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President Uhuru’s allies dares Ruto to go ahead and form his party.

Uhuru and his deputy in a past event.

Just a day after the deputy president ,Dr. William Ruto formed a parallel party office , Uhuru “men” have dared him to get out of jubilee and form his own party.

Should Ruto attempt to register jubilee asili,Jubilee Party, the vice-chairman David Murathe has sworn to block him.

He however said that they are at liberty to form a new party.

Murathe said that they will not allow any one to register a political party bearing the name “jubilee” with a view to confusin’g Kenyans.

In a statement ,he denied earlier claims by Tangantanga team that they had been denied access to Pangani Jubilee headquarters saying that they (Tangatanga) had promised to work from Jubilee headquarters.

Murathe said that “You cannot purport to have a party that appears to share a name and slogan with another because it will confuse people. We have the copyright of Jubilee, so they cannot list another party with that name,”

This was in reference to the newly unveilled Jubilee Asili and the slogan “SOTE PAMOJA”.

He further said that the slogan and the clenched hand sign resembles those of JP and would cause confusion amon’g the citizens.

The vocal Elgeyo Marakwet Senator and stron’g defender of the dp,Kipchumba Murkomen rubbished the claims saying that they did not have any plan to ditch Jubilee.

“Ignore the rumours doing rounds. Jubilee Party is our party, our labour of love and visionary investment, whose fruits we look forward to enjoying. Jubilee Asili Centre is the meeting venue for and by members who have been denied access to our party office on Thika Road,” said Murkomen.

Another Dp’s ally , Cornelly Serem  however said that if their concerns are not addressed, they will register a jubilee asili party with support of majority of the Legislators then leave them with a shell of the old jubilee.

Monthly party contributions.
Mr Murathe said that the allies of Ruto were at liberty to run a parallel office but must continue making their contributions to Jubilee party offices at Pangani.

“I heard them say they will contribute to pay for the new office space. They can go ahead but they have to continue remitting their monthly subscription fee. It would be a matter of disciplinary action if anyone stops making the payment,” added Murathe.

Should jubilee learn that Tangatanga team has formed a different party or are pushing for a different ideology,jubilee party would not hesitate kicking them out, added Kanini Kega.

He argued that they were sponsored to parliament by the rulin’g party hence will not hesitate to expell them should they engage in a contrary opinion or activities.

To add onto the matter,Nakuru town West Mp Samuel Arama said that any move by members of Tangatanga to form a parallel outfit to the rulin’g party is misguided and would amount to hindrance of the former’s operations.

In support of his sentiments was Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria who reminded Dr. Ruto of his previous vow to stay in jubilee.

He urged the Dp to go ahead and form a new party besides opening a new office but emphasised on finding amicable solutions to problems whenever they do arise.

The legislature  added that the sole reason for formation of jubilee party was to have ideology-based party that could unify all Kenyans beyond the tribal lanes.

“Kenya needs a maximum of three big parties with a set direction. Some parties have been turned into conduits for enriching certain people who collect money from members for unjustifiable reasons. As much as we are a multiparty democracy, the DP should cool down and sit down with his boss on the issues,” he said.

Cooperation agreement rubbish
The jubilee rebbels rubbished the earlier agreement between jubilee and Chama Cha Mashinani and wiper ,terming it a a boardroom decision.

The sentiment was expressed by Mp’s Caleb Kositany  of Soy, kapseret’s Oscar Sudi and Cornelly Serem of Aldai.

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Done Deal,Uhuru-Raila crafting a coalition against Ruto.

President Kenyatta and former prime Minister Raila Odinga at a past event.

Can Deputy President Dr. William Ruto stand an ODM-JUBILEE party alliance?

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his “brother” Raila Amolo Odinga are in the process of forming a powerful political coalition ahead of 2022.

Accordin’g to trusted allies of the two,the ultimate plan is to have one presidential candidate for the two parties.

