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Duale happy, survives Jubilee party purge.

On Tuesday 2nd 2020, the Jubilee parliamentary group held a meeting in the statehouse to discuss the partie’s “sanitization” process that had begun in the senate in the past few weeks.

Fortunes smiled on national assembly majority leader Honourable Aden Bare Duale as he survived jubilee’s planned ouster.

During the meeting however, Benjamin Washiali the national assembly majority whip and his deputy cecily mbarire were dismissed from their positions.

In their replacement,honorable Emmanuel wangwe,Navakholo member of parliament and Maoka Maore Igembe north mp took up their positions respectively.

Close sources divulged that before the parliamentary meeting ,plans were underway to have Aden Duale replaced by kipipitry member of parliament Hon. Amos Kimunya.

Duale has served as the majority leader for seven years.

Sources also revealed that mp Kimani Ingwa was to be replaced by honourable Kanini Kega the Kieni member of parliament.

According to the insiders,the aim of the meeting was to do away with those who were not in support of president kenyatta’s agenda.

In attendance were two hundred and thirty members of parliament.

In the past few days ,the same process was witnessed in the senate assembly where Hon Kipchumba Murkomen and proff. kithure kindiki were shown the door.

Business as usual in Kibra despite 151 covid -19 cases.

Residential houses in Kibra

In spite of the number of covid-19 cases rising to 151 in Nairobi’s kibra estate, the government still, is reluctant to put it on lockdown.

Ironically , Eastleigh and Mombasa’s old Town whose figures are lower than that of kibra have to continue to be on lockdown until sixth of June 2020.

Health chief administrative secretary, Dr.Rashid Aman yesterday announced one hundred and forty three new cases of covid-19 while giving the daily report on the same.

He said that the government is carefully mornitoring the informal settlements in kenya.Similarly,Dr. Aman cited that to some extent ,increased concern seen around kibra is due to extended testing and that surveillance teams are closely watching the informal settlement.

There has been a constant increase in covid-19 cases in kibra. Dr. Aman further added that should there be an increase in the numbers further, then there will be no alternative but to take necessary actions.

Kibra residents linin’g up for food in a past event.

According to the standard newspaper, the figures given yesterday indicated that 143 people tested positive for covid -19 accross the nation.

Makadara estate recorded the highest figures followed by kibra. Out of the 86 cases that were recorded in Nairobi, kibra had 21 whilst 45 came from Makadara, Embakasi had six cases and Langata one.

Dr. Patrick Amoth, the health director general stated that densely populated areas forms the hub of the disease.

He said that social distancin’g in such areas is difficult, therefore masks and hand washing remains the only options.

According to Dr. Amoth, one of the reasons that has lead to fast spread of the disease in the informal settlements is inadequate access to clean water.

Besides Kibra, Makadara and Eastleigh, Mathare is the other informal settlement that has recorded more cases.
So far the highest number registered being 33.

At the moment ,33 out of forty seven counties have recorded covid-19 cases with the latest being Kericho, specifically Ainamoi area.

Eleven cases have also been reported in Uasin Gishu all of whom are truck drivers.

Kenya has so far recorded about sixty three deaths.Majority of them suffered other underlying conditions such as high blood pressure,heart conditions, asthma as well as diabetes.

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