Uhuruto rivalry intensifies as Ruto allies accuse jubilee of embezzlement of party funds.

The battle between Uhuru and Ruto’s camps have shifted focus to jubilee’s finances with dp’s camp accusing the ruling party of misappropriation of funds.

The Dp’s camp has alleged that the ruling party lacks transparency and accountability ,has misappropriated party resources and there are chances that it is involved in graft.

The dp allies have therefore demanded that financial documents be presented to them ,without which they’ll go to court.

Jubilee secretary general however termed the move a desperate political posturing.

“I have received your letter in which you demand to be furnished with audited accounts of the Jubilee Party. You have signed off as the deputy secretary general.

“All these expose an extreme form of megalomaniac behaviour. Unfortunately, in this office, we do not have the capacity or qualification to deal with such malady,” said Tuju.

The deputy party leader of Jubilee is demanding a four year certified bank statements among other things.

Sources say that Kositany is one of the allies of Ruto that have been marked for ouster.

Kositany further alleged in an interview with one of the dailies that some time back in 2018,jubilee withdrew ksh 183 million in just a span of 6 months.

He said that despite not using the whole storey building where jubilee is based ,the party pays for it whole.

Kositany went ahead to say that jubilee party county offices are allocated millions as per the financial documents although they aren’t operational.

Further he claims that the party pays Sh67 million rent for the party headquarters, yet the space was initially passed off as a campaign gift.

He is now demanding a schedule of all county offices paid by the party for the last four financial years, complete with lease agreements.

“We demand the lease or tenancy agreement for the headquarters premises in Pangani interchange and schedule of all paid rent for the financial year 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020,” he stated.

“We demand copies of all expenditure incurred and paid for, for the financial year 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020. Provide all schedules and sub-schedules thereto.”

In a quick reply, Tuju stated “In any case, you should be addressing such issues to the office of Alfred Kipkorir Mutai, who is the treasurer  and a member of NEC just like you.”

According to Tuju their financial documents are clean having been audited by the Auditor General.

“Currently, we are only waiting for the certificate from the new Auditor General for the period covering the accounts for 2018-2019,” Tuju stated.

He directed Kositany to go get the documents from the auditor general or registration of political parties as they are public.

He added that it is impossible for the party to receive political party funds without compliance.

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Jalang’o Replaces Andrew Kibe on Kiss100 Morning Show.

Felix Odiwour popularly known as Jalang’o has joined Kiss 100 as a presenter alongside the talented beauty, Kamene Goro.

Comedian Jalang’o and his co-host Kamene Goro

This move comes few days after Netizens speculated that the media personality would replace Andrew Kibe in his morning show between 6-10 A.M.

Kibe announced earlier on that he was quitting his job citing some disagreements, Netizens however went to an extent of blaming it on Jalang’o for Kibe’s job loss stating he was behind Kibe’s fall-out.

Jalang’o was however quick to defend himself .
” I’m trending at number one, today as we speak. The reason why I am trending at number one , Andrew Kibe who is a friend of mine amewacha job…watu wanasema niende KISS, Andrew amewacha kazi…”

Jalang’o went into his own defence stating that he had talked with Kibe and it came to his knowledge that he had some misunderstanding in his work place thus opting to leave his job.

“…Kibe ame resign job, I have just spoken to him akaniambia Kuna vitu mbili tatu hawakuskizana.”

Jalang’o lost his job at Milele FM in the wake of Corona Virus pandemic thus joining Radio Africa’s Kiss 100. Through an Instagram post, Kiss 100, welcomed the Veteran host.

“East or West home is best, Kiss Family. Help us welcome. ” The post read .

Jalang’o started his radio host career in the station alongside the talented Carol Mutuko.

He took to social media to remind Netizens that Kiss100 was his home after they claimed that he and English Language were two parallel lines.

” Na wanasema ati Kizungu ya Kiss100 Mimi siwezani nayo ,ati jokes zangu no dry… everyone saying that I can not be able to take over KISS, that is where we began. ” He stated.

He hosted his first radio show with Kamene Goro on Monday 13th July . Kamene was quite receptive to Jalang’o despite having great radio chemistry with Kibe.

