.

In conclusion,the president said that ,

“We shall facilitate phased reopening of the economy but 34 counties that have isolation bed shortfalls must be ready within 11 days.”

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