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Woman left homeless after husband secretly sells their marital home.

A woman and her children are stranded after her husband secretly sold their matrimonial home.

Jennifer Akinyi sought to repossess the matrimonial home through the Environment and Land Court.

Her case was however dismissed in light of her sleeping on her rights to have the property registered under joint ownership agreement with the husband.

Justice Anne Omollo yesterday ruled that Akinyi’s husband Boniface Osodo cannot be blamed for selling a property he bought using his own money.

She blamed Akinyi of the problem facing her.

“The court could only interfere with the husband’s decision to dispose of the land if it was established that the sale was unlawful or meant to conceal fraudulent activities,” ruled Omollo.

“The court could only interfere with the husband’s decision to dispose of the land if it was established that the sale was unlawful or meant to conceal fraudulent activities,” ruled Omollo.

Akinyi accused her husband of selling their Busia matrimonial home to Alfred Juma and Edith Atieno without her consent as the wife.

She alleged that the land was a gift from her father-in-law after their 1985 wedding.

They occupied the land till she went to work in Britain.

Upon returning in 2015 with plans to develop their matrimonial home,she realised that the land had been sold by the husband.

Further,she claimed that the husband forged documents to effect the transfer to Juma and Atieno failing to have the interests of his family taken care of.

She also accused her husband of colluding with registrar of land in Busia to change the title of the land in favour of the buyers even after she put a notice against buying the land on the premise that it was a matrimonial home.

In response,Osodo said that he bought the land way back in 1981 with his own money before their marriage hence needed no spousal approval before selling it.

He stated that since the title was registered in his name, he used it as security to secure a loan from Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC).

He said it was the financial challenges he experienced while serving the loan that made him sell the matrimonial home.

He added that he used part of the money to pay the loan.

Osodo further said that he was in the process of divorcing his wife with whom they have been married for 35 years hence needed did not have to seek her consent in selling the land.

In the Ruling,Justice Omollo said that there was no evidence that the land was a gift to the family.

“The wife has not produced any evidence to show the land was a gift from her father-in-law,” ruled the judge.

“I agree with the husband’s submission and evidence he provided to prove he purchased the property before their marriage.”

According to the judge, there was evidence that Osodo used part of the proceeds to settle the AFC loan.

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Twitter, Facebook pulls Donald Trump’s misinforming posts on Covid-19.

If you still doubt the seriousness with which twitter and Facebook treats violation of any of their set rules, Probably you should have a date with President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Facebook pulled down a post by Trump that it claimed contravened its rules on sharing misinformation about the virus.

As The Standard reports, In the post was a video of Trump claiming that Children are almost immune to Corona Virus.

“This video includes false claims that a group of people is immune from COVID-19, which is a violation of our policies around harmful COVID misinformation,” a Facebook spokesman said.

A tweet containing the same video,shared by Trump’s Campaign team was also hidden by twitter for going against its covid-19 misinformation rules.

A twitter spokesman said that the president’s account @TeamTrump will only be allowed to tweet again after removing the tweet.

However ,in a rejoinder,Trump’s team through its spokeswoman Courtney Parella accused the social media platforms of bias against the president.

“Social media companies are not the arbiters of truth,” She said.

According to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, adults are the most affected by Corona virus.

There are chances of transmitting the virus by some children and infants who have suffered from the disease.

An analysis by the World Health Organization of 6 million infections between Feb. 24 and July 12 found that the share of children aged 5-14 years was about 4.6%.

The White House did not immediately heed to a request for comment. 

Trump reiterated his claim that the effect of the disease is not so dire on children,during a statehouse briefing.

“Children handle it very well,” he told reporters. “If you look at the numbers, in terms of mortality, fatalities … for children under a certain age … their immune systems are very very strong and very powerful. They seem to be able to handle it very well and that’s according to every statistical claim.”

This marked the first time Facebook pulled down Trump’s misinforming post on Covid-19.

Moreover,it also marked the first time it pulled down Trump’s post on account of breeching its misinformation rules.

Twitter has taken down a post retweeted by Trump pointing to a misleading viral video about the coronavirus, but left up clips of the president suggesting scientists should investigate using light or disinfectant on patients.

Twitter said those remarks expressed a wish for treatment, rather than a literal call for action.

Tesla Inc’s (TSLA.O) CEO Elon Musk’s March post that claimed kids are immune ,was spared.

Facebook sounded a warning to lawmakers and its employees against permitting inflammatory posts by Trump as has been in the recent months.