” Good morning my loves! First things first! Tumkaribishe heavy J Baba @jalang’o haya twende kazi . #KameneAndJalas @Kiss100 Kenya” She posted on her timeline.

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Juja Bishop who escaped with someone’s wife murdered.

Body of the Bishop who ran away with a married woman has been found in thickets few metres from his kiganjo home in Thika subcounty this past Friday.

Mugweru ,62 years of age was the bishop of Joyspring Soul Winning Worship church.

Last year ,he was the talk of the Town after he allegedly snatched one of his follower’s wife together with three children.

It is said that he was taken from his home on the night of Thursday after which he was hit severally on the head to death.

He also sustained several cuts on the body.

The church for which he was a Bishop is located in his farm in Juja.

“We want justice for our slain brother, father and spiritual leader. Police should leave no stone unturned until they apprehend the assassins,” his brother Samuel Njuguna told journalists.

“I saw the body on my to work in Thika town but I did not recognise him. An hour later, I was called by neighbours who told me that he had been murdered.”

According to his brother Njuguna ,his slayers stole nothing ,making him feel that the killing was properly planned.

His followers led by Rev Lincoln Mwaniki, eulogised him as a calm and loving man.

The deceased was the pioneer of evalengical churches in Juja.

“He was a kind man who related well with people. That is why he managed to establish evangelical churches in Juja and other regions,” 

He asked the authorities to ensure that perpetrators of the act are arrested and charged.

Having been in marriage for 34 years ,2013 saw Mugweru and his wife Agnes Wangivi divorce.

They had been blessed with 3 children.

The lady that the Bishop took away from the husband had five children but only three agreed to accompany her to her “new husband” as two remained with their father.

Ironically,it his Mugweru who officiated the marriage of the couples only to snatch the wife later.

The bishop announced that at last he found peace with his new love as opposed to his wife who he accused of extramarital affairs and hatching plans to eliminate him.

 “She sold our vehicle and several cows and used the money to advance her adulterous escapades. I have also been living in fear in my own home because she threatened to kill me,” Mugweru alleged.

His body was taken to General Kago Funeral Home in Thika.

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Covid-19: Highest number of deaths recorded as cases hit 10,294

Ever since the pandemic struck Kenya,the highest number of fatalities has been recorded today.

Health Cabinet secretay ,Mutahi Kagwe announced that in the last 12 hours,12 deaths,all from Nairobi were recorded and the total cases rose to 10,294.

He said that 3 of the 12 died while the rest in the hospital, bringing the total number of fatalities to 197.

Today ,189 new cases were recorded in the last 24 hours, out of a sample size of 1205. The total number of samples stands at 216,242.

In terms of gender out off the total cases recorded today,106 were males while 83 females.

Agewise ,the youngest was 5 while oldest 71 years old.


Fortunately ,the total recoveries rose to 2946 after 65 patients recovered today.

Highest number(147) still,came from Nairobi.

Other cases were recorded in;

  • Kiambu-10
  • Machakos -11
  • Kajiado-5
  • Mombasa-2

Kagwe stated that owing to electronic challenges ,some samples ,collected in the past 24 hours are yet to be tested.

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Omar Lali ,Tecra Muigai’s lover charged with murder.

Tecra Muigai’s boyfriend ,Omar Lali has been charged with murder in Lamu law court.

The two lovers stayed together in a Private house in Lamu island. It is here that she met her death.

Lali was accused of Killing Tecra although he denied the claims saying that he woke and found her at the bottom of the stairs.

She was rushed to a local hospital and later airlifted to Nairobi for treatment but unfortunately passed away due to the injuries sustained.

Mr. Lali was the main suspect following Tecra’s death,prompting the police to arrest him.

Police officers suspected that he might have pushed the deceased downstairs leading to the injuries that later claimed her life.

Some sources alleged that the duo were engaged in an altercation before she died but Lali’s lawyer refuted the allegations.

Days back,despite request by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to have Lali held in custody further,the court declined.

In the past weeks, DCI boss while talking to journalists said that they had gathered enough evidence to prove that the case was murder.

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Mudavadi gives one condition before working with DP Ruto.

Amani National Congress leader,Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi has said that he is open to working with the deputy president Ruto on condition that he endorses him for presidency.

