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Just In:KEBS Boss Benard Njiraini arrested by EACC officers.

Ethics and anticorruption Commission officers today morning arrested the Managing director of Kenya Bureau of standards (KEBS) Mr. Bennard Njiraini.

He was taken to the EACC offices to record statement.

Njiraini was accused of frustrating investigations on graft in the parastatal.

According to the Star,he refused to provide the Ethics and anticorruption commission officials with original documents on multi-million tenders that are under investigations.

His arrest was as a result of his refusal to provide the documents in accordance with notice issued to him.

“He has refused to comply, thereby continuously frustrating the timely conclusion of  investigations…This [arrest] is with a view of obtaining the said documents and preferring charges against him for his contravention,” a source said.

Shock as Bodies of two Missing children found in a car boot at a police station.

Who might have placed the bodies in the car boot and what was the objective behind it?

According to the standard Newspaper, the two children both aged four were reported Missing 10 days ago.

Their bodies have been recovered inside a boot of a car that was packed at the Machakos police station.

The two children Alvina Mutheu and Henry Jacktone,disappeared on the 11th of June when they were playing outside their house located at KMC estate.

Officers in Athi-River Police Station where the matter was reported on the same day have been searching for the children.

In an attempt to locate them, the parents had visited different hospitals and mortuaries.

Fresh details surfaced when a salesman from Nairobi whose car had been detained went to pick it on Tuesday.

From the boot of the car (Toyota Belta),the owner felt a pungent smell then informed the police officers.

The vehicle had been in detention at the police post for close to three months after being involved in an accident on Mombasa road in March 4.

Upon opening ,the man saw a strange “good” wrapped in black polythene bag.Therein were the two bodies.

“When the owner came to pick the car, he realised that there was a strange cargo in the boot of the car, which was wrapped in a black paper bag,” said an investigating officer familiar with the matter.

Goverenment pathologists were yesterday called to the spot ,to help the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) with investigations.

Coincidentally,the two were both first borns in their families, went to same school ,sat near one another in class and were described as best friends.

According to the pathologist, no blood stain was observed and they could not immediately establish whether there was injury or not.

Investigators said that chances were high that the bodies might have been in the car for at least a week as they were rotting.

Ironically ,not even a single person within the station had complained of a bad smell from a parking ground that is used for detained cars, police officers as well as civilians.

The traffic police officer who on 1st May moved the car from its initial parking to the current one has since recorded statement with the DCI .

He indicated in his statement that he never felt any smell as he moved the car and that all the doors were firmly locked.

How then did the bodies get into the blood of the car, in a police station?

The children might have been killed elsewhere then their bodies sneaked into the police station.

There’s also a hypothesis that the children might have been playin’g in the car but unfortunately suffocated to deth.

Some investigators have however termed the second theory as weak and should not guide the Investigations.

From where the children were playing and the police station is approximately 2 kilometres.

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Another man,68 beaten to death for not wearin’g a face mask.

A family in Nyarago village of Uriri, Migori County is in mournin’g after police officers allegedly beat up one of their own to death.

The man named Julius Ouma has been working in Awendo town and on the fateful day, was walking home from work.

Upon reachin’g a bridge called Nyarago,  Julius encountered police officers.

His son,philip Orwa said the officers began interrogatin’g the old man,why he was not in a face mask.

Before he could utter a word in response,the officers were all on him ,hittin’g his head.

He fell on the ground but even then, they continued hitting his legs with batons.

The witnesses who from a far, had a glance at the incident took the old man to his home which was not far from the spot.

Ouma complained of pain in the legs and head even as the family members rushed him to a local Private hospital where he was admitted.

He lost his speech and two days later,on Monday, passed away while bein’g treated.

Members of the deceased family are now seeking justice.

His son expressed irony that instead of arresting him,the officers chose to clobber.

The County Police Commander Celestine Nyaga yesterday declined to comment on the matter, sayin’g she was yet to get such reports.

Elsewhere in Nakuru,a man 27-year- old,Jackson Ondiek was allegedly shot and injured by police .

He is currently admitted to Eldama Ravine Hospital.

Human rights organisations have petitioned Inspector General (IG) of Police and Independent Policing Oversight Authority (Ipoa) to launch investigations on the case.

Human Rights Network (Nahurinet) reveals that the victim is bein’g intimidated and extra crimes lodged against her.

Accordin’g to police however ,the man is a suspected thief who on the 7th of June failed to comply with dusk to Dawn curfew.