The company has previously removed ads from Trump’s election campaign for breaking misinformation rules, in that case around a national census.

It also took down both Trump posts and campaign ads that showed a red inverted triangle, a symbol the Nazis used to identify political prisoners, for violating its policy against organized hate.

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Update:Blogger Edgar Obare Charged with Publication of Private data.

Video blogger Edgar Obare has been charged for unlawfully publishing private information on Youtuber Natalie Tewa’s passport.

Obare runs a popular Instagram page which focuses on exposes of local celebrities.

He however pleaded not guilty at the Kiambu law courts today.

His charge sheet read,

“On diverse dates between July 9 and July 13, 2020 at an unknown place, within the Republic of Kenya, using your social media accounts , domain name http://www.bnn.ke and verified Instagram account @edgarobare, unlawfully disclosed to your online followers personal data to wit visa belonging to one Natalie Wanjiru Githinji without her consent,” 

Edga Obare’s Charge Sheet.

Mr Obare, who is being represented by lawyer Titus Munene Kinyua, will know if he will be released on bail in the afternoon.

According to the law,anyone who commits an offence under Section 72 of the Data Protection Act risks being fined not exceeding Sh3 million or to an imprisonment term not exceeding 10 years ,or both.

The blogger was arrested on Thursday in Kisumu and taken to DCI headquarters,Nairobi for questioning.

Obare few weeks back claimed that Natalie Tewa was part of the ODM members who paid Raila Odinga a visit while recuperatin’g in Dubai.

Aboard the plane to Dubai was Mp Junet Mohamed and governor Joho.

He used a photo shred by the Suna East Legislator to claim that the YouTuber was part of the entourage.

Obare based his claims on a handbag seen on Junet’s photo which he said belonged to Natalie.

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A man kills class 7 daughter for spending night out.

Police in Muhoroni have arrested a 48-year old man,alleged to have clobbered his 15- year old daughter for spending a night away from home.

According to The Standard,the incident occurred on Sunday evining in Keti Village ,Nyangoma ,Kisumu county.

Another daughter is also said to have sustained injuries from that same incident.

Sources say that the man summoned the two daughters who he accused of spending night out without his permission.

Upon their return,the father who suspected they were with their boyfriends began punishing them.

According to a witness,the girls’ explanation that they were at their aunt’s place fell into deaf ears.

He attacked the duo with a blunt object leading to one losing her counciousness.

Attempts to resuscitate her were in futility.

Upon realising that the girl was no more,the man hid the body and intended to dig a grave to burry the daughter without other family members’ knowledge.

Members of the public informed the police who swiftly responded,said Deputy County Commissioner Erick Wanyonyi.

They got to the home and found the man in the process of burrying the body.

He was taken to Chemelil police station and the body to Ahero Sub County Hospital Mogue.

Injuries were noted on the head and abdomen of the deceased who was a pupil at Nyalenya Primary School .

Wanyonyi said the suspect is set to be arraigned as soon as investigation into the matter is complete.

“I ask parents to look for alternative ways of disciplining their children at these time children are home because of the shutdown of schools due to coronavirus,” said Wanyonyi.

The man is expected to face murder charges.

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Head teacher defiles a minor,hides.

Police officers in Kisii are in pursuit of a head teacher who is alleged to have defiled a 15 year old girl then fled.

The man identified as Innocent Ogega is the head teacher of Bendera Primary School.

He went into hiding upon realising that the young girl had exposed him.

Having received treatment from the hospital,the victim’s mother says that the doctors’ reports confirms that indeed the girl was defiled.

The matter was reported at Nyacheki Police Station and the Kisii police Boss Jebel Munene said investigations are underway.

“We are looking for the suspect who has since gone into hiding,” said Mr Munene adding that the matter was reported to police by the girl’s mother.

According to the mother,she went to attend to her milk selling business but upon returning home never found her daughter.

The girl came back home after several hours and when asked where she had been ,she said that she was with the suspect, who is also her uncle.

According to the police boss,the suspect gave the young girl ksh 1000 and warned her against exposing him.

After being questioned by the police,the girl admitted that this was the second time the man defiled her.

Mr. Munene expressed worry about the soaring cases of defilment. Kisii has recorded at least 50 such cases since March.

Government statistics also shows that about 10,000 teenage pregnancies have been recorded in the past 11 months.

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Former Zimbabwean airforce commander,Shiri is dead.