He was at Lugari Kakamega county where he said that this time round he is going for nothing less than the top seat.

“I am at liberty to work with anyone who has the same aspirations like ours, including the deputy president and other leaders. We are tired of being told that we are working for William Ruto. Let me say that we welcome Dr Ruto as long as he supports our bid for the presidency,” said Mudavadi.

Mudavadi castigated the leaders whose intentions he said,is to see a rift between him and President Kenyatta.

He alleged that some leaders are fond of using the police to disrupt his meetings but are quick to mention the president’s name when questioned.

The ANC boss also denied claims that the intent of his meetings is to undermine the president.

Lugari Mp Ayub Savula together with his Lurambi counterpart both confirmed their support for the president.

Hon. Khamala urged him (Uhuru) to turn deaf ears to “propaganda being perpetrated by Mudavadi’s critics,” urged Khamala.”

Musalia said that Kenya’s long enjoyed Democratic space could be jeorpadised by such acts of impunity.


“I will not allow that to happen, we must protect people’s democratic rights.” He spoke during a Western leaders consultative meeting where he said nothing would stop him from going for the top seat.

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Raila quietly back to Kenya.

NASA leader Raila Amolo Odinga has come back to the country after 3 weeks of treatment in Dubai.

According to the Daily Nation ,He got into the country yesterday evining aboard the luxurious Constellation Aviation Airline Airbus A318-112(CJ) Elite A6-CAS, MS4211. 

Flight tracking sites indicates that the 19 seater capacity, UAE-registered Airbus A318 private jet, touched the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) grounds on Sunday evening at 9:49 PM,

It departed from the Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai at 5:13pm on the same day.

On Sunday,the jet was scheduled for a trip to Zambia but in stead was diverted to Nairobi.

It had departed from Lusaka Zambia in the morning of Sunday but was recalled to Dubai.

Last week ,Raila was paid a visit by his deputy and Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho and Suna East Mp Junet Mohammed aboard the same plane.

The duo were also expected to accompany Raila back to the country.

They were also accompanied by Mombasa County Assembly Speaker Ibrahim Khatri.

“Mr Odinga was admitted to a German hospital in Dubai. Jakom (Raila) is out of the country for a minor surgical operation on his back. It is not a serious health issue, but just a minor one. So, he’s okay,” His brother Dr. Oburu Odinga said earlier.

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Teachers warns Law Society of Kenya against interfering with TSC affairs.

The Union of Special  Needs Education teachers has asked Law Society of Kenya (LSK ) to keep off matters to do with teachers.

Through the secretary general ,Mr. James Torome, the Union said that it is only the president that is mandated to either re-appoint or dismiss the Chief Executive Officer of the Teachers’ Service Commission Dr. Nancy Macharia.

Torome was talking at a press conference in Narok Town.

He said that the only duty of the attorney General in this case is to notify the president of any vacancy.

He reminded the lawyers that they (teachers) have never interfered with any judicial process and in a similar mannner,they lawyers should keep off teachers’ affairs.

The Union Chairman ,Amos Karanja wondered why everybody was concerned about teachers’ affairs while on their side they have never interfered with other proffesions.

He demanded respect for the tutors saying that Miss Macharia has stood with them during tryin’g moments.

The sentiments comes just few days after Kenya National Union Of Teachers (KNUT) denied claims that it was against Nancy Macharia’s reappointment.

Through the secretary general ,Wilson Sossion, the Union said that it had not filed any petition in court with a view to opposing Macharia’s reappointment for the second term.

He confirmed that KNUT and TSC were in the process of “reconciling” and such allegations could ruin all that.

Few days ago a petition filed by a lobby group Midrift Human Rights Network that sought to bar the CEO from carrying out her duties suffered a blow after the bench failed to issue such orders.

Her term was however renewed despite  LSK’s efforts to stop it on grounds of it not being done through a competetive process as required by the law.

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Hawker to Renowned Comedian : Mulamwah’s Story Behind the Glory .

Popular commedian Mulamwa

Popular comedian Mulamwah took to social media to reminisce the days when he was a hawker while still in Campus, as a means of surviving the harsh Campus days.

The Celebrated comedian has not had things all rosy before he joined Churchill’s platform.

