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9 Benefits of havin’g sex durin’g pregnancy.

Many would question the safety of engaging in sex during pregnancy.

Unless your doctor advised you otherwise for specific health reasons, it is not only safe and beneficial to you as a mother but also for your unborn baby.

1.Relieves stress. Even during pregnancy ,it’s normal to worry about certain thin’gs such as work and how your life is going to change after delivery.

When you experience intense sexual pleasure at this time, a hormone called oxytocin is produced and it helps relieve stress.

You will be a happy mother after getting horizontal with your partner.

2.Healthy child development. Contrary to what many have believed, sex during pregnancy do not in any way hurt your unborn baby.

Pleasure associated with it makes you, as a mother feel good.When you feel good the exposure of your baby to stress hormones is greatly reduced hence proper development.

3.Eases labor and recovery. Orgasm (intense pleasure during intercourse) increases the rate at which the pelvic floor contracts. The contractions in turn help strengthen the muscles that are involved in labor and delivery.

4.Eases pregnancy related symptoms such as pains and aches. Backaches and other pains can accompany pregnancy. when you shake sheets during pregnancy, these can greatly reduce.

5.Better orgasm. Do you have problem achieving this maximum pleasure that many people are talking about ? try sex during pregnancy.

At this time ,the nerve endings within the body are extra sensitive with nipples and clitoris engorged .It is the best time to achieve maximum pleasure.

6.Increases bond. The fun when having pregnancy sex can increase connection between you and your partner.You will need this connection after delivery, won’t you?

As lon’g as you are married, engage in many such activities.

7.Improves self-esteem. Several changes that occur in the body during pregnancy may make you feel so strange about yourself. Having some hot yoga at this time helps boost positive feelings about yourself as well as confidence.

8.Lowers blood pressure. Shakin’g bedsheets can help lower blood pressure temporarily.However, this doesnt mean that you have sex several times when you suffer from high blood pressure.

9.Boosts immune system. When you have sex, your body produces an antibody that fights cold and other infections.

In as much as it is safe to have an afternoon delight during pregnancy, it’s prudent to keep off when:

  • You experience vaginal bleeding
  • Your conscience tells you that something is not in order.
  • You suspect STD’s
  • In the last three months of pregnancy, you establish that you have more than one baby in the womb.

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Ladies: Avoid these 6 foods during that time of the month.

Menstrual period comes with various uncomfortable symptoms in many ladies.

Eating certain foods or products can worsen situations.Here are some foods that when taken in excess can heighten your pains hence should be avoided.

1.Alcohol Symptoms experienced during menstrual periods can also be brought about by alcohol.These include tiredness, need to vomit, headaches and diarrhoea.

Alcohol has a dehydrating effect that can cause some of these symptoms to increase. Besides, the dehydrating effect make the menstrual fluid thicker.

You can imagine how hard and painful it is going to be passing it out. You don’t want to experience this ,do you?

If you must take alcohol during your menstrual period ,having just a minimal quantity is a good thin’g.

2.Red meat. Refers to any meat besides that of fish and chicken. Red meat contains a lot of iron and high levels of body chemicals that enhances contraction of the uterus to get rid of its lining.

It is elimination of the uterine wall that comes out as blood flow.

The body already has some of these chemicals therefore further increase might cause cramps hence more pain.

Additionaly ,taking foods with high fat content can cause bloating and breast tenderness during your red wedding.

If you want to limit some of these experiences then red meat is not something to let into your body.

3.Salty foods. Hormones that come alongside your period already cause bloating. High levels of salt in your diet causes water retention hence bloat.

You should therefore minimize salt intake during your periods. Furthermore,avoid highly processed foods that contains sodium content.

4.Coffee Right amounts of coffee is healthy but not during that time of the month.Caffein in the coffee makes blood vessels in the body to constrict leading to tightening of those vessels that supplies blood to the uterus.

This result in very painful cramps. Certain digestive issues can also come as a result of high caffeine intake.

This common especially in those ladies who tend to diarrhoea when receiving their menses.

In case you are addicted to caffein,withdrawal should be gradual otherwise you might experience headache.

5.Spicy foods. If you are not the type that is used to some of these why take them when receiving your monthly visitor .

Save yourself stomach pains nausea and diarrhea by avoiding spicy foods.

Remember sugar has the ability to worsen your cramps besides causing bloat.You don’t want to experience these,do you ?

6.Particular dairy products. You are probably upset at the mention of these but wait. Cheese and ice cream contains acids that are likely to increase inflammation hence cramps.

Some of these are likely to worsen the flow hence minimizing intake is a great idea.

In conclusion it is important to note that some foods mentioned above are also key in body functioning.I am not insinuating that you completely cut them out.However,if temporarily doing so can work wonders during your aunt flo,why not do it?

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