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Change in plans as Mutahi Kagwe’s chopper fails to take off.

The chopper that ferried Health CS Mutahi Kagwe and Dr. Patrick Amoth to Kericho failed to take off despite several attempts by the pilot.

The CS therefore abandoned the helicopter and opted to use his private vehicle.

The pilot’s attempts to ignite proved futile forcing Kagwe to alight.

The Duo were to be flown back to Nairobi using the 5Y-PKI after their official visit to Kericho county .

The failure to take off is attributed to mechanical problems.

Kagwe’s visit to Kericho county was aimed at assessing its level of preparedness.

In his address ,he said that 14 healthcare givers have died of corona virus.

More than 768 medical personnels have tested positive as of 10th August.

In terms of gender, 363 are female healthcare workers while 405 males.

He added that there is arise in death rates among healthcare givers by 1.8 percent from 1.6 .

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Kazi mtaani gets a boost as world bank pumps billions.

Kenya is set to receive 16.2 billion from the world bank.

This will be channeled towards improving the Kazi mtaani initiative as well as funding other infrastructural Development in informal settlements.

According to The Daily Nation, lives of more than 1.7 million inhabitants of Kenyan slums are expected to improve due to the move.

The funds will be used in preparation of settlement-level development plans, surveys, registry index maps, and letters of allotment or titles to enhance tenure security for these residents among others.

The international lender says that hopefully,Kenya will receive the funds immediately.

“The project will also cushion urban informal settlement residents who depend on daily earnings against the negative socio-economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic,” World Bank Operations Manager and Acting Country Director for Kenya Camille Lampart Nuamah said in a statement

The funds will also aid in the projects such as upgrading roads, water, drainage, sanitation, street lighting, community facilities and livelihoods support, as well as community engagement to assess and address risks.

“The World Bank is keen to continue supporting the government’s effort to the ongoing Kazi Mtaani program in the subsequent phases to reach up to 200,000 youth across all 47 counties,” Sheila Kamunyori, World Bank Senior Urban Specialist and Task Team Leader said.

This marks the second phase of the Kenya Informal Settlement Project.

The first phase was initiated in 2011 and targeted Nairobi, Mombasa, Eldoret, Naivasha, Machakos, Malindi, Kakamega, Nyeri, Thika, Kericho, Kitui, Garissa and Embu. 

Of the total funding,world bank contributed 100 million dollars.

Agence Française de Dévelopement (AFD) contributed 45 million dollars,Agence Française de Dévelopement (AFD) $10 million while government of Kenya $ 10 million.

Besides Civil works projects ,the first phase of Informal Settlement Improvement project strengthened security of tenure for about 50,130 people.

The new project is targeted at informal settlements in counties with eligible settlements and that “demonstrate readiness to implement the project”, said the World Bank. 

The lender says it has developed criteria to determine eligible settlements to ensure that the project has maximum impact for targeted beneficiaries.

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Alarm as US issues travel alert for Kenya due to Increased Covid-19 cases.

The United States of America has advised its citizens to reconsider travelling to Kenya ,due to increasin’g infections.

“Reconsider travel to Kenya due to Covid-19. The  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  has issued a Level 3 Travel Health Notice for Kenya due to Covid-19,” A statement on the US Embassy Kenya website read in part.

According to the CDC, a Level 3 Travel Health Notice  is the highest risk level and calls for avoiding all unnecessary travel.

The notice informs the travellers that there is increased risk due to the pandemic and no precautions available to mitigate the risk.

Kenya is among the countries listed by CDC on the level 3 list as having higher risk of contracting the virus.

“Travellers at increased risk for severe illness from Covid-19 should consider postponing all travel, including essential travel, to Kenya,” the Embassy said.

Moreover ,it warns the travellers of Kenya’s limited resources in the event that one falls sick while in Kenya.

Traveling should therefore only be undertaken on grounds of humanitarian aid work, medical reasons, or family emergencies,CDC advises.

The US also warned its citizens to keep off Nairobi neighbourhoods of Eastleigh and Kibera due to possibility of being kidnapped.

“Be especially careful when travelling after dark anywhere in Kenya due to crime.Violent crime, such as armed carjacking, mugging, home invasion, and kidnapping, can occur at any time,” the statement read.

“Local police are willing but often lack the capability to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents and terrorist attacks. Emergency medical and fire service is also limited.”

The US went ahead to warn its citizens of possible terror attacks based on the terror activities witnessed in the past.

“Terrorist acts have included armed assaults, suicide operations, bomb/grenade attacks, and kidnappings,” it added.

It’s ironical that the US cases have increased ,going beyond 5 million.

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Uhuru urges Kenyans to tour the country despite covid-19 infections.