Ondiek said that on the fateful day,his attempts to get a transport means bore no fruit. He was caught up by the curfew and that’s when he was shot.

Nahurinet official ,David Kuria asked the IG and IPOA to look into the matter so the the victim can get justice.

Police Brutality.
Reports indicate that law enforcement argencies are responsible for 56 cases of human rights violations and 19 resultant deaths.

The violations are perpetrated by the police, Kenya Wildlife Service, Kenya Forest Services and administrative officers.

Ondiek who  sells chicken at Eldama Ravine’s Mumberes Village said he was shot around Makutano area on her way back home.

The police accused Ondiek of hatching plans to raid a shop in Makutano Centre and that he had a stolen item besides planning to attack them.

Yes, I was on the wrong, but was just heading home after buying three chicken at the centre,” said Ondiek.

Police Commander of Baringo however dismissed the claims saying that Ondiek is a suspected thief.

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Matiang’i:Enough is enough,travel must resume.

The ban on travel is set to be lifted soon after the launch of Tourism and Travel, Health and Safety Protocols.

According to the Star Newspaper, Interior Cabinet secretary ,Dr. Fred Matiang’i on Wednesday said that the country is now ready to resume travel.

He said “Kenya is ready for travel. Kenyans should know that.”

Dr. Matiang’i was speaking during a meeting with stakeholdres from the ministry of tourism.

He said that provision of security for both local and foreign travellers  by the government shall continue in order to eliminate risk of increased infections of covid-19

“It’s now a reality that the virus could become endemic and we must all be prepared to live with it and resume normalcy under the prevailing circumstances as global efforts to find a vaccine continues,” he said.

He added that the tourism sector is one of the ministries that is prioritized by the government as it restores the economy of the country.

“We can’t sit back, play dead and wait for some magic so we can begin to live normally. There is no country that is an example of what we ought to be doing. Therefore we have to learn for ourselves,” he said.

His counterpart Mutahi Kagwe said that Kenyans should now learn how to live with the virus.

Following the emergence of Covid-19 ,the government in April this year suspended all international travels in abid to control its spread.

As a result ,several activities and sectors such as hospitality, design, sports and technology were brought to an abrupt halt.

With several sectors of the economy closed ,Kenyans have immensely suffered with some going hungry for a lon’g period.

Coupled with the curfew and lockdown in some parts of the country, Many Kenyans have been through hardtimes.

It is expected that the President will in the much anticipated address come next week lift majority of these restrictions.

However untill then ,it remains a wish.

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Don’t open schools and churches yet,health workers to Uhuru.

The union of health practitioners have urged president Uhuru to open the economy in phases if he has to.

Accordin’g to the star,the union said that training and other tertiary institutions should be prioritized.

However ,they opined that untill that time when there shall be a steady decline in the number of covid 19 infections,schools and churches should remain closed.

Speaking on Wednesday, the union representatives  reiterated Education cabinet Secretary sentiments that opening should be gradually done in order to enable the country to beef up its capacity to manage the increasin’g number of infections.

6 Unions that we’re represented include:

Dr. Mercy Mwangagi who is also the Health CAS said that the medics shall be paid their allowances.

  • The Kenya National Union of Nurses
  • Kenya Union of Clinical Officers
  • Kenya Health Professionals Society
  • Kenya National Union of Medical Laboratory Officers
  • Kenya National Union of Pharmaceutical Technicians
  • Kenya Union of Nutritionists and Dietitians.

“We are happy to note that funds are available and health care workers will be paid and it is a process that should be happening going forward,” Mwangangi said.

She also urged the county governments to continue giving their support to the healthcare providers as they work hard to see to it that Corona virus is totally eliminated.

She also stated that counties need to bear responsibility to ensure the country combats the coronavirus.

“We expect county governments to enhance testing capacity and surveillance and  deploy rapid response teams and health facilities need to be readied,” the CAS said.

It will be remembered that the cabinet secretary of Education Professor George Magoha had proposed that schools be reopened in the first of September.

In his recent statements,he said that reopening will be dependent on the prevailing situation of the virus in the country.

The September 1 date received a lot of opposition especially from school heads who claimed they had no finance to put in place the health regulations required by Health ministry.

Modalities of reopenin’g houses of worship are yet to be made public.

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Two senators come to blows in the Senate,minutes after Ole Kina’s election to committee.