The 27 year old comedian joined Moi University to pursue a course in nursing and later graduated in 2017.

Mulamwah concurred that his parents are strict disciplinarians who held on to the belief that Education is light. Consequently, they forbade him from participating in extra-curicullar activities.

“…my dad was tough and I couldn’t even join acting clubs but I used to be a funny character among my peers.. Things blossomed when I joined Campus in 2012.I had more free time when I was away from my parents . I started doing stand-up comedy in Campus every Sunday.

I later formed an acting group where we made skits and acted them during Sunday services…I later formed an acting group in church , where we made skits and acted them during Sunday services.

Thereafter , I linked with a group of comedians in Eldoret who did wedding emceeing, roadshows and events hosting. I joined a comedy club in Eldoret in which I have been active for two years.I made my own clips which went viral upon sharing them online. “

Mulamwah’s efforts saw him gain a platform on Churchill show. Being a renowned artist, he has been receiving appreciation from his fans.

Like so many celebrities, the Comedian has been subject to cyber bullying and he recently threatened to quit online comedy owing to the online bullying.

The celebrated comedian also burned up his comedy shirt as a result.

“…it wasn’t an acting decision to make.Am sorry guys, what was to make me happy , makes me even more sad. More enemies than friends, too much negativity, trolls. I wasn’t here for fame and bad blood but for fun. Shukran Sana kwa the support from fans and everyone who made it a success.To all those who wished the worst for me, I hope you are all happy now, the stage is all yours .

My prayer is that no one goes through the same again…pole Sana to all those who looked up to me , especially the kids, I have failed you, but keep your heads up. We shall still meet on different entertainment platforms, social media ads and product campaigns too. God bless. ASANTENI. Konki “

“Hapa nilikuwa nauzia wanafunzi wa highschool sweets na biscuits pale Eldoret poly time ya East and Central African games .Sa hizo nimehata classes Moi Uni . Nilikuwa kwa public address nikitangaza mbio zitafwatwa na games…”

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Dr. Lugaliki was diabetic,Family says.

The 38 years old Doreen Adisa Lugaliki who was the first doctor to die of covid-19 was suffering from diabetes without knowing,the family has divulged.

According to the family,the young doctor only came to know of it after she was admitted to the hospital last Monday.

They said that after her admission to The Aga Khan University Hospital,she was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).

DKA is a serious diabetes-related complication characterised by production of excess acids in the blood by the body.

The symptoms may include; confusion ,abdominal pain,Weakness,shortness in breath or rapid breath , dehydration excessive thirst and body weakness.

Others include blurred vision, excess sleepiness, mental confusion, or  loss of weight.

Dr.Lugaliki’s family remembered how great a person she was.

She left behind two twin daughters Kyla Ndinda and Kyle Kimilu and now a widower Kituku Kinyae ,whom she wedded way back in 2007.

The twins expressed how perturbed they were by losing their mom to corona in spite of her Saving a lot of lives in her line of duty.

“My mother has saved people’s lives ever since I was born. So the fact that hers was taken away by Covid-19 leaves me in a faze,” the girls wrote.

Her burial will take place on Monday in Bungoma county and is strictly to be attended by 15 people from the family ,in accordance with the government’s directives.

“You were to wear a beautiful white gown, rest at Lee Funeral Home, and have your makeup excellently done. We were to be in no hurry to bury you,” her sister Carol said.

“We were to take at least 10 days before we laid you to rest. We were to mourn you the Maragoli Style, complete with Isukuti …to dance to reggae and preferably get some nice mix from DJ Mo. That is how you were to exit. Not like this. I am sorry Ady.”

When one suffers from DKA ,the rate at which fats are brocken down by the body increases.

The fats are converted to body “fuel” called ketones and this causes excess acidity in the blood,putting the life of the victim at risk.

The family said that after she tested posive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, Lugaliki’s health deteriorated.

She was transferred to the  Intensive Care Unit (ICU) but unfortunately the following morning, she passed away following covid-19 related complications.

According to The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) Lugaliki was infected by a fellow doctor who had been infected by a patient.

The secretary general ,Dr. Chibanzi Mwachonda eulogised her as jovial, hardworking and a team player who contracted the virus in the line of duty.

