Renowned Benga Musician, Omondi Lon’g Lilo Dead.

Lovers of Benga music in mourning after veteran Benga musician Erick Omondi Odit alias Omondi Lon’g Lilo was this morning pronounced dead.

His demise occurred at around 4am while undergoing treatment in Bondo Sub-county hospital ,Siaya County.

Sources say that he has suffered from cancer for a long time and this was the cause of his death.

Omondi rocked airwaves about 4years ago with his songs such as Okoth Pilot,Kon’go Shida and Goretti.

In February this year he tried to reach out to his fans after battlin’g sickness for a lon’g time. However his attempts even to close friends with whom he san’g bore no fruits.

According to his fellow musician Odhiambo Tusker who has been in hospital with him,he (Omondi) complained of stomach pains when they were in a meetin’g at one point.

According to him, he thought that was just a mere pain that would fade but was surprised to learn that his condition had deteriorated.

Further ,he noted that in the past few days,Omondi gradually lost his speech and appetite while in hospital.

He lobbied for support from friends to have Omondi transfered to a hospital in Kisumu but he unfortunately passed away before the transfer.

The 37 year old has left behind a widow(Goretti Awino) and three children.

His demise comes at a time when the memories of Ohangla musician Abenny Jachiga is still fresh in the minds of his fans.

Abenny’s burial was characterised by a lot of fracas that saw his body being buried at night sparking public outrage.

People are eagerly waiting to see how Omondi’s burial is going to be conducted after what was witnessed a few days ago in Chiga.

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Education:7 demands by KNUT before schools reopen in September 1.

pupils in a discussion forum within the school compound.

Teachers have given an array of conditions they want met before resuming learning come September.

1.Teachers to serve within their localities.
Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) to do away with delocalization policy that saw many teachers work away from their homes.

Through KNUT Secretary General wilson Sossion,teachers said that in accordance with Ministry of health guidelines, they should be allowed to work within their areas of residence to avoid spreading the virus.

To effect this,they asked the employer to reogarnise staffing with a view to minimising movements.

According to Sossion, posting of teachers should be done within their localities or in areas where they have established their homes to minimise movement as possible.

He argued that teachers posted away from their homes or family members always extend weekends to visit their families.

TSC boss Dr. Nancy Macharia

2.Teachers be inducted on Measures to lessen Covid 19, safety measures and effects of the virus.

The firebrand Secretary general said that teachers must first be trained on how to deal with Corona virus professionally, psychologically and emotionally as well as related stigma.

3.Setting up of emergency Health facilities.
They also want the employer to set up treatment centres to handle cases that might arise after resumption and throughout the term.

4.Special attention be given to teachers with 55years of age and above and those that might have underlying medical conditions such as cancer,high blood pressure and diabetes.

He added that about 50,000 of teachers fall within the high risk age hence need for proper deployment strategies.

KNUT secretary general Wilson Sossion

5.An affirmative action plan for war-striken counties such as Garissa ,Wajir,Mandera and Tana River to increase the number of teachers.

He said that to implement social distancing with high number of students currently in the government schools,more than 400,000 teachers must be employed.

6.A class to contain a maximum of 15 students/pupils. This would mean that a review of staffing be done.

7.TSC to absorb all teachers who are qualified and registered by the Commission.

In connection to this, he proposes that all interns be employed on permanent and pensionable terms to help check understaffin’g.

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Government:No more night burials for Covid-19 victims.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe with counterparts from health ministry durin’g the daily briefin’g on Covid-19 in Nyeri.

There is a sigh of relief to many ,after the government gave in to demands to do away with mandatory night burials for those who die of Corona virus.

Accordin’g to the standard ,this comes at a time when 137 new cases of Corona virus and three deaths were yesterday recorded.

During the same briefing, 32 people had been discharged from the hospital after recovering bringing the total recoveries to 1253.

Dr.Amoth,the Health Director General said that he would send a secular to counties with a view to reminding them of Covid -19 victims burial protocol.

The health Director General continued to say that there’s no need to burry hurriedly and especially at night provided the body was properly preserved.

He said that while in Nyeri where he gave the briefin’g.

In accordance with the ministry of health protocols, anybody who dies of Covid 19 should be buried within 48 hours.

If the recent burial of Ohangla musician Bennard Obonyo is anything to go by,the government contemptously disregarded these guidelines.