This is expected to take place after ODM and Jubilee signs an agreement as is expected in the next few weeks.

The Kenya political arena is known for merging parties to form alliances when nearing a general election.

Ahead of the August 2017 general elections for example National Supper Alliance (NASA ) was formed in January the same year. It brought together parties such as Wiper,Orange Democratic movents , Amani National Congress Chama Cha Uzalendo and National Rainbow coalition.

Jubilee was composed of parties such as The National Alliance,United Republican party and United Docratic forum,just to mention a few.

The same has been witnessed in the president’s camp after signing an agreement by Chama Cha Mashinani’s  Isack Ruto and Wiper’s Kalonzo Musyoka.

An agreement or a coalition
The three opted for cooperation agreement in stead of a coalition because they will lose their status as minority parties in Parliament if they enter a formal post-poll coalition with Jubilee as was the case with Kanu.

The two parties are affiliated to the National Super Alliance (NASA)

Interested Parties
According to close allies of the two leaders ,ODM and Jubilee are expected to sign a cooperation Agreement after which any interested parties will be given invitations.

It is through this that they plan to craft a coalition, which will lead to the signing of a pre-election agreement for the next general election.

Yesterday ,Hon.John Mbadi,the ODM chairman said that the party was keen on  an election deal with jubilee prior to general elections.

He continued to confirm that it is no secret that ODM and Jubilee are yet to get into a coalition then later invite all like-minded parties

“Parties are formed to win power and govern. They are not charitable organisations. Towards the 2022 elections, political visibility and strength will be achieved only if we strategise properly,”Said Mbadi.

Close sources say that the legal team drafting the coalition papers is being led by Siaya Senator and Senate Minority leader ,James Orengo.

While in Taita Taveta last Month, Mr. Orengo said that “there is possibility that the two top leaders will form a political alliance ahead of 2022 because they are working together to stabilise the country,”

He added that President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga will continue to work together for the unity of this country whether other people like it or not.

The paperwork
The two parties are concluding paperwork ahead of the cooperation deal.

A member of ODM party who sought anonymity divulged that “the draft paperwork on a co-operation agreement is at its tail-end.”

Mr. Mbadi said that a cooperation agreement  by jubilee is the party’s  immediate Centre of attention

He however laid emphasis on the fact that the deal will not include government appointments but rather,support in parliament and other areas of national interest,but still no one should be surprised if some ODM insiders get appointed to some key political positions.

Jubilee party Secretary general yesterday also affirmed that the decision to sign agreement pacts was a sign of possible future coalition.

He added that towards the end of Uhuru’s term,Jubilee would likely consider a pre- election coalition.

Further,he said that currently ,the agreements are aimed at ensuring that they deliver on the promises made to Kenyans.

Tuju also said that despite the recent cooperation agreement with Chama Cha Mashinani and Wiper,just like Orange Democratic Movement,they remain active members of NASA.

Accordin’g to the Jubilee  National Advisory Council Secretary Hassan Osman ,the agreement signed between the two parties and Jubilee, are a pointer to further engagements moving forward to 2022.

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COVID 19 : Eleven Judiciary Staff infected,open court sessions suspended.

Mombasa Law Courts

Corona virus has found its way into the Mombasa Judiciary as 11 members of staff have tested positive over the past 24 hours.

According to the standard newspaper, the chief Justice David Maraga on Friday said that among’ those infected are Judicial officers and registry staff.

The CJ added that the 118 people with whom the victims had come into contact primarily have been identified and must go into a self quarantine with an immediate effect.

The affected courts includes the main court building, the city court and the Tononoka children’s court. 

Untill further notice ,Mr. Maraga has suspended all open court sessions in the coastal regions.

He added that despite the closure ,they will strive to offer online services and other vital services to the court users.

The suspension of the court activities comes a week after a KCB Bank outlet at the Mombasa Law Courts was shut to curb spread of the disease. 

According to the ministry of health announcement made on Friday 19,  1,197 Covid-19 cases were recorded in Mombasa.