Upon completion of her undergraduate studies, the late Lugaliki first worked at Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital then Nairobi Women’s Hospital and later Aga Khan University Hospital as a gynaecologist consultant.

Upto the time of her death, she was based at the Nairobi South Hospital.

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KNH’s Mbagathi infectious disease unit stops Corona virus testing.

From today, KNH infectioous diseases unit will only handle confirmed but not suspected cases.

This comes after an internal memo dated July 9 and signed by the hospital’s Senior Director of Clinical Services, Dr Irene Inwani, cautioned the institution’s Directors and Head of Departments against accepting referrals from counties except under special circumstances.

In the memo she said, “The Head of Unit Respiratory Infections Diseases is directed to stop all the screening activities and public testing at the KNH Mbagathi IDU,”she said.

It is worth remembering that Health Cabinet Mutahi Kagwe on the 7th of July said that no patient will be airlifted to Nairobi from other counties for treatment.

“There will be no capacity to be brought to Nairobi for treatment as Nairobi itself will be already overwhelmed. Where we are heading is unpredictable,” Kagwe said.

Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
Kemri also brought to a halt collection of covid-19 samples at its headquarters and other centres, in an announcement ,3days ago.

Director general Yeri Kombe said that walk-ins to the facilities will nolonger be allowed.

Any citizen who will be in need of specimen collection services will therefore have to request formally.

No explanations were given as to why such decisions were reached.

The KNH’s Mbagathi is among the first centres that were designated for covid-19 patients.

The setting up of the isolation ward commenced on February 29 and at first meant had a capacity to hold 40 beds.

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If you are from these counties, sanitize and keep social distance lest you die of Covid-19 when infected.

Should you develop Covid-19 related conditions that require treatment in an intensive care Unit in these counties, then chances are that you will go be with the Lord;

Tana River
Embu counties

Going by the reports by the council of governors,Kenya only has 442 ICU beds and 437 ventilators and at least 10,000  isolation beds against the national target of 30,500 units.

Residents of Makueni, Kilifi, Turkana, Isiolo, Wajir, Busia, Bomet, Laikipia, Uasin Gishu and Garissa also have reasons to worry as the counties only have fewer than 10 ICU beds in their wards.

Machakos, Kajiado, Kisii, Nakuru, Nyandarau, Trans Nzoia and Kiambu have just about 15 beds in ICU wards.

Among the neighbours of Nairobi county ,Muranga and Machakos have the highest number of Intensive care unit beds at 35 and 30 respectively.

Accordin’g to health Director General Dr. Patrick Amoth , 44 patients were admitted to ICU wards in the country as of Saturday.

“Out of the number, 22 are on ventilators and another 22 are in ICU receiving oxygen,” Said Dr.Amoth

He added that following the ban on restrictions by the president ,more cases are likely to be reported.

It is dawning on Kenyans that the country only has less than 500 ICU beds in Public hospitals with many having none.

Health Cabinet Mutahi Kagwe said that there will no longer be evacuation of covid-19 patients to Nairobi therefore counties should prepare to handle their patients.

“This is not out of will, it is out of the fact that by the time we get into that situation, the hospitals in Nairobi will be overwhelmed. It is, therefore, upon the counties to ensure that they are well-prepared to handle the numbers,” Mr Kagwe said.

In the 6th of July the president said that despite not meeting 100 percent preparedness,as a country we have made a stride.

The head of state in a past address directed the counties to have at least 300 beds in their isolation centres and ICU beds and ventilators.

Only 26 of the 47 counties had met the target by Yesterday.

Nairobi, Mombasa, Machakos, Bungoma, Laikipia and Garissa have hit the 400-bed mark, with another 10 achieving the 300 target.

Counties that have not met the target include Baringo, Bomet, Busia Elgeyo Marakwet Embu, Isiolo, Kajiado, Siaya, Taita-Taveta, Tana River, Turkana, Wajir, Kitui, Lamu, Marsabit, Migori, Meru, Nyamira, Samburu and Kisumu.

Council of governors chair,Kakamega governor ,Wycliffe Oparanya said that other 22 counties are working towards achieving the target by July  22.

He said that “They are all at a different level of preparedness.” 

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