This latest case sparked public outrage especially in Kisumu county.

Dr. Amoth further affirmed that there are very minimal chances of a person being infected by a properly treated body,owing to the mode of transmission of the Corona virus.

Comparing Corona virus to other illnesses such as Ebola,Dr .Amoth added that the former is way safer than the latter when properly preserved hence the need for a decent send-off.

He continued to advice that as long as the culture dictates that no burial ought to take place at night, it is prudent to wait for another 12 hours.

Upto the time of yesterday’s briefin’g,the health ministry has conducted a total of 115,336,out of which 3594 have tested positive for corona virus.

The health cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe noted that non communicable diseases such high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer has contributed to one in every three deaths reported.

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Shock as ex-husband chops off a woman’s hands.

The dreadful incident occurred in
Kya Mavui Village in Mbooni, Makueni County.

Using a machete ,the man named Boniface Mutua severed his ex-wife’s hands and inflicted cuts in various parts of her body.

The man paid the 24 year old purity Muthoki a visit on Saturday at around 9pm under the disguise of reconciling with her.

According to her father,no one suspected any ill intentions since Boniface had been visiting them ever since they separated.

This time,the man had a mission to accomplish.

Makau then left to go and finish some work in the neighborhood,leaving behind Muthoki and her ex-husband.

Little did they know that all the way from Yatta-Machakos, Boniface had a concealed panga.

While out,Makau later heard  loud cries from his home and when he went back to check,he met the man rushing out of the house.

Inside ,Muthoki was lying in a pool of blood on the floor and everything within  in total mess.

Makau raised an alarm.The villagers who came found the man fleeing,tied and stoned him to death.

Muthoki is currently recovering at Makueni referral hospital.Her hands which were almost falling off were amputated by the doctors as there was no other option.

According to the doctor’s reports,she had 31 cuts in several other body parts but is currently in a stable condition.

The lead doctor in her treatment,Mr Athman Lugogo said that Muthoki would remain in the hospital for the next few days.

The machete used to conduct the heinous act had been recoverd by the area Chief Jeremiah Makau.

Boniface’ body has been moved to Tawa mortuary.

The deputy governor of Makueni county Adelina Mwau adviced couples to always seek help when they need it.

Adelina has been speaking out against gender-based violence.

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Is ODM planning to Save Waiguru?

Fortunes could come to governor Anne Waiguru in the much awaited senate meeting,as hinted by a close ally Of opposition leader Raila Amollo Odinga.

According to the standard,the show of solidarity by Junet Mohamed ,the National Assembly Minority Whip is significant considering the fact that in 2015, Waiguru’s downfall was a Mastermind of ODM party.

According to the Legislature, impeachment of governor Waiguru by Kirinyaga members of county assembly is an act of bullying that targets women leaders.

He said that as opposed to some people who do not believe in women’s leadership , ODM  want to give them (women) equal opportunities, having witnessed their leadership in the government.

“They need to be supported,” added Junet.

He was speaking during a visit to flood victims at  Bandi Camp yesterday.In his company was Garsen MP Ali Wario, Galole’s Said Hirbae, Isiolo Woman Rep Rehema Jaldesa and Garsen Central MCA Masha Boru.

Responding to rumours that Raila and miss Anne Waiguru held a night meeting,the Suna East Legislature said that both are leaders who are at liberty to consult at any time ,within the country.

He continued to say that there was nothing wron’g in the two meeting or discussing anything.

All eyes are currently turned to the Senate that is expected to either uphold or dismiss Governor Waiguru’s impeachment by Kirinyaga MCA’s.

It is worth remembering that months ago,the Senate upheld the impeachment of  former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu due to corruption allegations.

Despite graft allegations that saw Waiguru quit cabinet in 2015,she is currently in support of the President’s and Former prime Minister’s agenda.

The question therefore is,will this influence the Senate’s decision?

COTU boss ,Francis Atwoli already asked the President and former prime minister to save governor Waiguru by rallying their teams.

According to sources,allies of Uhuru and Raila are planning to have a select committee to consider Waiguru’s removal.

To the contrary, her critics ,especially those who were in support of former  governor Ferdinand Waititu in the Senate want the case decided by the plenary as was the case with the former Kiambu governor and late Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua.

Raila had previously linked the  gross graft in the National youth service to Anne Waiguru when she was the cabinet secretary of Devolution.