President Kenyatta on Saturday urged Kenyans to take advantage of this time to tour the country and enjoy Kenya’s God-given scenery.

The head of state said that in as much as people must keep safe ,that does not mean they locks themselves indoors.

“You have the ability to take advantage of the wonderful gift God has given this republic and to be able to tour with your family. Despite Covid-19, you are as safe as you want yourself to be,” he said.

Mr. Kenyatta made the remarks during a video conversation with Tourism CS Najib Balala.

Balala hosted Marathon world record holder Eliud Kipchoge at the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

The president reiterated that he declined to re-impose lock down because of his belief that Kenyans are responsible enough to take care of themselves.

“Let us be able to continue with our lives. We cannot just lock ourselves down.  Covid-19 is here with us and we cannot run away from that. However it is up to every single Kenyan to see how they can continue with their livelihoods while at the same time keeping themselves and others safe,” he said.

He welcomed foreign tourists who would wish to come to Kenya ,on condition that they adhere to the strict Covid-19 measures put in place.

His statement comes just days after international flights were allowed to resume.

The President announced the resumption of both local and international flights  under strict guidelines in the country’s planned phased reopening.

Mr. Balala said that several local tourists turned up to witness the spectacular 10,000 wilder beast crossing the Mara river from Serengeti.

This has led to hotels at the Mara being filled up.

“There are challenges definitely in the hotel industry but we have all accepted that we have to balance between lives and livelihoods,” he said.

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Fuel Tanker Explodes in Teso. One dead.

One person lost his life after a diesel tanker that lost control,overturned on the middle of the road ,bursting into flames.

The incident occured on Friday Night at around 11:30 pm along the Northern Corridor in Teso North Sub County.

Involved in the accident was a fuel Tanker and 3 other trucks carrying goods enroute to Uganda and other Great Lakes Region.

According to eye witnesses, the fuel Tanker attempted to overlap a 15km stretch of a traffic jam before it lost control.

While confirming the matter, Teso North police chief Wilson Muraya said the tanker exploded on impact after overturning.

Other trucks that were carrying goods then caught fire.

Police pulled out the body from the wreckage of the fuel tanker.

The injured truck drivers and their turn boys were rushed to Kocholya Level Four Hospital where they are currently receiving treatments.

Teso North Sub County Police Commander (OCPD) Mr Wilson Muraya found it hard controlling the surging crowd before fire engines arrived 30 minutes later and managed to contain the fire.

The county government is in the process of acquiring a fire truck for Malaba folowing County Assembly approval of the budget with Sh55 million set aside for it.

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Joy as Celebrated Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange recovers from Covid-19.

Jeff Koinange on Thursday made public his recovery from the dreadful Corona virus.

Through social media,Mr. Koinange said that he took tests all of which turned negative.

He thanked all his followers who stood with him in prayers as he battled the virus.

“Folks…Day 17 in isolation and I just got my 2nd test results…NEGATIVE…I have BEATEN this MONSTER! And YOU can too! Thank you for ALL your Prayers, Kind Words and Good Wishes! TOGETHER can win this WAR against #COVID19 God Bless! Twende Kazi,” read his tweet.

14 days after testing positive for the virus Jeff said he took another test although he was advised to wait for 72 hours before having a repeat test.

He was talking on Wednesday as he read news from home.

“..some news, after day 14, I tested again… I was negative… people from the clinic have insisted I should test again in 72 hours to get a double negative,” he said.

He made his status public on the 20th of July although he was assymptomatic. He was therefore prompted to have self isolation.

“Folks, just to let you know, I have tested POSITIVE for Covid-19. I’m doing Good..NO symptoms…and my Family is fine. All my close contacts have been informed. Right now I’m in self isolation. Many thanks to Royal Media Services Management for its Support. Stay SAFE & God Bless!” wrote Jeff.

Jeff’s counterpart Stephen Letoo with whom they host a political show at hot 96 fm also tested positive for the virus.

It is said that many other journalist from the media house also tested positive and are yet to make their status public.

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Ugandan President Museveni 75 does 40 push-ups to keep fit.

Ugandan president has proved that age should not be a hindrance to keeping fit especially during this pandemic.

In a bid to encourage his citizens to stay fit, Museveni has released a video of him working out at home.

Despite his oldage (75) the video shows the head of state jogging barefoot in a spacious living room then goes down for 40 push ups.

He said he did that to challenge the youth (bhazukulu). Although some people finds this condescending.

Take a look at the video;

In April after banning outdoor workouts to redce the spread of corona virus,a a ban that was later lifted in June,he released a similar video.

The video shows the president,barefoot warming up through jogging.

He then does 21 press- ups as his team counts along then adds other 9 reps bringing the total to 30.