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Hope as Covid -19 Recoveries rise to 1550.

Chief Administrative Secretary Dr. Rashid Aman

According to the ministry of health,1550 patients have recovered from Corona virus disease in the country.

Chief Administrative Secretary Rashid Aman on Friday announced that in the past 24 hours, 91 patients have been discharged from the hospital after recoverin’g.

Of the 3043 samples that were tested today, 117 more tested positive for covid.

The total tally now stands at 4374. The cases that were recorded today composed of 54 females and 83 males.

Two more patients succumbed last night bringing the total deaths to 119.

According to the Standard, 52 cases were reported from Nairobi with 8 coming from Kibra.

Those with underlying health conditions at higher risk.

While giving the daily briefin’g on Corona virus, Dr. Aman urged those with pre-existing health conditions to be extra cautious to avoid contracting the virus.

The underlying conditions that pose threat to covid-19 victims include HIV ,cancer and diabetes.

Sickle cell and corona-virus.

In the company of Ag director general Dr. Patrick Amoth, Aman said that as a result of compromised immune system due to sickle cell anaemia,the victims are equally vulnarable.

Sickle cell is a disorder of the genes that is characterised by mutation of red blood cells leading to blockage of smaller blood vessels.

He also adviced members of the country to have a stock of drugs that can last a month.

Dr Aman added that the ministry of health has developed guidelines on care at the health facilities and in the communities.

These will soon be rolled out to help fight Corona virus.

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Another deal by Uhuru that further complicates Ruto’s 2022 presidential ambitions.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has with speed moved to consolidate his support in Western Kenya.

Political pundits say this move will take his deputy ,William Ruto a lot of creativity to counter.

The move comes hours after the head of state welcomed two Political heavy weights ; Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper Party) and Dp’s fiarcest critic ,Isack Ruto of Chama Cha Mashinani to his jubilee Umbrella.

Dr. William Ruto has on several occasions in the past launched many projects in a bid to lure this vote-rich region.

Uhuru’s Move

In a surprising political move ,Mr. Kenyatta has assumed command of the region’s politics by authorising an immediate completion of all projects in the western Region.

It is worth remembering that in a couple of days back, 16 leaders alied to the Deputy President have been ousted from the positions they held in the National Assembly.

This seems to have completely locked out Dr. Ruto from some of his stron’gholds.

With the political “challenges” currently facin’g him projected not to end any time soon, the Dp must be very creative if he is to succeed in selling his manifesto in the region before 2022 general elections.

Focus is yet to shift to the projects in the  Central region too with a view to liberating it from the weakenin’g politics.

Education Chief Administrative Secretary Zack Kinuthia on Thursday said that the president was right when he said that central region is a sure bet politically and that all it needs is not political freedom but rather economic.

In his capacity as the  chairman of the National Development Implementation and Communication Cabinet Committee ,Dr. Fred Matian’gi was directed by the President to convene a meeting with leaders of the five Western Counties and have a chat on development projects.

If the projects are launched and the earlier ones completed as is the current plan by the head of state ,then the influence that had been gained by Tangatanga cohorts prior to Covid-19 pandemic shall have greatly reduced.

The meetin’g.

The members of parliament allied to the Deputy President missed the meeting that was held at the Kenya Institute of curriculum development-Nairobi.

This did not come as surprise with sources saying that they did so on account of bein’g asked to.

According to the Nation newspaper,Assembly Majority Whip Emmanuel Wangwe had invited all the MP’s through text messages and their WhatsApp platforms.

In attendance were 20 members of parliament and four senators.The allies of Hon Wetangula (Bungoma Senator) and Hon. Mudavadi (Leader Amani National Congress ) however missed.

In conclusion of the meetin’g,Dr. Matiang’i agreed to visit the region between July 20 and 21, 2020 ,have analysis of the projects and compile a report to the president.

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George Magoha:Students might learn in shifts should schools reopen in September.