Former Zimbabwen agriculture minister,Perrance Shiri, who planned Dictator Robert Mugabe’s ouster is dead at age 65.

His demise was made public by president Emerson Mnangagwa on Wednesday.

According to insiders,the minister was admitted to hospital on Tuesday and passed away in the early hours of Wednesday.

He will be remembered for plotting the ouster of Robert Mugabe in a 2017 coup.

Before joining the government in 2017, Shiri served as an airforce commander for 25 years.

“Shiri was a true patriot, who devoted his life to the liberation, independence and service of his country,” Mnangagwa said in a statement.

He however did not divulge the cause of his death.

Reports by the local media however indicates that Shiri died of breathing complications that arose from Covid-19.

So far, Zimbabwe has recorded 40 fatalities and 2,817 cases of covid-19 infections.

He commanded the army’s Fifth Brigade unit that carried out the 1980s massacres of thousands of civilians in western Zimbabwe as the government sought to quell an insurgency.

The army massacres, called ‘Gukurahundi’, a Shona term that mean the ‘early rain that washes away the chaff’, remain a sore point for the people of the Matabeleland region, many of whom demand justice and reparations.

Siri was accused of being among the security chiefs that organised chaos against opposition members after Mugabe lost the first round of 2008 presidential elections.

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Most wanted Criminal in the US arrested at Mombasa.

A 60-year old man identified as Mansur Mohamed Surur, alias Mansour, have been arrested by a multiagency team in Mombasa.

Mansur is a citizen of Kenya but a wanted fugitive in the United States of America.

Several agencies have been in search for him for illegal trade in rhino horns and elephant ivory,both protected wildlife species.

The products are valued at approximately ksh 700 million ($ dollars)

Mansur is accused of getting involved in illegal poaching of at least 35 rhinos and more than 100 elephants.

He was among 47 Kenyans stranded in Yemen who were returning home on a Chartered Skyward Express flight early Wednesday morning.

He was taken to the Moi International Airport police station for interrogation.

“Today morning at 01.00 hrs…holder of Passport number A2283881 and Kenyan ID card no.0069184 who had been flagged as wanted in the US for ivory related offences was arrested at the arrival terminals at Moi International Airport..

..He was subsequently  handed over to Interpol Nairobi for further action,” a police report of the arrest reads.

Money Laundering

Besides that, Mr. Mansur ,together with other 2 were previously charged with money Laundering as well as drug trafficking.

According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Mr Surur and Abdi Hussein Ahmed, aka “Abu Khadi,” are fugitives.

Criminal Ring

Mansur is also said to be a member of Uganda- based transnational criminal enterprise that was enganged in mass trafficking and smuggling of rhino horns and elephant ivory.

The trade was illegal as it went against not only several US law but also international treaties.

From December 2012 through to May 2019, Mr Surur, Mr Ahmed and two others conspired to transport, distribute, sell and smuggle at least about 190 kilogrammes of rhino horn and at least 10 tonnes of elephant ivory.

They sourced the wildlife parts from countries such as Uganda, DR Congo, Guinea, Kenya, Mozambique, Senegal and Tanzania.

The buyers were readily waiting in the United States and Southeast Asia.

They exported the products in packages disguised as pieces of art like African masks and statues. 

The customers sent them payments US financial institutions and international wire transfers.

Separately, from August 2018 through May 2019, Mr Surur and Mr Ahmed conspired to distribute and possess with intent to distribute more than approximately 10 kilogrammes of heroin to a buyer located in New York.

Business Mogul Jimmy Wanjigi and Wife taken to court.

Jimmy Wanjigi has been taken to court for illegally acquiring at least ksh 400 million piece of land in Nairobi’s Westlands.

Wanjigi and his wife Irene are accused by a city resident Ms. Cissy Kalunde Musembi of attempting to fradulently acquire the land.

The land in question measures 0.818 acre and located at General Mathenge junction along peponi roads.

Ms. Musembi now want the environment and land court to bar the duo from acquiring the property.

“I am an innocent third-party buyer of the property. I face threats and egregious prejudice by Mr Wanjigi and his wife who hold parallel titles over the property,” Ms Musembi says in the notice of motion filed last week.

DCI probe

Although she went to court ,the directorate of criminal investigations is looking into the ownership row.

Musembi argues that the title deed that Wanjigi has doesn’t concur with what was given by the chief registrar of lands.

She says a company known as Horizon Hills Ltd was incorporated on November 24, 2006, yet the transfer form of the property from the original owners – Velji Premchand Dodhia and Himanshu Velji Dodhia – to Aureum Ltd was lodged just 13 days later.