On Wednesday,the president came accross photos and videos on social media of people working out in grouos public.

This prompted him to ban outdoor workouts in a bid to reduce the curb the spread of the virus.

This is just one of the several times the president is bringing his health to focus.

In a conversation with one of the dailies,Museveni divulged losing 30 kg due to his focus on his health and fitness.

In January Mr Museveni walked 200 km (125 miles) through the Luweero triangle, where he had his bases as he fought the war that brought him to power.

With the country expecting general elections in January 2021, the electoral commision has banned all political campaigns.

Politicians have been urged to seek alternative through the media.

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Twitter, Facebook pulls Donald Trump’s misinforming posts on Covid-19.

If you still doubt the seriousness with which twitter and Facebook treats violation of any of their set rules, Probably you should have a date with President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Facebook pulled down a post by Trump that it claimed contravened its rules on sharing misinformation about the virus.

As The Standard reports, In the post was a video of Trump claiming that Children are almost immune to Corona Virus.

“This video includes false claims that a group of people is immune from COVID-19, which is a violation of our policies around harmful COVID misinformation,” a Facebook spokesman said.

A tweet containing the same video,shared by Trump’s Campaign team was also hidden by twitter for going against its covid-19 misinformation rules.

A twitter spokesman said that the president’s account @TeamTrump will only be allowed to tweet again after removing the tweet.

However ,in a rejoinder,Trump’s team through its spokeswoman Courtney Parella accused the social media platforms of bias against the president.

“Social media companies are not the arbiters of truth,” She said.

According to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, adults are the most affected by Corona virus.

There are chances of transmitting the virus by some children and infants who have suffered from the disease.

An analysis by the World Health Organization of 6 million infections between Feb. 24 and July 12 found that the share of children aged 5-14 years was about 4.6%.

The White House did not immediately heed to a request for comment. 

Trump reiterated his claim that the effect of the disease is not so dire on children,during a statehouse briefing.

“Children handle it very well,” he told reporters. “If you look at the numbers, in terms of mortality, fatalities … for children under a certain age … their immune systems are very very strong and very powerful. They seem to be able to handle it very well and that’s according to every statistical claim.”

This marked the first time Facebook pulled down Trump’s misinforming post on Covid-19.

Moreover,it also marked the first time it pulled down Trump’s post on account of breeching its misinformation rules.

Twitter has taken down a post retweeted by Trump pointing to a misleading viral video about the coronavirus, but left up clips of the president suggesting scientists should investigate using light or disinfectant on patients.

Twitter said those remarks expressed a wish for treatment, rather than a literal call for action.

Tesla Inc’s (TSLA.O) CEO Elon Musk’s March post that claimed kids are immune ,was spared.

Facebook sounded a warning to lawmakers and its employees against permitting inflammatory posts by Trump as has been in the recent months.

The company has previously removed ads from Trump’s election campaign for breaking misinformation rules, in that case around a national census.

It also took down both Trump posts and campaign ads that showed a red inverted triangle, a symbol the Nazis used to identify political prisoners, for violating its policy against organized hate.

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Kenyan Victims of Beirut blast explains how it occured.

Fred Kamau has for 7 years years worked as a security officer at a school in Beirut.

The bigger challenge he has had to deal with in the past is occasional cases of indiscipline from the students.

On Tuesday however ,came the mother of all the challenges he’s been facing.

Just few kilometres from where he sat on the fateful day,he says he saw a huge explosion ,what he describes as heart stopping and hard to forget.

He compares what he saw to what he always watched on action movies;an explosion comparable to a bomb followed by collapse of buildings with glasses flying in the air.

Much Screaming.

“Pieces of glasses in the air — was raining shards of glass. There was a huge blast. So much running…so much screaming…and I was sandwiched between two walls that were shaking…I said, God, do not let me die in a foreign land far from home,” he says.

Thinking that his end had finally come, he fell on the ground attempting to call his wife back in Nairobi.

Kamau sustained minor injuries but says he has not been able to sleep since the incident took place.

Videos of the incident that have been doing rounds on social media shows barefooted parents running ,holding their kids.

Others held each other as walls caved in.

Some children were caught up in the dust,women wailing as men broken down as they they came to teems with the deatruction that has left claimed about 100 lives and 4,000 injured.

Kenyans among those injured in Beirut.

Kenya’s envoy to Kuwait , Halima Mohamud said that 3 Kenyans were hospitalised but are recuperatin’g well.

“All the Kenyans are fine. I talked to them,” she said, adding that they were taken to hospital, got medication and are getting well. She urged Kenyans with relatives in Beirut to be calm, saying they have not recorded any serious case.

Kenya’s Honorary Consul in Lebanon said they have a case of an undocumented Kenyan who was at the scene and sustained injuries.