The cabinet secretary of Education Professor George Omore Magoha yesterday  said that students might take turns in learning should schools resume in September.

The ministry of education is contemplating having students attend schools in shifts in order to comply with health education guidelines on social distancin’g.

Candidate Classes

The CS said that if that is to happen,priority will be given to transition classes, and finalists or examination cohorts in schools, universities, teacher training colleges and TVET institutions.

According to the standard newspaper, in primary and secondary Schools, focus will be on Class Eight and Form Four candidates.

The transition of Grade Four pupils under the Competency-Based Curriculum is also critical as the government is expected to implement a national roll-out of the new system to Grade Five next year.

Professor Magoha is still studying a number of scenarios presented to him in case schools reopen come September.

These proposals were made by the Covid-19 Education Response Committee set up by the CS to advise him on the reopening of all basic learning institutions and tertiary institutions.

The CS added that the decisions to have learning institutions open in September have not been fully reached and can change anytime.

Amon’g the factors that might lead to the change include increased knowledge of the Corona virus and the prevailing circumstances within the country.

Proposals on table
One option is to have a section of learners attend school in the mornin’g and others in the afternoon.

Next is to have a section attend school for a week or month then the others to do the same in an alternate fashion.

Still,the CS is contemplating having various classes spread accross two or three days of the week.

For example,the candidate class could attend school from Monday to Wednesday then the rest comes in from Thursday while the former group stays back.

To equalise the number of days attended,a group that attended school for three days the previous week would go for two days the following week.

The sequence would continue throughout the term.

According to sources ,conversant with the modalities, the latter proposal would be ideal as far as equal provision of education is concerned.

The candidate classes will have ample time preparing for final examinations while at the same the other groups continue to learn without being left behind.

In another proposal,a section of learners are to attend school for one term as the others stay back at home in alternating fashion.

This however was rejected. Experts Said that the period that has been taken by students at home is enough and it would be unwise to extend it further when schools finnaly resume.

The CS  assured all stake holders that necessary measures are taken to ensure that right decisions regarding school reopening are taken.

He added that several measures are to be  considered after consulting with relevant stake holders.

Some of the measures includes:
Having fewer learners at schools to reduce contact in order to avoid any deaths that might occur as a result of reopening.

Teacher’s Roles

Teachers to implement social distancing rules, handwashing with soap, use of hand sanitisers, wearing of masks or face shields, and monitoring temperatures to reduce the risk of infection.

Some teachers who spoke said that to have all these measures implemented then it’s wise to have staff number boosted.

They argued that as may be the case with learners,teachers who are on duty this week may also alternate with a different group the following week.

With all these proposals,the question therefore becomes,how possible will their implementation be in boarding schools??

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Enough is enough! Ruto finnaly hits back at Uhuru.

The Deputy President Dr.William Ruto yesterday unveilled a parallel office in what was seen as a response to a “fight” with the president to control the jubilee party.

Accordin’g to the standard,the party office was code-named jubilee Asili Centre ,with a slogan “SOTE PAMOJA”

It is located in Nairobi’s Kilimani area, On Makini and off Riara Road.

In attendance of the new address were Jubilee Members of Parliament , especially those who,because of supporting his 2020 political ambitions had been ousted from various parliamentary positions.

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Hon Kipchumba Murkomen said that they would be holding meetings from their newly opened offices.

According to the Vocal leader ,the jubilee party offices located at Pangani had been declared out of bounds for them (Dp and allies)

He confirmed that amon’g the agenda discussed yesterday included consolation of those that are allegedly targeted by the ongoin’g “sanitization” process in Uhuru-Led Jubilee Party.

Murkomen said that Jubilee Asili is a place for all members who still are in belief of the original Jubilee Party  Agenda including implementation of what they had promised the people of Kenya.

Confirming occurrence of the meeting, Ruto’s communication director Mr. Emmanuel Talam ,said that it aimed at telling them that they have a responsibility to implement the Jubilee agenda that saw them assume office in 2013 and 2017.