She accuses the couples of forging the signatures of its directors – Mohamed Hussein Noorani, Zahre Kaneez Noorani and Mohamed Hasanali.

She also drags the attorney general and DCI into the scandal, claiming that they have colluded with Aureum Ltd to grab her piece of land.

Musembi’s Appeals to court

Ms Musembi wants the title deed held by Wanjigi cancelled by the court and the couple bared from selling any portion of the land till hearing and detrermination of the case is complete.

At the centre of the row are two companies with same name but different registration registration certificates.

Both claims ownership of the property.

Accordin’g to records at Central registry, Ms Musembi is the rightful owner of the land ,having acquired it on November 7, 2018.

Ms Musembi says she bought the piece of land from Horizon Hills limited which was incoporated on July 2, 2004.

The directors of the firm were Mr Henry Njoroge Njenga, Mr David Njenga, Mr Samson Kuria and Mr Samuel Njuguna Chege.

She says she bought the property for Sh220 million after due diligence was conducted by Wambua and Maseno Advocates.

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Man arrested for allegedly marrying a class 3 pupil.

A 20-year-old man alleged to have married a class 3 pupil has been arrested.

The man,a bodaboda operator comes from a village in Witu division in Lamu west.

It is said that the suspect married and stayed with the minor for one week in his house.

According to the locals,the mother of the victim had been away nursing a sick relative at King Fahad Hospital.

The man took advantage of her absence and frequented the home with lots of goodies for the young girl.

“The man used to bring food to the girl for quite some time as she was left behind by her mother who has been away looking after their sick relative at King Fahad Hospital. The girl’s father died a while back. “

They said that the man capitalised on the family poverty and married the minor.

Search for the girl

Immediately the girl went missing,the Nyumba Kumi officials launched a search.

“We are aware that the girl’s mother isn’t around. It’s only the girl and her siblings who were left behind. We became suspicious when we only saw the young children alone at the homestead. We mounted our search immediately. We were able to trace and locate where the girl was staying with the bodaboda rider,” said a Nyumba Kumi official.

According to Lamu police Commander Moses Murrithi,being held at Witu Police Station and will be arraigned as soon as police officers completes investigations.

Mr. Miriithi said that marrying students and pupils eapecially those that are below age 18 is against the law.

Report cases.

He urged the parents and public at large to be responsible and report any cases of early marriages to the police.

“We’ve already arrested the suspect. We’re holding him at Witu Police Station. We will present him in court on Monday to face defilement charges,” said Mr Murithi

Elsewhere in a village within the same division,a man accused of marrying a 13-year old girl is being investigated.

The man, a Muslim cleric is said to have colluded with the mother of the young girl to have her as his wife.

Since the covid-19 pandemic hit Kenya,Lamu has seen soaring cases of teenage pregnancies and early marriages.

Going by the figures given by Lamu county Statistics department,512 girls majority of whom are pupils have been impregnated between March and June this year.

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Nakuru:A suspected covid-19 patient commits suicide at a hospital.

A 50-year-old man suspected to have contracted corona virus hang himself at a private hospital in Nakuru.

His body was found dangling on a window grill after using the curtain to hang self.

The man was a driver from Rongai subcounty. After the lockdown was lifted on 6th ,he travelled from Nairobi.

According to Public health officer Samuel Kingori,the man upon arrival began experiencing shortage of breath, cough, high body temperature and general body weakness.

“The deceased was among individuals who had been locked down in Nairobi, and immediately after the travel was lifted, he joined his family in Nakuru,” said King’ori.

He went to seek medical services at War Memorial Hospital where he was admitted,put in isolation and swabs taken for covid-19 test.

On the July of 14th however,the doctors who went to check his response to medication found him dangling on the window.

The result later came out positive.

The body is currently at the hospital’s mortuary awaiting burial under Covid-19 guidelines.

Services at the hospital were brought to a halt as public health officers fumigated the ward and hospital at large.

The officers said that the man might have committed suicide due to fear of stigma that comes with the virus.

“Though we are yet to investigate what made him commit suicide, we suspect he was depressed after suspecting he was ailing from Covid-19,” he said.

So far,Nakuru has recorded 8 deaths,seven of whom are males.

The county has at least 234 accumulated Covid-19 cases, out of more than 6,000 samples tested.

Covid-19 positive patients are managed at the Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital, Langalanga Health Centre and Naivasha hospital.