Senators today watched a free “action movie” after two of their members  exchanged blows in parliament.

Accordin’g to The star, fight errupted during the election of vice chair of the House Health committee.

This followed declaration of Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina as the winner of the contested election that pitted him against Seneta.

In support of Seneta were a section of members of the committee under the stewardship of Deputy Majority Chief Whip Farhiya Ali.

The senators that attended said that Farhiya’s team allegedly forged Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga’s signature with a view to ensurin’g Seneta won the seat.

The candidate that Mrs. Omanga supported was not clear as she was absent.

An altercation between Kwamboka- the Deputy Minority Whip, and Seneta  that later culminated into a physical fight was then witnessed leadin’g to premature end of the meetin’g.

As Kwamboka raced for Seneta’s neck ,she shouted,

“You can not tell me anything , mimi ni mtu wa Raila Odinga (I’m in Raila Odinga’s team) and I am in the leadership, I will deal with you,”

Senator Ledama expressed his shock by the occurrence, barely two months after he was unceremoniously removed from the County Public and Investment Committee by his party – ODM.

“How come I always have problems in every committee I am elected to lead? I was elected the chair of CPAIC, I was kicked out and now vice chair of health commitee” he said.

Ledama said the two senators who were involved in the fight both hail from the same region,that is Narok and Kajiado(Maa community).

Election of the chair was tentatively halted following the chaos,although Senator Michael Mbito (Transnzoia) was elected as the chair of the committee unopposed.

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CJ Maraga wants the lady allegin’g affair to be probed.

Chief Justice David Maraga has called upon relevant investigative agents to probe the lady who claimed that he sired a child with her.

Through his legal team ,the CJ dismissed authenticity of the documents produced by the lady.

On Tuesday, there was drama at the Milimani Law courts when Mary Kwamboka shouted within the court presinct that Maraga has refused to take care of “their” six year old daughter.

According to The star Newspaper, the head of Maraga’s legal team ,Mr .Danstan Omari said that the lady advertently dramatised the issue at the Milimani Law courts in full glare of police officers.

“The said applicant did start with a lot of drama at the protection of the state contrary to Covid-19 regulations. She put up so much drama that is all over social media,” Omari added.

He confirmed that indeed there’s a case filed before the children’s court by Kwamboka with Maraga as the defendant.

The case was numbered  CC 480/2020.

The lawyers however said that owin’g to the fact that Kwamboka had not paid filing fees,there was no case before the court.

“Once we saw all that in the media we took instructions from our client David Maraga and filed a notice of appointment,” he said.

According to Mr. Omari ,the whole drama was aimed at malignin’g Maraga’s good  reputation.

He said that pressure has been pilled on Mr. Maraga to leave office before his time elapses.

The chief justice is set to officially retire in the year 2021.

“We have come to this court to represent our client only to be told that there is no case and that can only be after the applicant fees has been paid,” he said.

According to lawyer Anita Masaki, their investigations revealed that the name of the alleged mother was not in the registry of births.

This raises eyebrows whether the child really exist.

“We are not worried about the girl in question but more about the person who is behind her drama,” the lawyer said.

Havin’g perused the annexutures filed in court ,Mr. Omari led team came to the realization that the alleged registrar of birth named Shamwata is non existent in the whole country.

So is the case with an officer named NP Otieno in the Nairobi office.

They therefore are of the opinion that the birth certificate was generated and could not be relied on.

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CJ David Maraga dismisses claims that he fathered a child out of wedlock.

The chief justice David Kenani Maraga has dismissed allegations that he has a child out of wedlock.

He,through his Lawyer , Danstan Omari termed the birth certificate alleged to be of his daughter fake.

“We have had a perusal and due deligence on the annexures that have been filed to accompany this. For those who have access to the birth certificate.. there is no registrar known as Shamwata in the whole country nor has there been an officer with the name N.P Otieno,” Omari said.

According to the star,Mr. Omari said that the birth certificate is generated hence cannot be relied on.

Birth certificate alleged to be of Maraga’s child.

He added that pressure has been piled on the Chief Justice to retire before his tenure is due.

On Tuesday,drama ensued at Milimani law courts when a lady named Mary Kwamboka clad in a grey dress claimed that Mr. Maraga sired her child.

She shouted,

Nimechoka na hii story, mbona mnanizungusha na hii story kila wakati..” (I’m tired of all this… why are you taking me round in circles?)