Yesterday ,through a tweet,Ruto thanked the MP’s, with whom he had lunch, for their good service to both the party and the Nation.

The Dp urged the members to continue focusing on transformational agenda,now and going forward.

The Tangatanga meeting came just a day after President Uhuru hosted Wiper’s and Chama Cha Mashinani’s Kalonzo Musyoka and Isaac Ruto respectively.

The two signed a cooperation agreement at the Jubilee party headquarters ,in a ceremony that was attended by The Secretary General Hon. Raphael Tuju and  vice- Chairman David Murathe.

Barely a day before the Tangatanga meetin’g ,The Speaker of the national assembly,Justin Muturi made an announcement of official  discharge of all those de-whipped by the party. 

Hon Kipchumba Murkomen yesterday said that the Jubilee Asili Centre was funded by party members who held the view that they had been rendered “powerless” by denying them access to the jubilee party headquarters.

He added that the situation had impacted negatively on contribution of members to the implementation of their agenda and growth of the party.

Some of the allies of the deputy president who never survived the Jubilee purge includes;

  • Kandara MP Alice Wahome (JLAC vice-chairperson),
  • Robert Pukose (Endebes)
  • Sirisia MP John Waluke,
  • Fred Kapondi (Mt Elgon)
  • Joyce Chepkorir (Labour and Social Welfare vice-chairperson)
  • Khatib Mwashetani (Lands vice-chair)
  • Catherine Waruguru (Services and Facilities vice-chairperson).
  • Kuria (Transport vice-chair),
  • James Lomenen (National Cohesion and Equal Opportunities vice-chair)
  • Liza Chepkorir Chelule (Broadcast and Library vice-chair)
  • Cornelly Serem (Trade vice-chair).

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Muran’ga residents held hostage by hippos.

Several residents of Kimorori Wempa ward in Maragua, Muran’ga county have been denied their freedom of movement by marauding hippos.

This comes after heavy rains resulted to check dams within the area gettin’g filled up,interferin’g with the animals’ habitats.

The area MCA , Amos Murigi confirmed the matter saying that many people within his ward were held hostage in their homes by the animals that were destroyin’g crops on the farms.

Speakin’g at the county assembly of Muran’ga ,the MCA sought for answers on how the animals can be restrained.

He said that unfortunately,since November last year ,the residents’ activities have been interrupted by them.

Their attempts to have Kenya Wildlife Service come in have bore no fruits as they have not received any response from them.

He also said there was a fatal incident last year ,when a man was attacked by a hippo while on the farm.

He  raised concerns about destruction of farms by the animals sayin’g that there might be food shortage in future as a result.

Further,the member of county assembly said that prior to Corona Pandemic, parents were forced to accompany their children to and from school to ensure their safety from the maraudin’g hippos.

Hippos are amon’g the most dangerous animals in Africa.

They are plant eaters and that’s why they cause a lot of destruction upon getting to the farms that boarders their habitats,either lake shore or river banks.

Hippos can crush a canoe in pieces within seconds using their poelwerful jaws.

It is estimated that about 500 people are killed each year by the animals.

In the year 2018, two people were mauled in Nakuru county after getting close to the dangerous animals.

One of the victims was a 66 year old man who at the time of the incident was snappin’g pictures of the hippos near Sopa hotel.

Another man who was on a fishing  expedition on Lake Naivasha was in similar manner mauled by the vicious mammal in February this year.

Attempts to save him proved futile after he was bitten several times.He was casting a fishing net at around 5am when the animals attacked.

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Chewin’g gum made from miraa hits the Kenyan Market.

a mirra plant

For anyone who has never chewed mirra ,doing so can be a turn off owing to the resultant effects such as stained teeth.

Others who might wish to give it a try may be kept off by the thought of carrying around bundles of twigs and leaves.