Salvage plans
Several leaders have sinced come to Waiguru’s side.Her competitor in the last elections ,Hon Martha Karua said that
“We have political laundromats that apparently can cleanse all transgressions to the laws of Kenya and overran all institutions.”

Some leaders also feels Waiguru’s impeachment is simply a scheme to pull the “hardworking” governor down include
Kitui governor Charity Ngilu and Homabay women representative Gladys Wanga.

Wanga described Waiguru as the most hardworking gorvernor Kenya will ever have and that she is as white as snow.

However,Kenya Women Parliamentary Association Chair and Kirinyaga County Woman Rep Purity Ngirici asked Uhuru and Raila not to tamper with matter that is before the Senate.

Nakuru Senator,Susan Kihika desregarded Raila’s statement denying meeting governor Anne Waiguru untill the “allies behave on Tuesday”

The same sentiments were expressed by Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen who said that they would only take Raila’s denial seriously on Tuesday if he instructs Senate Minority Leader James Orengo and Minority Whip Mutula Kilonzo Jnr to do the right thing.

According to the standard, Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission has launched investigations into the corruption allegations cited during her impeachment motion.

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The Cry of a disappointed Luo.

Two occurances prompts luo as an ethnic group to ask why some of their beloved ones are given inhumane send-off.

Recent of the instances, is the controversial burial of Ohangla Maestro, Bennard Obonyo popularly known as Abenny Jachiga.

The family members are still shocked at how and when the musician’s burial was conducted.

Jachiga was buried at dawn by people less known to the family members but believed to be police officers.

Accordin’g to the Sunday Standard, some people armed with guns and in their company ,able bodied men stormed St.Elizabeth Hospital morgue and went away with the body.

They then proceeded to his home where they burried at 2:30 am.

Angered by this,some family members and mourners,especially the youth threatened to exhume the body after such an inhumane burial.

To avoid this ,the mother of the deceased and some relatives includin’g his wife Belinda Aluoch sat on the grave.

James Oyugi
If your memory serves you right,I believe a similar occurrence ,a couple of weeks ago in Siaya county, Kamalunga village, Simur Kondiek sublocation  are still fresh in your mind.

According to a video clip that widely circulated on social media ,two mortuary attendants are seen arrivin’g in a white pickup.

They then get out ,grab the Kenya Ports Authority Worker’s  body and throws to the grave with some women heard weeping uncontrollably in the background.

In fact ,one of the women is heard askin’g “Mano an’gomuwitono? (What is that you’ve thrown away)

The 59 year old James Oyugi had travelled from Mombasa in the company of his wife and two daughters.

They spent in Nairobi and later proceeded to his home in siaya but was involved in an accident at Awasi.He later got home through Kisumu where he also made a stop.

Here comes the irony.
John Nzenze.
Not so many kilometres from Chiga,Kisumu City is Vihiga county where  burial of a musician ,John Nzenze was also taking place.

On this side however, situations were totally different.His  was devoid of the drama witnessed in Abenny’s burial.

The “twist” genre of music maestro was pronounced dead at Mukumu Mission Hospital where he had been battling high blood pressure and stomach ulcers.

You cannot mention Nzenze’s name without touchin’g on his 1960’s hit son’g Angelike twist.

He was later laid to rest in Muhindu Ward of Hamisi subcounty.

It is apparent that both burials occurred at a time when Kenya,like other countries ,is battlin’g Corona virus.

Stringent measures including social distancing ,hand sanitizin’g and use of face masks in public places have been put in place to combart the pandemic.

However,According to the World Health Organizati guidelines,bodies of Covid 19 Victims are not infectious.

Why would the government rush burials especially in luoland as witnessed in the two instances?

Furthermore ,if it is a matter of social distancing,some of the top political figures have defied the guidelines.

Did you not see the Central organization of Trade Unions'(COTU) Boss, Francis Atwoli organise a Buildin’g Bridges Initiative (BBI) drinkin’g party unrestricted?

Why would the government hurl teargas canisters at innocent mourners? Why would a body be indiscently buried at wee hours of the night?

If you didn’t know,non of those who came close to Mr.Oyugi throughout his journey from Mombasa tested positive for Corona Virus.

Not even the extended family members he greeted and had a chat with after gettin’g home,ironical ,right?

Before emotions get a better part of me ,just be reminded that the Kenyan laws applies just to a few,that is you who is reading this and I.

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