“Maraga amekataa kugharamia mtoto wake… anataka mimi nimgaramie mimi mwenyewe.” (Maraga has refused to take care of his child. He wants me to take care of the child by myself.)

According to Kwamboka,she met the CJ way back in 2013 and had a love affair with him.

“I now have a six-year-old daughter. I have the documents and have been filing cases here. He was summoned by the children’s department but he refused to come,” she said.

She added that she met Maraga in church but could not reveal any information beyond that because the matter was before a court of law.

“We used to go to Nakuru, Naivasha everywhere that is high end…” she said.

Lawyer Omari wished these away sayin’g the CJ is being compelled to resign.

“The CJ is an elder of the SDA Church. The DPP should get to the root of it. We are not worried about the girl but more about who is behind it,” he said.

The judiciary and Executive have in many occasions been in “conflict” over different issues.

Last month ,Maraga divulged what is ongoing between the two arms of the government.

He first protested the Executive Order by President Uhuru Kenyatta to re-organise government.

He claimed the President doesn’t have constitutional powers to institute changes in the Judiciary (Article 132).

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Helb Denies Rumours that it is planning to suspend loans for Engineering students.

Helb has refuted claims that have been doing rounds on social media that it is planning to suspend funding for engineering courses.

Accordin’g to the standard newspaper,the information was wron’g and originated from a satirical website.

There’s a very small difference between satire and misinformation. The more a satirical information circulates,the more it misinforms as different people give it varied interpretations.

According to the story,Higher Education Loans Board had stated that market is full of engineering graduates and that there was no meaningful returns from investin’g in engineerin’g courses.

The website named, Postamate further claimed that 3/4 of engineering gradutes are either unemployed, self employed or employed in a totally unrelated field.

The website quoted ,

“Why waste five years pursuing calculus and other complex things that will not be used anywhere? We are being unfair to these kids and we would rather tell them the truth.”

These claims contradicts a report  titled ‘State of Graduate Employability in Kenya’ by CPS International released in May 2019.

According to the report,the second most employed graduates are those from engineering fields.

Further ,the report indicates that the most employed graduates are from business and economics at 46.7 percent ,second being engineering graduates at 11.1 percent and 8.9 medical studies.

ICT and natural sciences accounted for 6.7 per cent of graduates while art and design accounted for 4.4 per cent while 2.2 per cent are from law, humanities and others.

Mr. Wavi Mungala ,the head of corporate communication at Helb said that they did not issue any directive that suspends loans for engineerin’g students.

“The site that carried this unfortunate story is clearly notorious for fake stories not just about HELB but also about other institutions,”

She said.

Helb advised  members of the public that should they find any information purpoted to be from helb,they should use their official communication channels to verify ,when in doubt.

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Kenyan Rugby players convicted of gan’g rape to be re-tried.

The high court has ordered that Frank Wanyama and Alex Olaba,former rugby players be tried again.

Last year,the duo were found guilty of rapin’g a woman.

Reports also indicates that the court has ordered that the two be moved to Kilimani police station in order to prepare to take plea before 11th of July.

The case will again be heard at a lower court .

Mlimani Chief Magistrate in August 2019 passed a ruling that the two,each  to serve a jail term of 15 years.

“The complainant was traumatised hence a deterrent sentence is necessary,” she ruled.

In attendance were only the only the accuser and respondent since the verdict was read in-camera.

Wanyama and Olaba played for Kenya Harlequin and the national rugby 7s team.

On the 10th of February last year they were accused of gan’graping a woman identidied as WA at an apartment at Highrise in Nairobi.

Accordin’g to WA’ who is an artiste,the events began at a Party in Sprin’g Valley.

She said the two rugby players lured her to their house after leaving the party.

They then in alternate fashion raped her as she fell in and out of her conciousness.

WA posted on social media ,expressin’g grief for bein’g raped on her birthday.

Havin’g taken a medical  test from Nairobi South ,the lady claimed that she had been impregnated from the ordeal.

The rugby players however maintained that the sexual escapade was mutually agreed.

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Magoha:TVET’s to prepare for September openin’g,primary and secondary schools likely, January 2021.

Education cabinet secretary Professor George Omore Magoha.

Technical trainin’g colleges have been asked to begin preparin’g for openin’g in September by Education cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha.

According to the Daily Nation, Magoha told the insititutions to only resume learnin’g partially,while prioritisin’g the finalist Classes.