According to the standard,these two factors gave Rek East Africa Ltd CEO Maore Ithula-a communication expert and agricultural engineer a deep and lon’g thought before coining a mirra-made chewing gum.

The gum branded Marqan is set to be sold to clients above 18 years of age only.

It was manufactured by a company by the name Rek East Africa Limited.

The manufacturer says that with Marqan ,chiewing mirra has not only been made easier but also hygienic and stylish.

Ingredients. The ingredients of the chiewing gum includes gum base, oils, sugars, miraa, gum Arabica and aspartame,said the manufacturer.

The invention was guided by technical experts at the food division of the Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute, a government agency based at South C in Nairobi.

Kenya Bureau Of Standard.
On Tuesday,The Head of Quality Assurance and Inspection at the Kenya Bureau of standard ,Mr. Bennard Nguyo said that the gum had not been issued any standardization mark by his department.

This declaration came at a time when Mr. Ithuli had announced that the gum is already in the market.

According to Nguyo,the firm did not follow the correct registration process for the product.

He added that products that contains mirra are classified as those that affect mental processes (Psychotropic ) and their manufacture and sell is controlled by the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act.

The firm on the hand said that Kebs is just trying to assume the fact that mirra is a legal crop that is recognised by the government.

Mr. Ithuli refuted claims by KEBS that mirra was classified under narcotics or psychotropic substances. 

Further he noted that like other crops ,Miraa is grown in Kenya, exported and the government recognises it and that  the law recognises it as a scheduled crop.

In further denial of the claims raised by KEBS ,one of the Organisation’s official ,Sarah Gacii said that Marqan chewing gum was incubated and developed in the food technology division of Kirdi and was also linked to Kebs for certification.

She added that despite the safety concerns raised by KEBS,the gum is already retailing in Nairobi’s Eastleigh.

Eastleigh is known as one of the largest markets for mirra in Kenya.

Mr.Ithula their invention has made mirra chiewing hygienic,easy and user friendly as the chewing gum is less bulky.

He projected that with the entry of the gum to the market,new mirra consumers are going to get attracted to the herb.

Besides ,the bulk has been reduced hence ease of transportation.

Muslim Clients.
Considering the Muslims’ religious faith,Rek made the product Halal by replacing gelatin, in its formulation, with Arabica gum.

Plans are also underway to come up with many mirra-based products such as mirra fudge and toffee.

The innovation of the new product has been welcomed by Nyambene Miraa Traders Association in what it termed a ray of hope for the herb’s farmers whose market has been dwindlin’g.

Through the chairperson Kimathi Munjuri,the association said that an option has been provided to other Kenyans who were not able to consume Mirra in its natural form.

Mirra is a perishable crop,something that made Several farmers incur huge loses in the past.

Effects in the body

Mirra has traditionally been used for its brain stimulation and euphoric effects.

It is also believed to be an appetite suppressant hence a remedy for obesity.

Adverse reactions to mirra may include dental, respiratory and cognitive effects.

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Renowned Benga Musician, Omondi Lon’g Lilo Dead.

Lovers of Benga music in mourning after veteran Benga musician Erick Omondi Odit alias Omondi Lon’g Lilo was this morning pronounced dead.

His demise occurred at around 4am while undergoing treatment in Bondo Sub-county hospital ,Siaya County.

Sources say that he has suffered from cancer for a long time and this was the cause of his death.

Omondi rocked airwaves about 4years ago with his songs such as Okoth Pilot,Kon’go Shida and Goretti.

In February this year he tried to reach out to his fans after battlin’g sickness for a lon’g time. However his attempts even to close friends with whom he san’g bore no fruits.

According to his fellow musician Odhiambo Tusker who has been in hospital with him,he (Omondi) complained of stomach pains when they were in a meetin’g at one point.

According to him, he thought that was just a mere pain that would fade but was surprised to learn that his condition had deteriorated.

Further ,he noted that in the past few days,Omondi gradually lost his speech and appetite while in hospital.