” She is admitted to hospital and they could only identify her as “Lulu”. “She is illegally working outside without insurance cover. We are following up her case,” said the consul.

Cause of the Explosion

It is said that the explosion might have arisen from 2700 tonnes of confiscated Ammonium Nitrate that had been in a warehouse at the porg for close to six years.

Mary Muriithi says anybody who looks at the aftermath of the explosion would definitely wish to go back to his/her home country.

The blood, the tears, and the gloom that has engulfed the country as Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun declared Wednesday a national day of mourning has made them plan to push a petition for repatriation.

“There are people who lost jobs. People are desperate. Some are homeless,” she says.

Kenya through President Kenyatta expressed sympathy to the government of Lebanon as they come to terms with the incident that has left rubbles.

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Confusion as nurse dies after recovering from Covid-19 . Autopsy to be conducted

Medical reports on what might have led to the demise of nurse Marian Awuor is yet to be given to Homabay county government.

The Nurse died at Kisii County Teaching and Referral Hospital.

The county health executive Richard Muga urged nurses to be patient as they wait for the postmortem results from the hospital.

Marian is said to have fully recovered from Covid-19 but later developed other complications that claimed her life.

Two weeks ago,she was admitted to an ICU at the hospital after testing positive for corona virus.

At that same time,the 32-year old health worker was 3 months pregnant.

Untill her demise,She was based at Rachuonyo South Sub County Hospital in Oyugis.

On Monday,her counterparts asked to know what might have been the cause of the death of one of their own.

Under their umbrella of the Kenya National Union of Nurses (KNUN), the nurses through their secretary general George Bola argued that Awuor’s delivery through operation was successful.

He expressed their surprise due to the fact that they were awaiting her discharge from the facility.

“As nurses we would want to know the disease our colleague died of after we were told she was doing well with treatment,” Bola said.

Bola eulogised the deceased as a staunch member of the union who always pushed for members rights.

In order to prevent them from contracting the virus in future,Bola asked the government to provide them with Personal Protective Equipment.

“We have raised the issue of shortage of PPEs with the health department. Nurses also want allowances be paid as they agreed with the employer,” he added.

Muga on his side said that they are closely working with the management of the hospital to establish the cause of Marianne’s demise.

“A postmortem would be conducted to reveal the cause of death. We want to know whether she developed other complications since she had previously tested negative for virus twice,” Muga said.

The CEC said Awuor’s seven-day old baby is doing well under the incubator at the Kisii Referral Hospital.

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Transport CS Macharia responds, just hours after Tanzania’s ‘retaliation.’

Transport CS ,Hon Macharia has denied claims that his ministry banned Tanzania’s planes into Kenya’s airspace.

Mr. Macharia said this while at the Jommo Kenyatta international airport after Kenya opened her airspace for international flights.

“We have not banned any country from coming into Kenya. We have not closed the airspace, what we have done is have quarantine measures imposed on some countries based on assessment risk,” Macharia said.

He said that he had communicated with relevant Tanzania’s authorities regarding the existing relationship between the two countries.

He confirmed that Kenya and Tanzania are in good terms.

“Kenya has never banned any flights from Tanzania. Kenya has never banned travelers from Tanzania. What we have done is to indicate certain health protocols of people arriving from various countries,” Macharia said.


Macharia said they had an agreement that will allow KQ into Tanzani’s skyspace.

The Magufuli-led country was exempted from the first list of countries whose citizens were allowed to fly into Kenya.

Those that were allowed include China,  South Korea, Japan, Canada, Uganda, France, Namibia,  Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Switzerland  and  Morocco.

The CS also said that list is subject to review depending on the prevailing Circumstances and after comprehensive global mapping of the intensity of the disease.

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10 dead after drinking sanitizers.

10 men on Friday were reported dead after drinking alcohol-derived sanitizer.

The incident occurred in India’s town of Kurichedu, in Andhra Pradesh.

The men resorted to drinking hand sanitizers ,claiming that alcohol had become so scarce following closure of bars and liquor shops due to Covid-19.

So far ,India has recorded a total of 1.64 million Covid-19 cases since its outbreak.

“Some people who are heavily addicted to alcohol had been consuming hand sanitizers for the high,” Siddharth Kaushal, the top police official in the district where Kurichedu is located, told Reuters.

“Alcohol is not available because of the lockdown, but hand sanitizers are easily available.”

He said others who had also consumed sanitizers had been discharged from the hospital.

They that passed on had other underlying health conditions,he added.

The federal government has allowed the reopening of most economic activities to try to stave off financial disaster.

Many states including Andhra Pradesh, however, are still isolating certain pockets where the virus infections have jumped ,for example,Kurichedu.

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