Primary and Secondary Schools.
The CS hinted that in light of the covid-19 infections that keep soarin’g in Kenya, primary and secondary schools may not be opened in September 1 as earlier said.

Unless the Covid-19 curve is flattened ,this would mean that  opening of the basic learnin’g sector will be pushed to January next year.

He said that openin’g the schools with the current situation of the virus is a tantamount to risking children’s lives.

“We don’t want to have a situation where we take learners back to school and get them infected with coronavirus,” said Magoha.

Many principals have been opposed to the proposed September Schools openin’g citin’g lack of preparedness to observe the health measures due to financial constraints.

Since March ,the goverenment has not released any subsidy funds to schools.

Logistics nightmare
If schools are to open in January as hinted by prof Magoha,it would mean that  all learners ,save for the candidates, would have no option but to repeat for a whole year.

The few months (two months and two weeks) the learners were in school this year would not justify their progress to the next grade.

Teacher shortage.
At the same time,Schools are facing serious understaffin’g of about 130,000 teachers .

Those that were employed on Board of Management terms have not received their pay since March and are unlikely to work zealously unless they are given their pay.

National Examinations.
Accordin’g to insiders from Jogoo house,the candidates could be ordered to go back to school in August to begin preparation for final examinations.

Professor Magoha recently said that the National examinations for both class eight and form fours are likely to be done in either April or May.

The same sources said that probably, universities will be at liberty to choose their openin’g dates.

This would however depend on their academic calendars and their readiness to adhere to Ministry of health Covid-19 guidelines.

Prequisites for university openin’g
Amon’g the things expected of universities before openin’g includes;
Well stocked face masks , sanitizer booths  and running water.

Others includes social distancing rules for everyone in the institutions and hygiene protocols.

Having done all these,the relevant authority within the University must invite a team of officials from both Education and Health ministries  for inspection.

If the team approves the measures put in place ,then the institution will be given a go ahead to open.

Magoha advised the Institutions to allow partial openin’g with a view to permittin’g
the finalists to take their examinations.

“We had a meeting with stakeholders. A part of our engagement meeting has gone on well and come up with several proposals that will see learning resume,” said the CS, who was accompanied by the Tvet Principal Secretary, Dr Julius Jwan.

Magoha reiterated that the major challenge ,that he described as the elephant in the room is social distancin’g.

“Kindly programme and bring students in shifts and allow others to complete their examinations,” he said, adding that the institutions must be able to make their own masks and provide sanitisers to students.

The CS also added that the higher learning institutions that were used as isolation centres will have to be fumigated before openin’g.

Further he said that no more patients will be admitted to such centers in order to allow their reopenin’g.

The 8.8 billion from the world bank ,he said ,will be used in supportin’g infrastructural development in schools.

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Uhuru:Kenya to end Nairobi and Mombasa Lockdown.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has said that the government is set to lift the inter-county lockdown in few days to come.

According to the star Newspaper, the head of state said that lifting of the lockdown will pave way for domestic flights.

Listen to the audio. https://t.me/kenyanbell/16 https://t.me/kenyanbell/17

Mr.Kenyatta was speakin’g on Sunday durin’g a virtual leaders forum on US-Africa trade convened by the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA) .

The head of state said that this will be a prerequisite for openin’g up the skies to later on permit the international flights.

“We are going to start domestic flights and this is what we are going to use as our trial over the next couple of days because we are opening up the lockdown of intercounties,” he said.

He added that in as much as Kenya is eager to open up it’s economy,including flights, priority must be given to good health hence necessary precautions must be taken.

“If you don’t take precautions, opening up too quickly also has its downside. We are eager to open up but also eager to stay safe and healthy. We are doing everything to ensure we are back in the sky,” he added.

The head of state acknowledged that the precautionary measures that have been put in place have greatly helped to save lives.

He however noted the negative side effects, that is, deterioration in certain sectors of the economy.

He cited the informal sector,tourism and hotel industry that he said have suffered a major blow.

Further,he said that his administration had put in place measures to cushion vulnerable communities and businesses from the adverse effects of the pandemic.

This week,the The National Emergency Response Committee is expected to loosen or tighten the chains further.

Loosen by easin’g the current measures or tighten by extendin’g them because the period given to counties to have 300 bed capacity isolation centres is soon elapsin’g.

Only 12 counties had achieved the target by Thursday last week while the others are still strugglin’g.

The total number of Covid -19 cases stands at 6070.

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