Plans are also in progress to establish an isolation ward at Bondeni Maternity and the upcoming Gilgil Maternity wing, as current centres are overwhelmed.

“We are working closely with community health volunteers to help in managing patients under home based care. This is because we cannot hold all patients in hospitals,” said King’ori.

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A teacher beheaded in Love triangle in Meru. Here is the school He taught at.

A secondary school teacher named Munyua Kalwilo was beheaded on his way to his girlfriend’s house in Thamani village, Igembe North subcounty.

The deceased was teaching at Nkamathi Secondary School.

The incident occurred on the night of Thursday and is under investigations.

According to Meru police commander Patrick Lumumba,a 28 years old suspect, Lawrence Mithika has been arrested in connection to the murder.

“Police went with the suspect to his house and found bloodstained panga and clothes. We will present the items for further investigations. Once the investigations are complete, he will be charged him with murder,” Lumumba said.

A preliminary police report indicates that Mithika and Kalwilo have been fighting over a girlfriend.

The girl’s family alleges that the suspect has been threatening to kill Kalwilo, the girlfriend’s father and the girlfriend.

The father said Mithika, in one of the messages, told him, “I can’t allow your daughter to move in with another man after I opened a business for her. I no longer want her but I want my money back.”

“Your daughter took me for granted and she left me for another. I will kill somebody and don’t blame me. He threatened me two days ago and I reported to the police.”

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The family of the girl shot to death 13 years ago by police officers awarded 4.1 million.

Christine Samba would be celebrating her 32nd birthday this year and probably ,her career would have taken course if she were alive today.

The then 18 year old alumnous of Loreto High school sat for her KCSE in 2006 and scored B+, a clear indication that she was a top performer.

Family called Police officers

On the fateful day,Christine’s family called a police officers to come to their rescue from thugs at their home in Nairobi’s Ongata Rongai.

Reports indicate that upon realising that thugs had taken control of their house,She is the one who sent a short text to a neighbour who in turn allerted police officers.

Little did she know that all her dreams would be halted by the same officers ,invited for their rescue.

Christine Samba Shot dead

One of the thugs used the girl as a shield and PC Emmanuel Kipchumba sprayed the both with bullets as the father Symon Mwashengwa pleaded with him not to shoot.

Kipchumba continued firing killing both the thug and the innocent girl,who was shot at the neck and chest.

It later emerged that the thugs only had a toy pistol despite the officer firing about six rounds.

Government to pay the amount

Almost 14 years later, the high court has established that kipchumba was reckless hence has ordered the government to pay the family ksh 4.1 million.

In her judgement,justice Lucy Njuguna ordered the government to pay the amount which will factor in:

  • Pain and suffering-ksh 50,000
  • Loss of expectation of life- Sh100,000
  • Loss of expectation of life, Sh100,000.
  • Loss of dependency, Sh2 million.
  • Exemplary damages, Sh1.9 million.
  • Special damages at Sh509,360.

The judge, however, declined to give any award for violation of right to life.

An inquest conducted in 2008 held Kipchumba fully responsible for the girl’s death in spite of the then officers claiming that the occurrence was accidental.

The trial court ordered that the officer be charged with manslaughter.

“It is clear from the foregoing that the shooting and unfortunate killing of the deceased was unlawful, especially considering this was done in the hands of a police officer.

I also note from the inquest proceedings and other evidence that there is no indication of there having been a shootout between the police and the intruders on the material date, as alleged by the defendant (AG),” Justice Njuguna noted.

Ordered back to the house.

On the material date at 5:30 am ,Mwashengwa was headed to the garage at the family home when he was confronted by two intruders who ordered him back to his bedroom.

One of them woke up the wife and ordered them to lie on the floor.

One kept an eye as the other searched the house and later returned with his nice,daughter and son who were also ordered to lie on the floor.

They demanded cash as one continued to keep watch while the other ransacked other rooms for valuables, and later returned to the living room,ready to leave.

Upon informing the intruders that the keys to the garage were in the living room, they picked Christine to lead them there, but unknown to them, police officers had been alerted of the robbery and a police vehicle was parked at the gate at the time.

The officers jumped over the gate and one of them came to his bedroom and sought to know the whereabouts of the intruders.

Christine’s father told them that one of the thugs was with his daughter in the bedroom and that he had a gun ,urging them not to fire,fearing for the girl’s safety.

However,the police officers went to the living room and started shooting both.

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