He lobbied for support from friends to have Omondi transfered to a hospital in Kisumu but he unfortunately passed away before the transfer.

The 37 year old has left behind a widow(Goretti Awino) and three children.

His demise comes at a time when the memories of Ohangla musician Abenny Jachiga is still fresh in the minds of his fans.

Abenny’s burial was characterised by a lot of fracas that saw his body being buried at night sparking public outrage.

People are eagerly waiting to see how Omondi’s burial is going to be conducted after what was witnessed a few days ago in Chiga.

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Education:7 demands by KNUT before schools reopen in September 1.

pupils in a discussion forum within the school compound.

Teachers have given an array of conditions they want met before resuming learning come September.

1.Teachers to serve within their localities.
Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) to do away with delocalization policy that saw many teachers work away from their homes.

Through KNUT Secretary General wilson Sossion,teachers said that in accordance with Ministry of health guidelines, they should be allowed to work within their areas of residence to avoid spreading the virus.

To effect this,they asked the employer to reogarnise staffing with a view to minimising movements.

According to Sossion, posting of teachers should be done within their localities or in areas where they have established their homes to minimise movement as possible.

He argued that teachers posted away from their homes or family members always extend weekends to visit their families.

TSC boss Dr. Nancy Macharia

2.Teachers be inducted on Measures to lessen Covid 19, safety measures and effects of the virus.

The firebrand Secretary general said that teachers must first be trained on how to deal with Corona virus professionally, psychologically and emotionally as well as related stigma.

3.Setting up of emergency Health facilities.
They also want the employer to set up treatment centres to handle cases that might arise after resumption and throughout the term.

4.Special attention be given to teachers with 55years of age and above and those that might have underlying medical conditions such as cancer,high blood pressure and diabetes.

He added that about 50,000 of teachers fall within the high risk age hence need for proper deployment strategies.

KNUT secretary general Wilson Sossion

5.An affirmative action plan for war-striken counties such as Garissa ,Wajir,Mandera and Tana River to increase the number of teachers.

He said that to implement social distancing with high number of students currently in the government schools,more than 400,000 teachers must be employed.

6.A class to contain a maximum of 15 students/pupils. This would mean that a review of staffing be done.

7.TSC to absorb all teachers who are qualified and registered by the Commission.

In connection to this, he proposes that all interns be employed on permanent and pensionable terms to help check understaffin’g.

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Shock as ex-husband chops off a woman’s hands.

The dreadful incident occurred in
Kya Mavui Village in Mbooni, Makueni County.

Using a machete ,the man named Boniface Mutua severed his ex-wife’s hands and inflicted cuts in various parts of her body.

The man paid the 24 year old purity Muthoki a visit on Saturday at around 9pm under the disguise of reconciling with her.

According to her father,no one suspected any ill intentions since Boniface had been visiting them ever since they separated.

This time,the man had a mission to accomplish.

Makau then left to go and finish some work in the neighborhood,leaving behind Muthoki and her ex-husband.

Little did they know that all the way from Yatta-Machakos, Boniface had a concealed panga.

While out,Makau later heard  loud cries from his home and when he went back to check,he met the man rushing out of the house.

Inside ,Muthoki was lying in a pool of blood on the floor and everything within  in total mess.

Makau raised an alarm.The villagers who came found the man fleeing,tied and stoned him to death.

Muthoki is currently recovering at Makueni referral hospital.Her hands which were almost falling off were amputated by the doctors as there was no other option.

According to the doctor’s reports,she had 31 cuts in several other body parts but is currently in a stable condition.

The lead doctor in her treatment,Mr Athman Lugogo said that Muthoki would remain in the hospital for the next few days.

The machete used to conduct the heinous act had been recoverd by the area Chief Jeremiah Makau.

Boniface’ body has been moved to Tawa mortuary.

The deputy governor of Makueni county Adelina Mwau adviced couples to always seek help when they need it.

Adelina has been speaking out against gender-based violence.

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